Cancelling Culture

CP&S comment: There is an outstanding video from Michael Matt at The Remnant about the current dire situation in the Church, contaminated as it has been by the grave evil rampant in the world, and beseeching the Church’s bishops to man up and stand firm for Christ and His Church. WE CANNOT RECOMMEND THIS VIDEO HIGHLY ENOUGH. Go over there to watch it. (Unfortunately they were banned from YouTube a while back for going against the diabolical NWO’s plans for the Great Reset, and so now we can no longer ‘lift’ videos on this new system to repost here.)

Forget Dr. Seuss! They’re cancelling God! 

Mask up, everyone! Just 15 more years to slow the spread, but Joe Biden says we can have a lil’ cookout on July 4th. 

What’s the connection between Covid, the Cancel Culture and The Great Reset?  

Michael J. Matt argues that whether or not you’re Catholic, you need to know why they cancelled the old Catholic religion first… some 50 years ago. 

What do John Lennon, Pope Paul VI and Margaret Sanger have in common?  Traditional Catholics were at war with them all, long before anyone had ever heard of Cardi B, Pope Francis or Bill Gates. 

The Great Reset is nothing new. What is new is the fact that nobody’ s laughing at traditional Catholics anymore.  

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  1. Mary Salmond says:

    M Matt is good, passionate about the church, and gives great advice and commentary ! Highly recommend regular viewing!

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