Ex-pope Benedict chides ‘fanatical’ Catholics who reject his resignation

CP&S comment. Well, well, this news comes as a surprise right now! And also something of a disappointment. However frail Benedict XVI might be, he cannot be blind to the horrors we been have subjected to under Francis since he himself abandoned the papacy, nor the undoing of so much of his own good work. If Benedict dies before Francis, perhaps even his Motu Proprio, Summorun Pontificum, might be endangered! No, Pope Emeritus, sorry, but we do not think you “did well” in resigning.

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI gestures at the Munich Airport before his departure to Rome, June 22, 2020.

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – Former pope Benedict has chided conservative Roman Catholics who have not accepted his decision to resign as “fanatical”, telling them that there is only one pope and it is Francis.

Benedict, now 93, in 2013 became the first pope in more than 600 years to resign instead of ruling for life, saying he no longer had the strength to govern the 1.3 billion-member Church.

Some hardline conservatives unhappy with the more liberal Pope Francis have often voiced doubts about whether Benedict stepped down willingly, even though he has said several times in the past eight years that he did.

“It was a difficult decision. But it was a fully conscious choice and I think I did well (to resign),” he told Italy’s Corriere della Sera in a interview published on Monday.

“Some of my more fanatical friends are still upset, they have not accepted my choice.”

Benedict, who lives in a house in the Vatican gardens, said those who refuse to accept his resignation nursed “conspiracy theories” that he had been forced to quit because of scandals such as the leaking of some of his documents by his butler.

“They don’t want to believe that it was a conscious choice,” he said. “My conscience is clear.”

Apparently addressing those who still look up to him as the real pope and are hostile to Francis, Benedict said: “There is only one pope.”

The interviewer said Benedict had emphasised the point by thumping the armrest of his chair.

The presence in the Vatican of both a pope and a former pontiff with the title “pope emeritus”, also wearing white, has irritated some Catholics.

Leading Church figures have called for new rules stipulating that popes who resign resume the lower office of cardinal, do not wear white, and do not make pronouncements on doctrine.

Update: Eight pertinent questions to the Pope Emeritus

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7 Responses to Ex-pope Benedict chides ‘fanatical’ Catholics who reject his resignation

  1. mmvc says:

    Something very fishy going on here, methinks.
    Doesn’t sound like Pope Benedict. He may still be compos mentis, but it would be quite easy to ‘manipulate’ him to suit a certain narrative…

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  2. Reblogged this on Zero Lift-Off and commented:
    What brought this on now at this particular juncture and to what avail?

    To me herein lies the motivation behind the Pope Benedict’s resignation and this now insinuating not contrite but more contrived statement, made at a time when Bergoglio is culminating many nefarious undertakings with the NWO agenda perpetrators around the globe, and the orchestrated pandemic atrocity, primarily having been used to install a Fraud Puppet POTUS in America who now already has Harris the V.P. handling State affairs for him due to being incapable and incompetent!

    Pope Benedict’s own words are the key to this puzzle in my way of seeing this when he stated, “It was a difficult decision. But it was a fully conscious choice and I think I did well (to resign),” because, I take that, if not a lie due to coercion as in threats being made to him; can only lead me to ask “difficult for who and why;” along with his saying, “I think I did well,” again I ask, “well for who and why?” As Pope all of his decisions and actions should always be good for Christ and the Church not for himself or any earthly powers and principalities! But, in fact this is what we see has happened, because since he resigned “nothing good” has come of that action and only consternation, confusion and disarray of the Church and its members now in one of, if not the worst, conflicts or “falling away” in history! A heretic Bergoglio is now guiding or shall I say misleading the Church, as he injects himself into corrupted worldly institutions and ways that are thoroughly tainted, influenced and even controlled by the Evil One!

    This is a very bad sign or indication of much worse to come, as in I can’t see anything being said here that does anything other than pave the way for the arrival of the Antichrist; so in essence before Pope Benedict is gone which can be anytime now, this will further lay the ground work and establish more authority for the Heretic Bergoglio to proceed with complete moral authority speaking for Christ and God Almighty in the eyes of many; in order to lead more of the faithful astray!

    Not one shred of condemnation of some of the more obvious transgressions of the Church in just the last several months, let alone the last several years; and in which Bergoglio had a direct hand in promoting the fraudulent installation of the Puppet POTUS into the Government of America which is a blend of the worst mortal sins on earth! Keep in mind, this Fraud POTUS Biden and the party to which he is conjoined the full term abortion, fetal tainted vaccine promoters have of late spoken about the idea of removing God from many of the activities and internal construct of the “One Nation under God” the “Judaeo-Christian God,” looking to run the government in the opposite way of that which the Forefathers instituted it in the US Constitution; so this fusion of Bergoglio with US Politics has caused a major horrendous shift in a government and its people away from God; just what the NWO ordered! Now by Pope Benedict speaking with no ill toward any of that he is patting Bergoglio and Biden on the back and I dare say the Devil as well in my humble opinion! To me if I were in his place there is no way I would speak this way that he has here; to not be addressing the evil that has entered into the Church or the fraud and atrocity that has infected the global system which has left nothing but a path of destruction; even if I would be dead within minutes of speaking the TRUTH for Jesus’s sake!

    God help us please, as I am no expert, but do know that this is the most unprecedented time in all history; and that total diabolical evil is at work not just throughout the world but in your “Holy Church” which to me means the Devil is making his big move to take more souls to hell with all get-out!

    I have total faith in Christ Jesus and through Him the Father that the Evil One is being given all the rope he needs in a manner of speaking; to hang himself and all the wicked with him simultaneously! Amen.
    God bless you!
    Brother in Christ Jesus,
    Lawrence Morra III

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  3. mmvc says:

    From Rorate Caeli:

    On the 8th anniversary of his resignation to the papal throne, Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI, 93, granted an interview to Massimo Franco, of Italian daily Corriere della Sera.

    The main responses are available below, but what is truly curious is this passage by Franco:

    The sentences come out little by little, the voice is a soft breath, it comes and goes. And archbishop Gänswein in some rare passages repeats and “translates”, while Benedict XVI nods in a sign of approval.

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  4. Now with this added information you have provided I think I begin to see that Pope Benedict XVI is quite feeble and not completely competent or capable of truly assessing the entire circumstances he now finds himself in; so at its best this was a playing of the Pope like the pulling of strings on a puppet, to gain this last “simulated approval” for ulterior design and motives that to me can only spell NWO, and to give a tacit approval to the direction that Bergoglio has plunged the Church!

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  5. kathleen says:

    LifeSiteNews has also commented on this subject. In the video below via Rumble (since they have been banned from using YouTube for speaking out the truth which doesn’t please the NWO narrative YouTube supports!) John Henry Weston has a lot of good stuff to say, including on the recent surprising comments from Pope Benedict XVI:


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  6. Kathleen…excellent to point out this information to help bring into focus what the true picture is in all of this myopic apparent tunnel vision view of Pope Benedict XVI and his preconceived or coerced perspective on Biden and other critical related agendas at work; that are truly in my opinion diabolical in origin and intent. I had not seen this report from John-Henry Westen which is quite compelling and as he said where is the Pope getting his information! My own view has evolved over the course of these major events unfolding as I find pieces to the jig-saw puzzle as it were, and do my own analysis of these events as they occur along with my knowledge of some of these key characters in this unfolding nightmare.

    On the one hand in this particular case its quite simple, because Biden has identified who and what he is over the course of 48 years of playing the system to his own advantage as a Crooked Career Politically Organized Crime Syndicate Racketeer, having the Mafioso archetype label going way back and known as Scranton Joe, that has been selling his political Washington influence to the highest bidders; aka presently Communist China’s CCP, but the list is long of other countries and powerful global players that he has made backdoor deals with over the decades. So out of the gate it’s very sad but even disgusting that this Pope doesn’t recognize the snake he is speaking about, and moreover the frightening truth of it’s being diabolical to the core; put aside any notion that this monster is any form of Catholic or for that matter even in the slightest way a follower of Christ Jesus! That said; we are now seeing the further deterioration of the Catholic Church around the globe and now via this false Puppet President being manipulated by the radical Left, totally antichrist scoundrels of the US and others around the globe; that are all manipulated by Satan.

    I hate to say it but Pope Benedict is either not very coherent or is in la-la land for some reason not having a clue how ugly and demonic all of this current circumstance actually is, to say the least. Anyone that doesn’t see how sinister and bad this will come, out if unabated; by just the sheer facts on the ground of what Biden and this totally insane administration he is part of has already done and are proposing; must be out of touch with reality! Or in their alternate universe as I see many of the Democrat/Leftist population; as being in denial like the proverbial alcoholic that can’t see all the damage he or she is casing to all those around them, let alone their own hands in front of their faces! But this is the nature of radical, far from traditional and wholesome thinking mindsets or propaganda being proliferated quickly through society; which can only be inspired from ungodliness and wicked intent.

    Let’s just say that China’s CCP is licking its collective chops about now knowing that this rampant continuous breakdown of morals and standards is getting a firm foothold in America for a change; a change they wanted for the last four years! Back to the original agenda is the name of that tune! As the communists see it; making for easy pickings!
    Thanks again. God bless.

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  7. kathleen says:

    Just noticed that excellent “update” with questions from a well known journalist for the Pope Emeritus, and which has been added to the bottom of this post by one of my team mates – thank you.

    Hmmm, I can’t see how the Pope Emeritus could give an honest answer to any of these pertinent questions! Especially puzzling is his ingenious defence of President Biden, considering his outrageous abortion policies.

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