Pro-Lifers Parody State’s COVID Psycho-War

Campaign dignifying ‘Johanna’ exposes evil of abortion-tainted vaccines

WORTHING, England ( – A pro-life organization is turning the British government’s COVID-19 psychological-warfare campaign on its head by using Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s fearmongering advertising to raise awareness of Britain’s abortion genocide and abortion-contaminated vaccines.


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7 Responses to Pro-Lifers Parody State’s COVID Psycho-War

  1. Reblogged this on Zero Lift-Off and commented:
    I find it very difficult to even talk about this subject of aborted human babies being used to harvest cell lines for vaccines without being very emotional and putting it plainly wanting to puke! I responded to a previous posting here at CP&S back on February 20th which I was so repulsed by the savage reality of what the article was referencing I literally became ill thinking that I’m in this world where this horror is going on; and I include the link to that blog with my commentary at the close of my statement here today. Let me tell you straight out that I’m absolutely certain this is all part of the most evil diabolical manifestations on earth from hell that is now infecting a large portion of the human race! The fact that many people have grown indifferent to these acts of inhumanity and fiendish evil also makes me thoroughly ill!

    What else would be the driving force behind this modern day pagan sacrilege other than enormous wealth that certain nefarious persons stand to gain with global vaccines, chiefly those individuals who run and own Big Pharma along with the lead investors like Bill Gates and Dr. Antony Fauci for starters! But, the money and power are the lure to commit the most heinous evil on earth, being always orchestrated by Satan himself, just as he has influenced and controlled many a human monster over the millennia to transgress God Almighty, while in essence he gets these humans to spit in God’s eye metaphorically speaking!

    The cost of this PSYOP Covid Plan-Demic has been so deadly and devastating on so many levels causing damage that still hasn’t peaked and will ultimately affect the human race for generations! It’s been estimated that this intentionally inflicted global crisis has already cost monetarily speaking as much as all of World War II had cost totally over those most infamous years of war for humanity. But, what I have to focus on most of all in this wholesale global debauchery and discounting of innocent human babies for these ulterior materialistic sacrilegious designs, by some earthly powerful corrupted persons; that this is also more poignantly than all of what I’ve mentioned, is a ramping up exponentially of the Devil’s final massive plan to take as many souls to hell with him as possible; so we are in later days, there can be no doubt about that now! We know that throughout ancient history from Holy Scriptures and other records that many times chastisement and God’s wrath did come down upon the earth to punish and destroy certain peoples that provoked God and went so far in blaspheming Him that it was required at that point! Such as the Great Flood of Noah’s time or how Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed; and life on earth was allowed to continue in order to fulfill God’s plan and ultimate Salvation for all who would be worthy of forgiveness! But, the sort of things going on now in this highly advanced unprecedented time are producing transgressions like nothing this world has ever seen and I say this is all next to being in hell, or in effect; it’s really become very close to hell on earth! So, let’s face it you and I can logically and in our hearts know that our all loving Creator who we are able to know and worship in the form of our Savior Jesus Christ, will not be putting up with much more of this truly diabolical satanic activity much longer! It can’t be allowed to go any further than the appearance of the Antichrist because then what would be the point of allowing a completely out of control blaspheming human race to continue and transgress God in ways too ugly to even talk about. We have reached the breaking point and things are moving fast now; which stands to reason being in the digital age!

    Another fine article here on this site “Babies were aborted alive, placed in a fridge to harvest cell lines used in some vaccines: researcher said” based on reports from February 19, 2021, LifeSiteNews: And I quote here from that article report; “Cell lines derived from aborted babies used in the production or testing of various vaccines, including a number of COVID vaccines, most likely came from babies who were aborted alive, and according to the general practice as outlined in medical literature, may have been placed in a fridge while still living where they awaited dismemberment before having their organs harvested, a researcher has found.”

    “Biologist Pamela Acker, who has a master’s degree in Biology from the Catholic University of America and who recently authored a book titled Vaccination: A Catholic Perspective, related what the literature says about how babies were aborted to obtain cell lines used in a number of vaccines.” Catholicism Pure & Simple

    Brothers and sisters this is too much for me to handle and process in a sense because I still can’t believe these things are happening and it seems like this would be some science fiction horror story; but the truth is this is exceedingly more evil than even what the crazy perhaps demonic possessed Mayans back in their civilization did to satisfy pagan superstitions and false gods, and yet here we are in 2021 the most gifted era for humanity with so much to be thankful for, but humans can sink to this utter lowest depth of a hellish debauchery and do these evils!

    A point that needs to be mentioned here because the Plan-Demic COVID-19 virus has pushed this sort of fiendish research and development exponentially; illustrates clearly the meaning to me that COVID is absolutely diabolical in origin!

    “This problem is irrespective of the original number of abortions performed to obtain a cell line, and will only be exacerbated by the acceptance of HEK-293-derived COVID vaccines,” As stated quite correctly by Biologist Pamela Acker.

    Bishop Athanasius Schneider stated; “While the Catholic Church’s 2020 guidelines permit Catholics to receive abortion-tainted vaccines, the Bishop said that Christians cannot “simply resign” themselves to the fact that the production of various medicines is tied to the slaughter of preborn babies who are utilized for their body parts.”
    “The voice of the unborn children’s blood is crying to God from the abortion tainted vaccines, from the abortion tainted medicines,” he said.
    “This voice is crying all over the world, and we have to awaken.”
    “No one who is really deeply concerned about the defense of life and the moral law can be silent or can be quiet and can resign to this situation,” he added. Catholicism Pure & Simple

    God bless.
    Brother in Christ Jesus,
    Lawrence Morra III

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  2. linda254 says:

    Covid was planned so that everyone would take the mark of the beast, the COVAX. It is a Satanic ritual.

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  3. johnhenrycn says:

    Step back from the edge of the cliff and put your gun down slowly.


  4. kathleen says:

    Hmmm… I’m not sure JH, but linda254 just might be right. If this laboratory-fabricated virus really was cursed by enemies of Holy Christendom (as many honest people believe, Father Z included) then the mark of the beast is indeed upon it.


  5. johnhenrycn says:

    Hi, Kathleen: Truth be told, I had reason to quote the relevant passage (re: Mark of the Beast) found in Revelation on another website a few days ago as I have some similar thoughts, I have to admit. Could you post a link to the article(s) by Fr Z about this? I’d like to read them.


  6. mmvc says:

    I’m not sure what the ‘Mark of the Beast’ in Revelation refers to, but I just don’t believe that God’s blessing can be on anything that was developed with or tested on foetal cell lines.

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  7. kathleen says:

    Dear JH, that’s quite a task you are asking of me, but I’m afraid you will just have to take my word for it 😉 .

    Father Z is a prolific writer, as you know. It would take me a long while to go through his many backdated posts and streamlined Traditional Latin Masses to find his words, often repeated, that he is convinced the coronavirus was cursed with the mark of the Beast. It would be especially difficult to find them right now, since Father Z has grown quieter on the subject. these last weeks. I’ll tell you why…

    As you will remember, when we had that recent trouble with the insufferable Gareth, where he was bashing us, Father Z and all traditionalist bloggers, he rather smugly stated that Fr Z’s new [liberal] bishop had sharply reprimanded Fr Z and ordered him not to mention the diabolical surrounding the origins of the virus again! This revelation from Gareth was actually true! It is common knowledge that liberals and progressives do not like any talk about nasty things like the Devil. It’s not P.C., you know? Or not in the “spirit of Vatican II”. They prefer a sort of pick-and-choose ‘c’atholicism, a church of “nice”! (One could wonder if they even believe the Devil exists.) Sigh!

    There was obviously a lot more to this disagreement between Father Z and the new Bishop but which Fr Z himself only hinted at through loyalty to his superior. Fr Z, who clearly suffered a lot of hassle from all this, is now in the process of moving away from this diocese. He has obediently not referred in public to the mark of the Beast on the coronavirus again (AFAIK), but surely – like many others – still believes it to be so.
    Just one more faithful and orthodox priest who has clashed with the NWO that has even infiltrated the highest echelons of the Holy Bride of Christ.

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