The Chair of Saint Peter at Antioch (video)

”Outside the Church there is no salvation.”

On January 18th we published THIS post for the pre-Vatican II feast of Saint Peter’s Chair at Rome. Today, February 22nd, Fr George Roth (FI) from Radio Immaculata, gives us this stirring homily in plain-speaking truthful language for the feast of St Peter’s Chair at Antioch.

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2 Responses to The Chair of Saint Peter at Antioch (video)

  1. jdawood says:

    Wow! Where is this! God bless this priest✝️


  2. kathleen says:

    Fr George M. Roth is a wonderful holy priest from the traditional, “Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate”, now usually just called “Franciscans of the Immaculate” (FI). Fr Roth is actually an American by birth, but he has lived in England a very long time. I am sad to see how bent over with arthritis he is these days, but his spirit is as strong as ever. Their growing congregation is based in Gosport, Portsmouth, on the south coast of England. They have a good sympathetic bishop there, so at least for the present these Franciscans of the Immaculate are safe.

    Their order was practically destroyed at the beginning of Pope Francis’ papacy when he sent an overseer in to investigate complaints that they were becoming “too traditional”!! That’s another story, but here on CP&S we reported extensively on the appalling injustices meted out to this thriving and wholly Catholic order of friars and nuns that Pope Francis and his modernist minions wanted to destroy. It just doesn’t make sense when so many other once Catholic orders are now dying out, starved of vocations! Fortunately these modernist heretics under Francis were not totally successful in their attempt, although other FI friaries and convents were decimated by the inexplicably cruel new rules of the overseer, and local bishops who aided and abetted them!

    You can download many other powerful talks of Father George Roth on YouTube…. that is, until they get noticed and then banned by Big Tech like all LifeSiteNews’ videos!!

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