Vatican Health Gig gets Contraception Cash


The John Templeton Foundation, committed to promoting contraception in partnership with faith-based organizations, is pumping $750,000 into the Vatican’s global health conference as its main financier.  

Mgr. Trafny is allying himself with contraception crusaders

Pfizer, which pushes its injectable contraceptive Sayana Press in collaboration with global aid groups in the world’s poorest countries, will also feature at the Vatican conference “Exploring the Mind, Body and Soul,” beginning Thursday.

The new alliance leaves the Vatican “binding hands and feet to the contraception industry,” according to Italy’s New Daily Compass.

Vatican Invested in Abortifacient

The revelations come days after former Vatican auditor general Libero Milone admitted on Italian channel Rai3 that the Vatican’s Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See had been investing in the “morning-after pill” for the last 20 years.  

Rai3 called the Holy See’s decision to buy shares worth 20 million euros in the pharma giants Novartis and Roche “one of the most paradoxical investments in the recent history of the Church.” Novartis makes and sells the abortifacient through its subsidiary Sandoz.  

The Vatican’s health summit, organized by the Pontifical Council for Culture (PCC), has come under a firestorm of criticism for hosting hugely controversial speakers like New Age guru Deepak Chopra and abortion promoter Chelsea Clinton in its lineup of celebrity speakers.Can the Church play a role to increase the use of family planning methods?

Summit organizers are also being accused of providing a platform to vaccine oligarchs to combat “vaccine hesitancy” — a euphemism for conscientious objectors to the experimental gene therapy and abortion-tainted jabs — promoted vigorously by Pope Francis.

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  1. adknanny says:

    Anything for money. That’s Francis!!


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