CDF responds about blessing same-sex unions: “[God] does not and cannot bless sin”

From Fr Z:

In a clear and long-overdue slap-down of the German bishops and their dreadful “synod” process, today the CDF released the text of a response to a dubium (that doesn’t happen as often as we would like, does it…) about “blessing unions of persons of the same sex”. HERE  And article about the response HERE

Does the Church have the power to give the blessing to unions of persons of the same sex?


Then there is an explanation. What does it come down to?

“[God] does not and cannot bless sin”.

There are the usual explanations about pastoral care, this isn’t discrimination, etc. It also stresses that because of the relationship of blessings with sacraments, there is no way that a blessing can be conferred on same-sex couples.

Furthermore, since blessings on persons are in relationship with the sacraments, the blessing of homosexual unions cannot be considered licit. This is because they would constitute a certain imitation or analogue of the nuptial blessing[7] invoked on the man and woman united in the sacrament of Matrimony, while in fact “there are absolutely no grounds for considering homosexual unions to be in any way similar or even remotely analogous to God’s plan for marriage and family”[8].

None of this means that priests can’t bless people with homosexual inclinations. The Church cannot bless the relationships of couples with these inclinations. That would be tantamount to participation in the sin of another.

You can be guilty of the sin committed by another

  1. By counsel (to give advice, one’s opinion or instructions.)
  2. By command (to demand, to order, such as in the military.)
  3. By consent (to give permission, to approve, to agree to.)
  4. By provocation (to dare.)
  5. By praise or flattery (to cheer, to applaud, to commend.)
  6. By concealment (to hide the action, to cover-up.)
  7. By partaking (to take part, to participate.)
  8. By silence (by playing dumb, by remaining quiet.)
  9. By defense of the ill done (to justify, to argue in favour.)

The blessing of same-sex unions would fall under a couple of these categories, consent and probably praise and maybe partaking.

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1 Response to CDF responds about blessing same-sex unions: “[God] does not and cannot bless sin”

  1. Reblogged this on Zero Lift-Off and commented:
    What’s very troubling in today’s world is that it’s even come to this, were basic common sense and family orientation values of a man and a woman together bearing children to raise and be a family built upon love; is now somehow being juxtaposed very negatively as somehow suddenly not central to the obvious theme of human life itself, and that what is more important in this world of rebellion and self being paramount, it is somehow better to diverge from these life giving and sharing principles that have carried us forward for tens of thousands of years he way God intended; but now aren’t worthy of being fully honored as the central purpose of human life on earth! So the narrative says why not take a walk on the wild side, and do whatever you please; even these behaviors that serve no purpose ultimately other than rebellion or selfish sexual pleasure and even demented perversion for the sake of lust. To me I see how the Devil has set many snares all around this topic and caught many victims for his purpose; which is to ruin and pull down!

    Just today moments before seeing this important article I saw that another email had arrived about the same time as this notification; its heading being, “This “Christian” organization is endangering children,” and with my seeing that and reading this article I was reminded again of just how twisted and perverted not just some fringe groups or individuals are in this world today; but how whole societies are running amuck with to me absolute madness, dereliction’s, and even wicked perversions of that which was usually in the past considered a beautiful thing for a man and a woman to join in Holy matrimony and love each other deeply enough to produce a family! But now they who are seeking to derail all that is good in this world it appears; start with the little children and warp their minds with off the wall ideas, of two men in skirts walking along holding the hands of their little boy or girl, as being very cool and normal! Of course these two men couldn’t produce a child in a million years nor was that God’s intention when he made them male and female; but, these two men can have some sort of twisted love making pleasure performing sexual acts, and this little child growing up in that home environment eventually becoming aware that these two men who are the parents by adoption or default; do these perverted acts, but that shouldn’t trouble the child in any way nor should that child ever be embarrassed about it in the world at large! As a child if that were my home environment I would have wanted to run away!

    Here is a piece of the bulletin to review which was actually a Petition to request that this Catholic organization stop promoting the teaching of, here is the pivotal word they use, “Diversity,” in this practice of encouraging and allowing school age children to read books and stories about homosexuality and transgender partners!
    Here is just a quote from this important vital bulletin and petition.
    Scholas Occurrentes Pontifical Foundation is an organization that presents itself as Catholic for the education and betterment of youth. However, reports reveal that the organization is distributing children’s books that promote the homosexual and “transgender” agenda. According to reports:
    “The Scholas Occurrentes Pontifical Foundation, which states that its goal is to create a new vision for the education of children around the world, is not only using Pope Francis’ support to fundraise around the world, but also to disseminate material on gender ideology to children in at least a dozen countries in Latin America…”
    It’s a short bulletin so I hope that you can check it out and sign the petition to help in the effort to but the brakes on this sort of activity which is ruining many school age children perhaps setting them up for a life of sin and misery; I hope this can be stopped for the sake of so many innocent children!

    Again, thank you for making this excellent effort here of yours at CP&S, and bringing the wonderful Father Z to the fore in another matter of great urgency within the Church.
    God bless you.
    Brother in Christ Jesus,


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