Bishop Schneider: The Charismatic Movement Needs Help

The Protestant Charismatic Movement (CM) started in the US in the early 20th century and is “a new form of religion or Christian denomination,” Bishop Schneider says in a March 14 question/answer video of the Confraternity of Our Lady of Fatima.

The Catholic CM began about 55 years ago, and was accepted by the post-Vatican-II popes, especially by John Paul II. “This is not a criterion for the authenticity, because the popes can make prudential errors in approving movements that later reveal defects,” Schneider explains.

He analyses that the CM builds on a subjective Protestant approach, puts secondary sentimental aspects like personal “feelings” in the centre, and displays them in public, “It’s against the spiritual shame to exhibit yourself,” Schneider objects.

After Pentecost, the Apostles were not “crying, dancing and clapping hands” nor falling on the floor, but Peter spoke rational, clear words, Schneider stresses.

He acknowledges good qualities in the Catholic CM like zeal for prayer and Eucharistic adoration but stresses that these are not specifically charismatic but belong to the Catholic tradition. For Schneider it is necessary to help the CM “to come back to the more balanced methods and ways.”

You can watch the Zoom call with Bishop Schneider on Gloria TV

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2 Responses to Bishop Schneider: The Charismatic Movement Needs Help

  1. As youngster, when I saw what VII did to THE FAITH as Mother Church exhaled and I felt and saw a deep sadness and echos of the “death rattle”. The clergy became forlorn in most cases. When asked “Have you considered becoming a Priest?” I replied, “one of those sad guys? No, I won’t do that.” I have remained Catholic. The charismatic experience was and remains profound as now I know WHO the Eucharist “IS”. This reality brought me “home” to The Faith after my youthful searching and rejection of others… through prayer and fasting, and study, “confusion” was lifted and authenticated through writings of the Doctors of The Church and the authority and witness of the Magisterium. Since vII has many “good things”, it’s “youthful searching and rejection” of things Holy must yield to the Great “I AM”.


  2. jdawood says:

    Bishop Schneider! What wisdom✝️

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