When Jesus Said, “My Flesh is Food Indeed”, He Meant It!

Incredible homily from Sensus Fidelium on the Real Presence for the Feast of Corpus Christi:

“As a priest of God, the good Lord literally listens to my voice and heeds my words. Unworthy servant that I am, the God of gods and Lord of lords obeys my voice when I utter those words of consecration – Hoc est enim Corpus Meum – This is My Body. And as soon as the Mystery of Transubstantiation occurs, where the substance bread and wine literally become the Flesh and Blood of Christ, I immediately genuflect in recognition of the Mystery and in submission to my Eucharistic King. Yet this great mystery of Transubstantiation is a difficult teaching for many to accept. When our dearest Lord taught that His Flesh was real food and that His Blood was real drink, many walked away from Him. Our senses fail to fathom this tremendous mystery, but Faith…Faith in what our Lord stated…Faith based on what we have heard…must serve to compensate. But our Lord is so good, that at times He will assist our Faith through Eucharistic Miracles. The great Church Father and Doctor of Grace, St. Augustine, once stated: I would not be a Christian if it were not for the miracles.(2X). Sacramental evidence assists our Faith in the Most Holy Eucharist and this evidence of Eucharistic Miracles remains with us.”


by Steven Buhagiar

Friends, on this Solemnity of Corpus Christi, I want to share the attached image which shows the very moment of ‘transubstantiation’ ie when the host (bread) becomes the Body of Jesus Christ (flesh).This miracle took place in Sokolka, Poland on 12 October 2008. Scientific analysis proves that the host is truly cardiac tissue from the heart of a dying man. When Jesus said “My flesh is food indeed”, He absolutely meant it. On this Solemnity of Corpus Christi, let us thank our loving God with our whole hearts for giving us the gift of His very self. Jesus holds nothing back… He wants us to have all of Him just as spouses give themselves totally to each other. “This is My body given for you!”

For more information about the Eucharistic miracle of Sokolka, follow this link:



(Source, ‘Venite Prandete’)

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3 Responses to When Jesus Said, “My Flesh is Food Indeed”, He Meant It!

  1. Mary Salmond says:

    Just saw that podcast recently. How could any human dispute its reality, proven by several non-catholic scientists without knowledge of its origin?
    It’s supernatural, defies logic, and should convert those scientists!

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  2. Crow says:

    The problem is, Mary, that if someone does not believe, they will support their disbelief with what they believe is dispassionate scepticism but which is, in reality, simply closing the mind.
    We have centuries of propaganda against the Church and so, even though all testing of miracles usually is done blind and with non-Catholic experts, the public do not make the inquiry and just believe it is some trickery – that has been the Protestant view of the Church since they first began – one theory of the origin of the phrase ‘Hocus pocus’ is that it derives from the reformers’ demeaning of the capacity of the priest to consecrate the bread of the Host to the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of our Lord, ‘Hoc est enim corpus meum.’ (You wouldn’t believe how hard this was to get through spell check!)
    If you think that 70,000 people saw Fatima and most non-Catholics would never have heard of it – there you have it!

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  3. Mary Salmond says:

    Well, it sounds like our media of today: closed mind. I should not be surprised.
    I pray everyday that hearts , minds, and eyes will be opened to the miraculous and the one true Church.


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