Pre-Lent Preparation: Septuagesima, Sexagesima and Quinquagesima

The Septuagesima season always begins with the ninth week before Easter and includes three Sundays called respectively Septuagesima, Sexagesima and Quinquagesima. These names which were borrowed from the numeral system of the time, denote a series of decades working back from the commencement of Lent, which is known in Latin as Quadragesima. [As the intervals between these Sundays only consist of seven days it is evident that this name must not be taken in a strictly arithmetical sense; but whereas Quadragesima comes exactly at the closing day of the 4th decade before Easter, Quinquagesima (47 days) falls within the 5th decade, Sexagesima (54 days) within the 6th, Septuagesima ’61 days) within the 7th.]

In this way Holy Mother Church, in her great wisdom, wishes us to think about how we should profit from the coming Lenten season, which commences with Ash Wednesday on 17th February this year of the Lord, 2021.

Therefore the period of Septuagesima, Sexagesima and Quinquagesima is a preparatory period for the fasting and penance of Lent. The liturgy Sexagesima emphasizes humility – not a self-conscious piety, not a superiority in one’s idea of holiness, but a realization that one is ultimately judged in the revealing light of absolute Truth, free of all justifications and rationalisations. It is this humility that becomes a strength in one’s battle to attain salvation.

Easter is a movable feast and can be kept, according to the year in which it occurs, between March 22 and April 25. When it falls early the Septuagesima season encroaches on the Time after Epiphany, some Sundays of which are then kept between the twenty-third and the last Sunday after Pentecost. This table shows the two extreme cases:

So this liturgical period, prelude to Lent and a remote preparation for Easter, serves as a time of transition for the soul, which must pass from Christmas joys to the stern penance of the sacred forty days. Even if the fast is not yet of obligation, the colour of the vestments worn is already violet. As during Advent, the recital of the Gloria in excelsis is suspended, since this hymn which celebrated Christ’s birth in our mortal flesh, is reserved to extol Him when born in His undying Body, i.e. when He rises from the tomb. “Born once of the Virgin, thou art now reborn from the sepulchre,” will then be the cry of the Church. Again the Martyrology introduces Septuagesima Sunday as that on which “we lay aside the song of the Lord which is Alleluia.” “How,” said the people of Israel, “shall we sing the song of the Lord in a strange land?”

This “strange land” is for the people of Christ, the world, which is a place of exile, while Alleluia, the chant St. John heard in heaven, will begin again in the liturgy at Paschaltide, which represents the future life. In the Easter festivities we shall hail our Lord, the conqueror of Satan, who while freeing us from the bondage of sin, will re-open to us the heavenly kingdom. The season of Lent which lasts for forty days (Quadragesima) and that of Septuagesima which is made up of the following periods of ten days (Quinquagesima, Sexagesima and Septuagesima) may well be taken as representing the seventy years passed by Israel in exile under the harsh captivity of the Babylonians. The chant of Alleluia, silent during this period in which the spirit and very name remind us so strongly, reminds us that we are “poor banished children … mourning and weeping in this vale of tears” (Salve Regina).

We are currently in Sexagesima, moving towards Quinquagesima next Sunday, in this pre-Lenten preparatory period. The Gospel for Sexagesima was from Luke 8. 4-15, where Christ speaks of the sower sowing his seed.

May we strive to be the good seed that falls on fertile ground and bring “forth fruit, thirty, sixty and a hundred-fold”. Here is a plan for us to follow:

In our spiritual life let us at least produce sixty-fold, that is, receiving the word of God in a good and perfect heart, let us cause it to bear fruit by our patience so that He, who spent His life scattering His holy teaching among souls “Sparso Verbi semine”* and who carries on the same work by His apostles and His Church, may bestow upon us the reward promised to those who persevere in the generous practice of their faith.
* Pange lingua

This short documentary from Joseph Shaw of the Latin Mass Society (LMS Chairman) outlines the purpose for “Septuagesima, Sexagesima and Quinquagesima” and its long historical lineage. It also examines the reasons given for its abolition in the Ordinary Form and the liturgical loss that this represents to the faithful. The holy season of Septuagesima is an ancient one in the Church’s calendar, rich in grace, and should never have been abolished in the Novus Ordo Calendar of 1970.

(Sources include excerpts from : Saint Andrew Daily Missal, “Venite Prandete”, Liturgy Guy.)

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  1. Kathleen, Thank you for this strikingly beautifully descriptive overview and specific explanation of the Lenten Season leading up to in my view the 2nd most precious miracle of faith, of to me the duel or joined miracles, the start on Christmas to the finish and all it represents; from God the Father in heaven being Easter; when His son Jesus arose from death in fulfillment of the Holy Scriptures to establish the New and Everlasting Covenant for all who follow Christ Jesus. Christmas being the great joy and Alleluia to the world, announcing the King being born to begin His journey here on earth in the flesh; in order to save God’s children from the sting of death that possesses this world of imperfection and sin, whereby He would end His journey here on the cross where He conquers all sin and thus begins the New and Everlasting Covenant of life eternal for us to claim as heirs in Paradise as the children of God; through His sacrifice by the Body and Blood of Christ Jesus.

    Prominent to me is this description; “a remote preparation for Easter, serves as a time of transition for the soul, which must pass from Christmas joys to the stern penance of the sacred forty days.” This so poignantly and clearly points to Christ’s journey and mission of fulfillment that we should be totally humbled by, and determined to express our deepest humility from our immortal souls; to desire only to rise above this flesh life of vanity and loss, which is clearly pronounced in this following Scripture; “Vanity of vanities, says the Preacher, Vanity of vanities! All is vanity” (Ecclesiastes 1:2.

    Then this most well defined description of how we should perceive our obedience during this Lenten season; “The liturgy Sexagesima emphasizes humility – not a self-conscious piety, not a superiority in one’s idea of holiness, but a realization that one is ultimately judged in the revealing light of absolute Truth, free of all justifications and rationalizations. It is this humility that becomes a strength in one’s battle to attain salvation.” This made possible, “Christ’s birth in our mortal flesh, is reserved to extol Him when born in His undying Body, i.e. when He rises from the tomb. “Born once of the Virgin, thou art now reborn from the sepulchre,” will then be the cry of the Church.”

    And of course as you made so easy to understand by this, “Septuagesima Sunday as that on which “we lay aside the song of the Lord which is Alleluia.” “How,” said the people of Israel, “shall we sing the song of the Lord in a strange land?”
    This “strange land” is for the people of Christ, the world, which is a place of exile, while Alleluia, the chant St. John heard in heaven, will begin again in the liturgy at Paschaltide, which represents the future life. In the Easter festivities we shall hail our Lord, the conqueror of Satan, who while freeing us from the bondage of sin, will re-open to us the heavenly kingdom.”

    I quoted to emphasize these words, because they illustrate so succinctly “the mystery and greatest of gifts” ever given to any human being, but, moreover beyond mere gift giving this is a “restoration and elevation” from this fallen state and carnal nature of material earthly life; to our “rightful place in the kingdom of God as His beloved children” brought back to Him by His only begotten Son our Lord, Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ; the Good Shepherd who journeyed through the darkness to find all of His lost sheep. Amen.
    Lawrence Morra III
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  2. kathleen says:

    Thank you so much Lawrence for your great insights in analyzing this post.

    Referring to the Alleluia you quote: “How,” said the people of Israel, “shall we sing the song of the Lord in a strange land?
    I also stopped and meditated a while on those words that come from the “Saint Andrew daily missal”.

    And then you say: “ This “strange land” is for the people of Christ, the world…”

    Yes, I agree. This world for faithful Christians is our exile, as we pray in the “Hail Holy Queen”, a strange land where there is much suffering, and any happiness is only fleeting, never fulfilling us as our hearts desire. We were made for Heaven and here below, “our hearts are restless until they rest in You, O Lord” – (Saint Augustine).
    St Thérèse of Lisieux, another favourite saint of mine, often wrote and composed poems on the mystery of our sojourn in this “strange land”. But it is the place where we must “work out our salvation in fear and trembling” as we keep our eyes fixed on Our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Lent, for all its forty days of sacrifices and penance, is a wonderful time of preparation for the coming promises of Our Lord’s Resurrection if we are able to live it well. But frail creatures that we are, a little time like we are in right now to “man up” and put some plans in place, is very helpful. It is so sad the post Vatican Two destroyers did away with it… although apparently it was never formally abrogated.

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  3. You’re absolutely most welcome Kathleen, but, it is I who must be thankful to you for providing this opportunity to respond to something so beautiful and so assuredly of paramount importance to us all, which I read and found the words and especially the deep feeling stirring in my soul, as I again experienced in reading what you have said in such beautifully descriptive words from a place so special within you that only Jesus knows so well! As with me I have no doubt that the Holy Spirit spoke here, and I am just little old sinner Lawrence who is shedding some tears now as I try to remain focused on whatever it is I should say about this matter. Because if we can try our best to do as you so poignantly described in this very important article, being alert and obedient to the Father’s will; we can be vessels or conduits for the Holy Spirit to pour out and fill us with God’s Truth; so that we might be as helpful as possible while here making it a certainty not only being those that will hear when we face our Lord on judgment day; “well done my good and faithful servant,” but those who will as one of your favorite saints you mention here, “St Thérèse of Lisieux,” we will serve as instruments in this long arduous process of “Salvation” for the multitudes throughout the world who want to be saved, need to be saved and must be saved from eternal damnation or the otherwise complete separation from God Almighty forever; as that is a most assuredly horrid ending for any soul and we always should pray that only souls that absolutely belong in hell will be there!

    Of course we of faith know that with God anything is possible; being the God of endless possibilities, we should have confidence and know in our heart of hearts that this is a “saving mission” that Jesus Christ initiated and “good will overcome evil, every evil;” while the light will always shine into the darkness bringing hope and the “Lord’s Salvation” to all those who deserve it; not one lamb will be lost from His herd, He being the Good Shepherd; knows all of His own and they know Him! No greater bond of love can I put this into context with than to say what’s been said countless times already of how Great the Love between Holy Mary, Jesus Christ her Son and His with the Father’s endless absolute love for her! So then, this is the love I speak of here, and, it all comes from Almighty God; who loves all of His children with this same absolute love!

    You mentioned a piece of Scripture that is very powerful and appropriate, as I see it here vastly important that we know from a faithful servant of the Lord who was given a final opportunity to break free from the arduous but monumental task she was given; or to carry on to the end until God’s will would be done in that particular case! Again, I shed tears now thinking of this sacrifice and love for Jesus Christ by a mere person that came to mind immediately when you mentioned Philippians 2:12 “work out your own salvation with great fear and trembling” You know her name the one I’m speaking about known as Emily Rose in America, depicted in the film the “Exorcism of Emily Rose” who suffered what we can’t even imagine; by being attacked by several demons that possessed her unto death, so that her willingness to fulfill God the Father’s will, would ultimately serve the Great Purpose of “saving many souls from hell.”

    Emily chose to allow her young unfulfilled life by earthly or worldly terms to be cut short, in order to serve God which is something all of us should strive harder to do! As you said, this is no easy task and easier said than done, because we tarry or falter in some of the simplest things let alone transformational spiritual matters between earth and God! So your words here are very to the point and the task at hand, “But frail creatures that we are, a little time like we are in right now to “man up” and put some plans in place, is very helpful.”
    Her epitaph which she requested before her untimely suffering death is that Scripture “Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.” Philippians 2:12

    Not fearing the things of this world is fine but fear of God is wise as it humbles us to make certain we know we aren’t worthy in the slightest and we are not home free until we are past the pearly gates, so there is no slacking or doing as we damn well please, then just when it’s time to face death we suddenly can say, hey I’m good I like Jesus and always did! As it is written, “There is none righteous, no, not one.” Romans 3:10
    If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. 1 John 1:8
    We should as you mentioned see our sojourns as being that of exiles from our rightful home and that we should not desire to be a part of this world but to live our lives in accordance with the Almighty, until our road here comes to its end.

    Are we worthy of praise for some of the things we have done for others or in the name of Jesus, surely some of us can rest assured of that, but we can also be certain that we carry sin and guilt that will not go away and we will not be free of until we are in heaven with God the Father, through and by the forgiveness of our transgressions only by Jesus Christ Himself, and that is why we need to be concerned to a great degree if we don’t call it outright fear, we are all in jeopardy and are in a most tumultuous world these days full of vanity and sin in so many basic things we participate in; which serve the beast or the prince of this world and not our heavenly Father. Can we judge ourselves, of course not, we are mere humans that die, but, the one who can is who we should fear because we don’t know whether we are truly worthy until He the Lord our God tells us so!
    “I the LORD search the heart and examine the mind, to reward each person according to their conduct, according to what their deeds deserve.” Jeremiah 17:10
    What we want to hear from our Lord when we stand before him is simply this: “Well done, good and faithful servant!” Matthew 25:23.

    Now to this point about fear! I believe everyone should have a healthy dose of fear as we are all fallen and our souls are a glimmer away from eternal damnation if not for the Lamb of God who took away sin on the cross at Calvary, for those who will abide in Him! But, I think some people get the idea it’s not hard at all Jesus did us all a favor and took care of all the dirty details of our transgressing nature, “the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak,” and our souls that have at least original sin to begin with; and I dare say most of us are nothing but dirty rags, without “Jesus and His salvation,” we’re not even worthy to be near Holy God Almighty let alone look at Him! No; I mention again as in Holy Scripture it tells us clearly:
    “Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.” Philippians 2:12

    Anna Elisabeth “Anneliese” Michel was a German woman who underwent 67 Catholic exorcism rites during the year before her death.
    I want to leave you with some writing from a site I was drawn to immediately after writing everything you read up to the last Scripture quote, and where then upon checking for a few details about Anna Elisabeth “Anneliese” Michel; when the first reference site I opened, I saw how this article I was drawn to referred to your favorite saint; “In more recent centuries, saints like Therese of Lisieux offered her ‘little way’ of community contemplative life for the labours of overseas missionaries.” Yes, the Holy Spirit guides us Kathleen!
    Lawrence Morra III

    “The film suggests a respect for simple faith, the trusting unsophisticated faith of ordinary people that more educated critics look down on as superstitious or simplistic. This is the case with Emily Rose’s parents and their beliefs and trust in the priest. It is glib to disregard anything that is not understood as ‘medieval superstition’.

    During the latter part of the 20th century, many have struggled with the questions of evil in the world and how this relates to traditional teachings and beliefs about the devil and evil spirits. The film highlights the reality of evil in our world, the power of evil as well as of the divine.

    The answer to some of these questions that the screenplay offers harks back to previous centuries, especially to those women who experienced apparitions whether it be Anne Catherine Emmerich, Bernadette, the children of Fatima or more recent visionaries. Emily Rose is presented as one of these. She sees Mary and receives a message.

    In 2004, a number of Catholics found the spirituality in Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ too focused on Jesus’ sufferings and the implication of cruelty on the part of the Father and not enough on resurrection hope. A similar critique might be made here. Emily Rose is given the option of being freed from possession by exorcism or continuing to be possessed until her death in order to witness to the world that there is a supernatural world, that evil exists and invades the world but that the presence of God is stronger.

    This spirituality of victimhood has a strong tradition. In more recent centuries, saints like Therese of Lisieux offered her ‘little way’ of community contemplative life for the labours of overseas missionaries. Saints like Gemma Galgani or St John Vianney had experiences similar to those of Emily Rose in combating the devil. The efficacy and relevance of this kind of spirituality will be continually argued. The film does not follow the path of some recent visionaries (and of some whose messages have been discredited) in being pessimistic about the world and uttering apocalyptic condemnations. The message here is that redemption is possible and that good will overcome evil.

    The film raises the question as to the nature of holiness and who are saints. In the secularized Western world, people tend to be very skeptical about the possibility of saints. It is an unspoken assumption that saints should be ‘normal’. When the saint is less than perfect, especially if influenced by a psychological condition, their holiness is dismissed – except in literature where Dostoievski’s The Idiot and characters who resemble him can be extolled. Fr. Moore claims that Emily Rose is a saint. He tells her story in court, challenging the audience to consider whether they think she is a saint and that this is an example of sanctity. This is clearly a challenge to the theological stances of the audience and the nature of their own spirituality and piety.”

    Film reference quotations courtesy of

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  4. kathleen says:

    Sorry for taking so long to reply, Lawrence… life is busy!

    Thank you for your detailed response.
    Yes, I have heard about the “Exorcism of Emily Rose” but I should find out more. What a generous soul to offer herself to undergo such horrific suffering for the sake of saving souls from Hell! She, with the other good victim souls you mention, and all the millions of holy people who patiently accept a heavy cross of suffering to gain souls for Heaven, are surely “the elect” (as today’s post on suffering points out).

    Back to St. Thérèse – who offers so many enlightened insights into the mystery of suffering – she says: “Ever since the standard of the Cross was lifted up, all must strive for victory beneath its shadow”.
    How true this is! As we all must suffer…. though we do so in varying degrees and with a vast disparity in willingness, “why waste our suffering?” asks Ven. Fulton Sheen.

    The cross must become our path to victory.

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  5. This is perfect what you said here Kathleen! Good Lord the Holy Spirit is with us and guiding those who are receptive and seek Jesus and His truth. It was also perfect how you were delayed in your response; a blessing as I see it because I had just finished a continuation of my last comment here to add to this article but hadn’t opened the page yet and when I did you had left this delayed comment here which aligns so well with what I had written sight unseen of your addition! But I had stepped away for a moment having a cold in my chest which may be a tinge of pneumonia after my having walked out of the house a few days ago in the raw cold with no heavy coat but only a sweat shirt covering my chest, to follow a small kitty I saw walking on up the road and then I met the family where the kitty lived and being a talker spent more than three quarters of an hour standing in the cold getting a deep chill in my chest! Foolish of me yes, and now I suffer the consequences only because I didn’t want to lose sight of the cute little kitty so rushed out and had to make sure it was safe! The family told me they leave it outside much of the time during the day as it will escape anyway, whenever the children open the door. I started home getting a couple of blocks away and I heard a loud cry whine and turning around it was this young kitty that had wanted to follow me or go to my home! I turned to it and even not knowing each other it still trusted me and I it, so I bend down to pick her up and pet this pretty little animal. I then said you better go back home now and stay close to that house; I do worry about the hawks on the prowl coursing through the air regularly; I can’t stand that the kitty if left outside in such danger, she is so tiny!! Haven’t had a chance to check on it again yet, but I told the man of the house if they change their minds and want it to have a permanent inside life I’m up the road and will be happy to take her in!

    What follows is what I wrote just now this morning. Btw, the film is worth watching I might again this weekend I have the DVD, “The Exorcism of Emily Rose.” Another similar film with one of my favorite actors, Anthony Hopkins who is fabulous in his portrayal of the exorcist and teacher in this other film “The Rite,” which a man I used to work with a devout Latin Mass Catholic who studied to be a priest, but didn’t go through with his ordination after an epiphany he had, he is now married; told me about it saying you must see it! One of my sisters the lucky girl got to meet Antony on a film set! I met some stars over the years, big names, but, I missed out not meeting Anthony who would be so worthwhile to sit and chat with! Oh well, enough fantasy!

    All so helpful Kathleen to read about and discuss these matters, firstly to hopefully motivate ourselves and others to approach each day with due diligence putting into practice all of these things we must strive to maintain, doing our penance and receiving the sacraments in order to steadfastly remain in a state of grace always remaining ever vigilant for our Lord Jesus Christ.
    I’m so thankful you came along with this article and presented it as you have because in your closing statement in the article as you state clearly, “It is so sad the post Vatican Two destroyers did away with it… although apparently it was never formally abrogated.” This is so true how much has been altered in the Church to divert and gradually lead astray the faithful incrementally over time; this is the great apostasy and falling away from the faith that was prophesied would happen before the End Time.

    And indeed with so many of the still devout outstanding members of the clergy like Archbishop Vigano, Bishop Schneider and Father Z being a few of these truly devoted to the mission of the Church in following and adhering to all of the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ, we see how it is sad how Vatican Two did set in motion the plan of destruction that has taken root thoroughly throughout the Church and society; twisting and perverting many of the original teachings that Jesus left us with to the point where we now have a deceptive man and heretic Bergoglio, promoting falsehoods and even blaspheming God Almighty with his allowing sacrilegious infiltration’s into the very heart and sanctity of Church at the Vatican as he is leading so many of the clergy down a path of destruction! Parallel to this horrible leadership or lack thereof, here in the USA we have this diabolical man Biden who is at the helm of this, if you will, the Great ship of Hope America which has been a beacon of Hope for so many as in the past offering encouragement and assistance around the globe; from this Nation under God. But, now the tentacles of evil have entwined themselves throughout this nation and taken control of the very seat of power and authority within this nation’s government with some of the most wicked of human beings dancing frenetically about as like wild beasts that have made a kill of prey and are about to engorge themselves in a feast of their quarry.

    I’m saying all of this to illustrate once again what you and so many others are already keenly aware of without a doubt; which is how as Bishop Schneider has said along with other well-spoken and highly knowledgeable experts, of how demonic activity has increased exponentially in this current time and I dare say like no other time in history, save during the outbreak of WWII with the forming of the Third Reich and Adolph Hitler’s meteoric rise to power with his campaign of Death and Destruction to conquer and control! And I tell you that I see very clearly how many in my nations government are infected with no just sin but with actual diabolical evil forces either around them continually influencing them or true demonic possession and this is something everyone should be cognizant of; be weary of strangers and people in high places too; being mindful and watching carefully to test the spirits seeing what they are and from where they come! Learning to recognize these evils while praying and shunning those agents of darkness.

    We are at a similar crossroad now but far more powerful and consolidated forces of evil are working among us throughout the entire world, especially with the advent of high technologies and digital/cloud data communication; with AI making for super nonhuman intelligence, which I see coupling with demonic forces, playing a massive role in all we do, think and say; as we actually living under this canopy now more akin to Orwellian Big Brother, but in fact so many people now are serving the Beast mentioned in Holy Scriptures willingly and many others not even aware that they do such a horrendous thing but actually partake in EVIL. Yes these tentacles are throughout and vastly powerful in their grip upon the hearts and minds of people making them in many instances like sheep being led to the slaughter!

    A close relative who grew up during WWII in her twilight years told me a few years ago how she has never felt the way she does in this present time period, since during the years just leading up to WWII and then during that most horrendous bloody war between nations and men on this earth! Not to frighten her I did gently press her on, mind you this is someone that prays the rosary several times a day and is very devout in her faith over all worldly things; asking what else she felt or could see in her heart and soul that tells her what this all means. She told me that something very big is coming and it will be most shocking, actually horrible beyond anything we have ever seen on earth. I asked if this was aligning with End Time and she said definitely and that Jesus is Coming. I tear up now writing this because I know she was seeing Truth and is right, through her the Holy Spirit was speaking to us.

    The world is being surrounded by evil, that preparation for a giant feast if you will; to devour as much as can be consumed as quickly as it can possibly be, because then and only then at that precipice our Lord Jesus Christ is coming to save all those who should be; before this final battle on earth! Holy Scripture tells us these things are coming but there are those who are truly sympathetic and sensitized to deep and stirring spiritual forces, be they good ones and also evil these individuals pick up on them; and as in the past even like Anneliese or persons like Saints Gemma Galgani or St. John Vianney who actually experienced firsthand demons through God’s will and grace; I believe to act as in a partial sense the canaries in the cave bringing a foreboding awareness and warning of danger and impending doom by demonstrating these forces are real; in order to prepare oneself dutifully without hesitation as when the canary is reacting to the “UNSEEN” danger, that is when there is not much time left to prepare and make one’s escape! I believe in my bones and core that we are very near that time and things can only escalate rapidly from here going forward! There will be still so much trickery and massive deceptions perpetrated upon the peoples of the world as my point is already well established with the Plan-Demic and Covid lie, coupled with NWO and Bergoglio in the Church; we plainly see already things are shaping up into one huge nightmare!

    But, a most decisive point to all of this is that God is in control and has given us all the tools and truth we need to stay strong and move forward without fear or doubts, because these things all must come to pass, and then; He our Savior is returning to end all conflict, suffering and sin! All evil will be vanquished and the good will prevail with and through our most Holy Lord of Hosts, Jesus Christ. Amen.
    PS I’m sure you’re very busy so not to worry about time frames or responses because to me as long as there is one; it’s good enough for me! Let the Holy Spirit lead, which is the key to it, trusting in the Lord with our hearts and leaning not on our own understanding….He will direct our paths.


  6. johnhenrycn says:

    Morra Almighty!


  7. johnhenrycn says:

    But credit where due: Morra is not a plagiarist. No one else writes like he does.


  8. johnhenrycn says:

    …thank God.


  9. Esse tamen et quiete parum daemon! Azazel erit tormentum paulo daemon Aquilone usque in frigus tenebris, cave! Vocatus consumit parum daemon omni die; relicto eo, non cerebrum, aut mentem suam! Cavete vobis damnati te semper! Recede in nomine Iesu Christi! ✝


  10. johnhenrycn says:

    If you say so 😉


  11. kathleen says:

    Goodness Lawrence, I hope you didn’t catch pneumonia standing out in the freezing cold for so long! It’s been icy cold in the UK and Ireland too, but the warmer spring days are on their way…

    I won’t be able to reply to all the many points you brought up in your very long comment, but I like the hopeful remarks you make at the end. We are the Church Militant; we must do battle with the forces of evil whilst we are on Earth (and also battle against our own weak fallen natures), never giving into hopelessness or despair as we watch the Devil gain in strength around us. In the end he will be vanquished.

    I wish you a blessed Sunday.

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  12. Kathleen, first I must thank you for your well wishes and kind thoughts for good health! Also, I of course wish and pray the same for you! I’m still battling something, but no cough, so it may be a touch of viral pneumonia; nonetheless I use powerful naturopathic home remedies and rest to fight this one; and leave the rest to God.

    I know I go on with things, and it’s not always possible for you or anyone for that matter to respond in kind! A priest friend who I’ve had countless hours of conversation with over the last several years about very trying personal and community based issues or problems, did tell me when I write letters or even articles to try keeping it to a paragraph or page; otherwise you will lose your intended readers attention due to time constraints and other factors. I do try Kathleen, but I can’t seem to help myself cut short what it is I have to say verbally or writing wise.

    The novel I started a long time ago which was better not completed, because by my life taking some twists and turns I never expected, turns out these life altering events are tailor made for the story, dovetailing with it; and now coming from reality not my imagination. I hope I get to complete it because it is of course spiritually based and a life lived for Jesus!

    Everything thing you said here is again in my way of seeing it just perfect, and totally aligns with ideas or current circumstances I’m dealing with! Thank you for being the obvious vessel you are for the Holy Spirit, and stay as you are is all I pray; about that! Here is what it comes down to as you clearly pointed out with these words; “never giving into hopelessness or despair as we watch the Devil gain in strength around us,” this is precisely what is happening as we bear witness around the globe, but, we know by our faith there is NOTHING to fear because we absolutely Trust in the Lord our God who is going to bring complete and everlasting justice to all things seen and unseen! Amen.

    God bless you and yours. Have a wonderful Sunday, though chilly, evening there in the UK! I have been there and did enjoy it immensely, so I hope with God’s blessings much of the good remains intact. Amen.

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