Young pregnant mother ordered by police to leave church during Mass. “It’s a Business!”

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    No it’s not a business it’s CHURCH; where we go to worship God Almighty not some Pagan no morality government which is what this US Government and all World governments are fast becoming!

    Mask mandates are an invasion upon humanity in the first place and they do nothing to curtail viral disease or illness. Go into an African village with a mask on where people are dying from Ebola and mingle a while with them, then let me know how your damn mask worked out; only you won’t be spewing to me how it saved you because you’ll be dead! Oh, maybe we all need to be walking around in full biological hazard suits to please the Führer is what’s next! In America we have a foundational precept in the Constitution called Separation of Church and State; the Church doesn’t attempt to run the Government, so Government don’t be trying to run our Church! And don’t be telling us its public health policy to help us; which it is not! It’s unadulterated tyrannical control policy; is all it is! Look at the Nazis we have as President and V.P.! Harris had a great grandfather Hamilton Brown that was a major slave trader and Biden is a 48 year “Crooked Professional Career Politician Politically Organized Crime Syndicate Racketeer,” aka Scranton Joe; so I know the Devil had all to do with those two being in the top slots of our US Government, it wasn’t some anomaly or accident!

    The REAL Covid survival rate is 99.97% for any person who is in otherwise good health with no major health impediments. People are not dropping like flies the way the MSM and Government want you to think is the case; from this less dangerous than the annual flu virus! Those that are frail or have severely compromised immune systems or pulmonary disorders need to be more isolated if there is an outbreak that could put them at risk of contracting it; just like is done for the flu each year. But shutting down civilization or mandating masks and quarantines for massive numbers of citizens is absolutely insane and evil; which has been borne out by examples all over the place! The citizens of Sweden as we all know by now didn’t invest in the madness and stupidity of mask mandates or lock-downs; while in reality they didn’t suffer catastrophic loss of life by Covid, which was being told to the world would be the case, by the bought and paid for World Health Organization which is run by a lifelong Marxist evil SOB point man Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus who is in the back pocket of Bill Gates along with other evil totalitarian “Sociopaths” like Xi Jinping and Biden!

    It’s time for the ICC (International Criminal Court) to start charging and prosecuting the key instigators of all this global criminal activity of “Crimes Against Humanity,” just like they did after WWII at the Nuremberg Trials! Are any of you Washington politicians going to do your job for a change and begin this process? If you don’t you will assure yourselves a deepest pit in Hell!

    Dear Lord Jesus Christ, please send your angels to help us now in this battle against the most evil tyrants this planet has ever seen; so that while we await your return we can be spared some of the suffering these monsters want to inflict upon your faithful children and all innocent people! I pray that our Father in heaven will allow this protection. Amen.

    Brother in Christ Jesus,
    Lawrence Morra III

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  2. The actions by police are wrong. There was no disruption by these individuals that was shown. One may presume the actions are supported by Bishop while feigning ignorance of the priests’ behavior. How long before the Bishop issues an apology?

    I got the instant feeling that this lady and who looked to be her husband were not welcome for another reason(s). I would wager being pro-life, family as well as anti-perverse behavior may not sit well with the MONEY people in that “church”.

    Were all our sins in the open, who could stand before the Altar? A proper response might be “please wear the fake protection so we can control you”. The church has been in the “control game” a long time… so, when someone gets out of line, examples must be made.

    The smoke of satan is stoked there.

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  3. I agree and you point out the hidden agendas going on! A great point was made to my comment on another blog article which actually dovetails here in which it was said how a quote from Our Lady at Garabandal given to the girls applies, in which she said, “many Cardinals, Bishops and priests are on the road to perdition,” but that caused a major outrage back in the 60s within the Church hierarchy! Then commentator went on to say it’s now evidently true, and right out in the open whether in the Church or in Government; the evil of some of these minions or servants of Satan is totally blatant and exposed! Very sad what this world has come to!

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  4. E M Lowden says:

    Yes, legally it is in fact a business. The Catholic Church is legally a corporation, and the police are not obligated to, nor are they interested in, interpret the law reasonably. Their sole job is to kick in the skulls of the people they are told to kick in so they get their pension. They’re not on your side.

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