Game Over for the Covid Cult promoters?

CP&S comment. Another reality check video from Michael J. Matt at The Remnant as he describes how we are continuing our fight against the Great Reset.

CRASHING the GATES: Canceling the Architects of the New Normal

In this episode of The Editor’s Desk, Michael J. Matt asks the question: Are the wheels falling off the Covid Cult?

Consider this:

– The Department of Defense lifts masks and does NOT require proof of vaccination
– Target stores, Lowe’s, Walmart, Starbucks all drop masks without requiring proof of vax
– Pope Fauci is mocked on SNL
– Leftist golden boy, Bill Gates, is discredited by everyone, including his wife

That’s what we call a “good start”! Can the good guys actually win this war? Michael argues, yes, they can!

As Team Biden teams up with a hate group to stop hate in America, everyone from Fox News to Rep. Jim Jordan and Senator John Kennedy team up against Team Biden.

More from the Vatican crazy train, Pope Francis meets with pro-abort “Catholic” climate change hysteric, John Kerry.

Question: Is Remnant TV too political? Michael argues that the war against the New World Order is both a political and a spiritual one and, as such, it’s the same war in which traditional Catholics have been engaged for the past 75 years.

Are you going to let Fox News personalities fight that war for you? Michael says no, this is OUR war. It’s always been our war. And in the end, we’re going to win it.

Impossible? Watch and see.

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1 Response to Game Over for the Covid Cult promoters?

  1. Reblogged this on Zero Lift-Off and commented:
    YES, YES and YES! I’ve been hoping and praying in my heart of hearts that the major despots behind this Demonic Cult would start falling like Domino’s and that Gates along with some top government officials, (too many to name here); was at the top of the list, and was just talking to nice man Matthew this morning that I’ve gotten to know through his work about how all of this evil from the Fraud-emic, to people serving in our government that fix and rig elections like Mafioso King Pins in order to actually get elected, which they wouldn’t otherwise has to all come to an end, how none of us deserve all this evil running over us all! I was saying to Matthew that God may have to step it sooner rather than later because all of this criminal conduct in the highest places is going to cause way too much unnecessary suffering of slews of innocent people! I happened to not even have my bandana with me today in public that I would usually pull up over my mouth if anyone starts really giving me the evil eye or if management approach to tell me it’s a requirement, I just say it’s a requirement I breath freely for my health and I’ll wear this up to my mouth only; so take it or leave it and if you must call the cops!

    Talk about the wheels falling off; I say it’s as if these clowns have been riding along like kings above us all in their big V8 cruiser that now is running on 3 cylinders, overheated, engine knocking and about to throw a rod then explode going down into the ditch in flames!!! These people actually believe they are going to get away with murder and in this case MASS MURDER! NO WAY JOSE! I want to be at their trials I’m so revved up, I’ll be burning rubber getting there!

    Talk about sane and customer friendly retailers, I’ve been shopping in Lowe’s the last several months NO MASK and NO HASSLES, just check myself out in case someone would be uncomfortable serving me. That is the one major retail store I can bring my dog in shopping; she loves the place and people; they love her too! During the Christmas Season I shop at Lowe’s for anything I can buy there rather than other more out of whack crony companies that go along with the Cult Mentality and State Dictator Mandates to the Hilt; and my dog loves all the Christmas trees and accessories like a kid on Christmas morning, especially the trees with all their lights but even more the talking mechanical displays they sell there!

    My friends and ladies and gentlemen, this gives such cause for much HOPE, which has actually been a theme for me over the last few days especially with very amazing Godincidences as a friend just put it today! God is watching out for us who truly want to do better and make this world a better place leaving a mark of excellence before the curtain will have to fall! Meanwhile; No Lights Out Here! OPEN for Business and making good friendships that are real!

    I leave you with something I wrote about God connecting the dots for us and letting us know we always have HOPE! The additional writing touches on what these people ruining the world are driven by; filthy Lucre!

    With love and hope for you,
    Brother in Christ Jesus,
    Lawrence Morra III

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