The Vaccine Post (Part 1)

CP&S comment: This is probably, for many, the most disconcerting article that we have posted on the COVID-19 vaccine to date. It is written by Lawrence England, an active pro-life Catholic blogger, ‘That The Bones You Have Crushed May Thrill’. The MSM is continuously hammering out to us the many “benefits” and “wonders” of the hastily produced vaccine. However, as Catholics, whose only desire is to follow in the footsteps of Christ and do His Will, we feel we must give our readers the opportunity to hear other voices whose well formed conscience prompts them to refuse the vaccine.

If you are determined not to be vaccinated against the symptoms of Covid-19 by request, friendly advice or belligerent threat of your Government, be sure you will be in for a fight that will be deeply unpleasant. I have spoken to many people, mostly Catholics, who are determined not to be vaccinated by the government come what may,  but what we say we will do, or not do, I cannot help but feel, is currently aspirational. This is because I expect the breaking down of resistance to the vaccine to be both relentless and relentlessly cruel.  As I have explained to others, I could not give just one reason why I’ve determined not to be ‘jabbed’ (so welcoming!) by the State, but I will endeavour to explain my position to the best of my ability. Because I have considered this vaccine and its octopus-like legs, I will be unable to write about it in a single post.

Over a period of time, I have publicly defended the Church’s perennial position on the unborn child and the rights to life of the unborn. I don’t consider my personal decisions to be separate to my public writing. I consider that taking a vaccine in which cells were harvested from an unborn child, while still alive and breathing desperately for life, to be a deviation from our Faith. That such material was considered necessary to the cocktail I consider to be a horrifying. I also consider it to be an extraordinary counter-witness to what we profess as Catholics to take it. You might find a multitude of Catholics, including Pope Francis, who disagree with me, but I expected there to be something palpably horrific about the range of vaccines on offer, because the Covid-19 pandemic has stunk to high Heaven since the very beginning. I suspected there may be something in the vaccine or in its origins that would amount to an abomination in the sight of God, since we are dealing with a world ran almost exclusively by diabolists of varying degrees in thrall to the Prince of this World, who is Satan. I suppose if nobody had informed me of the origins, by testing or by inclusion of murdered abortion victims cells in the vaccine, I would still consider the vaccine ill-advised, but I will consider those issues in another post.

As to the issue of whether my cooperation in the intrinsically evil act of abortion committed decades ago is remote or not so remote, for me is not the only or even the central issue. Personal cooperation with this historic evil is not simply about me and my personal choice, but about my personal choice set amidst the personal choices of millions of other men and women making a totality of choices that either ratify this barbaric act, which continues daily in this world on an industrial scale, or reject it. In 1930s Germany, Hitler won the popular vote but not everybody voted for him. Once in power, the vast majority of Germans permitted Hitler to commit many shocking evils, even convinced by propaganda that their evils were goods, but not everybody failed to resist him, the White Rose Movement being one group that determined not to let his racist and eugenic mindset prevail upon them or claim them for their own. Such figures were, though not in the long-term as history has judged them, short-term losers for not joining the Hitler train, though certain dissidents did end up on the train to Auschwitz.

While I cannot stand up and say that those persons who have accepted vaccines that originate or are tainted by the crime of abortion will be condemned at the Judgement Seat of Christ, I do believe that I will be, if I take it, because I am in full possession of the facts of the vaccines and while it is true to say I have something of a delicate conscience, I am actually allowed to have a delicate conscience that abhors the blood sacrifice committed against an innocent child and which wants nothing to do with it. I cannot say ‘No’ to the crime that took place against this child, it is too late for that, but I can say ‘No’ to sharing in any way in that crime by not giving my consent to a vaccine derived from it, tainted by it.  You, for your part, cannot say I won’t be condemned for taking it, since you are not God and because every man must answer to his sacred conscience which is inviolable and where God’s voice echos in the soul. Conscience is the voice of God, we can mix God’s voice with our own and make errors, certainly, but if you are going to call me ‘scrupulous’ for wanting nothing to do with a vaccine originating in a murder, to be injected into my body, I will politely ask you to desist from doing so. You must answer for yourself to God. I, too, must answer to Him and render an account for this period of my life, like most periods, a period of my life already mired in grievous infidelities against my Creator and Redeemer. I do not wish to add this to those given that this decision has required much consideration and thought. My decision, or not, to ratify in my person and in my body the sadistic evils of an industry that lives off murdering babies is mine alone. I hope that is clear.

Furthermore, I hold that the ties of an abortion linked inextricably to the vaccines are a massive red flag for Christians everywhere. What ‘angel’ has convinced you that there will be no reckoning in this life, let alone the next, for accepting such a thing into your body? I struggle to see how those who accept this concoction will not inherit some kind of curse, be it mild or severe, but perhaps I am mad, perhaps my mind is not sophisticated enough to comprehend the intricacies of this moral question. The abortion tells me that Satan’s fingerprints are all over the vaccine, perhaps it tells you something different, but I remain something of a simpleton, you may have come to some other conclusion that is more nuanced. I have not. God says, ‘Behold I set forth in your sight this day a blessing and a curse: A blessing, if you obey the commandments of the Lord your God, which I command you this day: A curse, if you obey not the commandments of the Lord your God, but revolt from the way which now I shew you, and walk after strange gods which you know not. (Deuteronomy 11:26-28)

The Vatican have helpfully informed you that you can in good conscience take this vaccine because your cooperation in this crime is remote. God, however, is not remote from our decisions. The Vatican have not told you whether the unborn child used, abused and destroyed by wicked persons will rise on the Last Day under the arms of Jesus Christ to pronounce a verdict on us depending on our decision. However, that child will rise again at the General Judgement. I, for my part, am not certain he or she will agree with the Vatican. Why are you so sure he or she will commend you, or be indifferent to your decision, or absolve you and not condemn you?

There may be a veritable host of reasons why a soul’s guilt in this matter is lessened, such matters as fear, coercion, the need for security, the duties and responsibilities of life that mean there is little or no guilt at all for the vast majority of persons. I do not, however, consider that what may in the Divine Judgement apply to many people applies to me. Why? Because I have thought about it a lot. I was, in fact, thinking about it shortly after the pandemic broke. I have thought about this for two years. I have considered whether the Holy Family would submit themselves to a vaccine of this kind or flee. I was confirmed as a Soldier of Christ. What soldier of Christ would submit himself to a vaccine the Holy Family would decline, out of love for the commandments of God, including the Commandment not only not to kill, but not to consent to sin in any way, including counsel, flattery or silence. and the esteem and honour in which they hold the unborn, their hatred for evil, their constant affirmation of the Justice of God.

If you hate abortion and its destruction of life, it strikes me as simple common sense that you withstand the culture of abortion in your bodywith your body and if the only fortress you have in this world against the abominable crime of abortion is your body, use it, use it for Jesus Christ and His Gospel of Life and be assured that no good can come from your involvement in this cruel industry, not for you, not for the human race whether it is objectively remote or not. Do you want to fight? Perhaps not. Do you want to fight evil? Then do so! No, you didn’t kill the child, but do you want to protest the killing of this child? Do you want to stand for Jesus Christ and His Blessed Mother against the vicious onslaughts against nascent life in the womb? Then don’t take this vaccine. ‘It can’t be that simple!’ I hear you cry. I admit that the complex circumstances of this life are not simple and a thousand reasons render choice in this area most difficult for us all. You object to this vaccine but consider a small army incapable of defeating such an evil as we are presented with today? Is that what we were confirmed for? Were we not confirmed to fight evil? 

These are my thoughts, this is my writing, I own my words and my thoughts and I no longer hide them. You are welcome to think or to comment below this post as you see fit. I do not judge you if you have taken this vaccine, you acted according to the lights of your conscience and the information at hand, having deliberated the issues at hand, and given not only the pressures upon persons young and old during this time, but the anxieties of our age and our personal situation and duties in your state of life, I am in no position to judge you. I am, however, allowed to think for myself about this issue and write my thoughts publicly, yes I have my opinions, informed by the teachings of the Church. I may not be a moral theologian, I am just a Catholic who is deeply uncomfortable with a prevailing orthodoxy within the Church that somehow a variety of health factors in our troubled age mean we can dispense with what seems a most obvious way to fight gratuitous evil, that is, not to consent to it with your body, for your body, as you know, is the Temple of God.

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    Well said Lawrence; and I agree with all of what you explained here, especially toward the end where you point out our moral obligation to our Creator who gave us a good conscience for just this reason, to stand up to egregious evil whenever it presents itself in our personal lives or societies. Abortion to me is nothing less than an abomination against God himself the author of life and all the universe, so to think for one moment we can take it upon ourselves to terminate an innocent helpless life in the womb without consequence is not merely foolhardy but it’s an outright arrogant and most heinous rebellious act against our Father in Heaven.

    I can tend to talk too much and to some people seem opinionated, but I will say that it’s partially true at times only because I state my perspective on any issue strongly once I decide to open my trap about it. But in this matter I have no hesitation and to me it’s “no holds barred” in a manner of speaking as to what I say and to whom; if it involves abortion nobody will convince me that it’s OK, in this case especially; and not any others for whatever reasoning they may provide! That is a slippery slope for sure, so to say it’s OK to abort over here in a special or particular situation only leaves the door open to others who will come along and see that as precedent to justify additional circumstances or situations as being just as worthy of pardon. You and I know people are this way and always seek comfort from other humans to quell their own guilt or fears and look for approval and thus put some of, if not all, of the weight of a nasty choice on others as well; to give it some justification, thus thinking they escape guilt. None of that cuts the mustard with God and it’s all a con or snow job, maybe to delude one’s self or others around them but we certainly know from a young age if we truly are faithful, that nobody will fool God.

    Am I a man that’s sinned, well of course and I’m someone that has been a fool or been fooled; absolutely! But the catch is to learn from our mistakes and transgressions because God is keeping it all in the book of life, and these choices all matter; because God will weigh it out through Jesus the “perfect judge” and His “Pure Immaculate Loving Heart,” and “will see everything just as it really is!” And so, like a Saint Dismas there are those among us that are reeking with a past of sin but will be “delivered beautifully into Paradise born to eternal life and bliss,” while there are those with plenty of sin along with hearts that fall short of His greatest mercy; who will be sent to hell. You and I know God knows our hearts, and we can “see through our Faith, even experience of life lessons” without even reciting a number of Scriptures, that say this plainly; He is an absolutely perfect judge of character and all there is to judge, but, His Mercy is greater knowing all things, which means He will judge accordingly. Now; I know this abominable Industrial Scale Abortion going on all around us is Satan’s pleasure and thrill; while God is allowing all of what must come to pass in order to fulfill all prophecy, so that His plan can reach its final fruition.

    I like you saw how this whole pandemic didn’t add up, and I saw the MSM lying without any doubt in my mind, and turned off the TV right from the start; and did all my own research. This led me to find voices out there like ours around the globe that were critical of the press and governments, knowing that something was askew! So the Truth needed to be ferreted out carefully, which in short order I was able to do! And it was then that I had no intention of taking any jabs ever, and stated as much saying if authorities make it mandatory and round citizens up they can give me my at the end of a gun barrel; because I will not take anything derived from Abortion into my body nor be involved with any aspect of that, not ever. Then the False Pope Bergoglio came out with his proclamations, but all he did was convince me further how right I was about his grave error and transgression from God Almighty; so to me he is doomed!

    Before I go on too long here in this one article I would like to mention that I will share a couple of blog postings of mine from over the last few days at the end of this commentary for anyone who has the time or would like to look at my mindset to see where I’m coming from, even if for curiosity sake. Because I think it will likely be helpful in some small way at least; and my real hope is that I make a difference in someone’s life and inspire that person to get either more serious or gain the truthful clarity he or she may need to move forward; confidently knowing they are doing the right thing.

    You mentioned Hitler, which I did indirectly today, and societal conscience as for the example what you laid out about WWII Germany, and how citizens took a wrong turn big-time just following the crowd and the results as we know were most horrific! I see or societies as even worse today than back then, and during the pandemic I saw how either foolish and lazy people can be or how easily tricked into behaving stupidly, almost like zombies; this is all very scary to me because if the right monster plugs into that he or she will cause a calamity beyond anything we ever imagined. So I leave this quotation that speaks well to this point and was written many years ago by a woman who was very familiar with all of that Nazi horror like many of the time were; her name Hannah Arendt.

    Hannah Arendt beautifully explains; “Yes, there is a time when good men and women must stand up for what’s right, even when it involves risk, but that moment comes only after evil has already been well established and is powerfully on the move.” Evil is inherently weak. The truth is that evil survives by tricking the good into doing its will. “Without thousands of basically decent people confused enough to obey, evil would fail quickly.” She goes on to summarize evil this way: “The sad truth is that most evil is done by people who never make up their minds to be good or evil. These people wouldn’t initiate murders by themselves, but in the name of duty, loyalty, unity, and/or the greater good, they cooperate with evil and give it their strength. But each plays a small part—none of them stretches so far that they’d have to contemplate the final effects of their actions.” In the 20th century, however, the actions of such people led directly to the murders of 260 million people. And they did this precisely by avoiding decisions… by merely obeying. “People think of murder, lying, and robbery as sins, but none of those has nearly the death toll of obedience.”
    “Basically decent men and women obey agents of evil for very mundane reasons. The process often goes like this:
    1. Being confused and intimidated, they look for the center of the pack.
    2. They try not to make waves.
    3. They learn that they can avoid making waves best if they adopt the perspectives of their overlords. So they run the overlords’ slogans through their minds as a default program.
    In the end, these people don’t make up their minds. Rather, they take on the minds of their overlords and do their will.
    And so, the vast majority of evil done on Earth traces back to minds and wills that have been abandoned to fear and laid on the Altar of Obedience.”

    So as an example of this when I previously quote Hannah; I concluded that the Obama years were chock full of this abandonment and accepting what he said as gospel and we have seen the utter decay of our Nation because of it! Now we have his partner in crime from back then who in some ways is worse but in all is at least equally as wicked; now Biden the Puppet POTUS along with all those same evil players back then coalescing again to form a catastrophe. I mention this because this evil man who says he is a Catholic, but yet he has already appropriated hundreds of billions of dollars for abortion services globally; a “Hitler of Unborn Genocide and Abomination!”

    So those prophetic words by Edmund Burke “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing,” are so true even today and I suspect as long as humans inhabit the earth!

    Yes Lawrence you are correct we all should be taking a Stand on this matter of most grave importance!
    God bless you and yours. Amen

    Brother in Christ Jesus,
    Lawrence Morra III

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  2. kathleen says:

    Lawrence England (nicknamed “Bones” I believe) makes an insightful and honest anti-vaccine argument.

    The pressure put upon those of us who, for whatever reasons, do not want to be vaccinated, is truly overwhelming. Many role out the derogatory “anti-vaxer” sermon to us as though we were halfwits. Other, kinder folk, try to convince us to see what they see as all the many punishments and limitations that the authorities will impose upon us if we don’t get vaccinated. These at least are surely right: if we don’t tow the PC worldly line we shall indeed be made to pay for it one way or another. For starters, if “vaccine passports” are introduced it will most likely put an end to the possibility for us to travel abroad … (and to never be able to visit my homeland again is heartbreaking for me!)

    All we can do is trust in Our Lord and pray hard.
    And who knows what the long term outcome of this unknown virus and its vaccine will produce? Good scientists and doctors, who have risked their careers to speak out in warning the world against taking the vaccine, say that the consequences could be horrific.
    Perhaps one day we will be proved right after all!

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  3. Michael Bates says:

    It would be really nice if the article was more like this:

    It has come to my attention that the cells of an aborted child were used in the preparation of this Wuhan virus vaccine/ all Wuhan virus vaccines (as the case may be). As someone who identifies as a Catholic (even though contrary to Catholic tradition I believe I have the authority to determine that an apparently duly elected Pope is not a Pope just because he looks like a heretic) I can’t in good conscience take the vaccine because being pro-life is one of the Catholic teachings that I choose to follow. I want you to be aware of this so that you can also make an informed decision. Here is my evidence that the cells of an aborted child were used so that you can verify I am not spreading a silly rumor and this is important for Catholics to know….

    That would save a lot of time and add credibility. In the article’s current form I find it frustrating. A Chinese virologist who defected to the United States in an interview stated that the virus was clearly manufactured. She said that if a virus is manufactured the effect is unpredictable. We know that it initially makes people sick with flu like symptoms but is there any later effects built into it? It is a chilling thought and makes getting a vaccine very appealing. That is why I find a rant that rambles on so long about the obvious (ie. Catholics shouldn’t participate in anything relating to abortion) and doesn’t give any certainty frustrating.

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  4. Maggie Kuhn says:

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    Thank you for posting this article!


  5. Brother Burrito says:

    Dear Michael Bates, I agree with your comment entirely. If TWO Popes have taken the vaccine, then so should all Catholics in communion with them.

    I follow Christ the King, and his Vicar here on Earth.


  6. Michael Bates & Brother Burrito: I’ll say it like it is and how you both sound to me! Man–up and take what I say with a grain of salt or take it to heart; the choice is your own! You’re both imbeciles! Don’t forget you’re speaking to the world getting on this internet cyber flapping your lips in a manner of speaking and saying that just because Popes take this vaccine means all Catholics should! And the way Bergoglio operates do you think I believe anything he says or does; is he too noble to lie and fake us out taking a placebo? I don’t care if he takes 50 vaccines and says it’s all good with God; I don’t listen to him at all; the man is stained with diabolical intent which he has demonstrated time and again!

    What are your medical degrees and or extensive scientific credentials to make such blanket statements to others? First these vaccines are gene therapy manipulations, to me bio-weapons and they weren’t tested over many years to determine their efficacy and long or short term effects; and we plainly see many horrible short term effects taking place even the creating of worse variants because of them that are lethal; yet you think it’s OK to dispense them to anyone? All rushed to market for a cold like virus that actually had a survival rate near 99.98% globally and could be treated effectively with Ivermectin, Hydroxychloriquine with vitamin D and zinc that were being banned or prohibited by said governments in conspiratorial fashion throughout America and beyond; with evil maniac bureaucrats like Fauci and our corrupted CDC playing us for fools with lies and cover-ups! By our medical establishment in cahoots for the most part as the Governments starting pulling medical licenses from doctors that used them these effective treatments; I personally have a doctor/friend they did this to! They wanted to make sure we get the JAB! So that is a red herring and anyone should smell a rat here in this nightmare! This evilly concocted “witch’s brew” are killing and crippling people so it’s a forgone conclusion that something is terribly wrong, and people that take these in my opinion are being sheeple and stupid! They not only sign their own death warrants but they promote the same for the rest of us who discern the truth from the fiction but will get boxed in the more people go along to get along; fearing all this government propaganda of passports and lives being restricted to where basic human freedoms are stripped away; so the thing they hope to hold onto they end up tossing in the trash heap! So they foolishly believe they cave to this and what, the governments will be nice and make sure we have freedom? They will crush all of our rights once they have us over the proverbial barrel!

    They are already prepping the military to be a WOKE one, so they will obey the dictators without hesitation; I tasted this effect several months ago with the local constabulary being very Nazi like with knee jerk reactions to people like me being in an empty bank lobby with no mask! The Governments can take a flying leap to hell; as far as I’m concerned they are all corrupted worldly institutions NOW with the NWO push; that are poisoned with evil from hell in this “most secular, insane world” we are living in! “Nobody Cares” mentality is prevalent throughout and people are bonkers; don’t you see what an evil man Fauci is or Joe Biden who held hands with Xi Jinping for years along with the CCP? Xi and his henchmen as of 2014 alone, as numbers go, had exterminated 1.2 million Tibetans!

    I’m sick and tired of all the idiocy of people on the internet flapping away all day talking shit. Most of what goes on here it seems is becoming a waste of time; and just a delay to the CERTAIN “coup d’ grace” that is coming, when we are all going to be in a “world of shit” with no hope whatsoever, because everyone was too busy wasting time on the internet talking shit! Think about it, what the hell good is any of this bantering doing, while the “masters of the world” along with their real “King Satan;” don’t tell me money doesn’t rule in this sellouts mess man; who pulls all of the punches, along with a Pope and President that are tapped into Satan; what is any of it going to do in this Helter-Skelter scenario. We’re all being corralled and prodded like dumb cattle to the slaughter house!

    I can’t believe after all that has transpired over the last year and half that most people on this net are still more concerned with likes and being in a clique or having massive followings and generating some cash on this Word Press or having their egos stroked, and think they have so many friends; this is not friends its make believe, maybe a step above getting drunk and talking to the pink elephants! Is all so vain and stupid, and I say this; as great Thomas Jefferson said “The government you elect is the government you deserve,” and so people are going to get what they deserve, and not too far down the road you all will remember you had a chance to fight back; but it will be “too little too damn late!”

    Here in America they made a giant fiasco out of one criminal Floyd being killed during an arrest and the crooked government along with the MSM used it as a tool to shape the populace moving it closer toward the ultimate goal of total control; deception and deflection. Do we see riots and a global outcry over all the millions who have been put to death because of a rigged virus emergency that was engineered in China and intentionally released, then propelled throughout the planet as an instrument of manipulation to make people take a jab! It’s all a plan and not earthly or human. Floyd got a Monument and global MSM coverage, one black man criminal’s death; yet millions of innocent people have been basically murdered or exterminated intentionally with multitudes more to come and I don’t hear a whisper, certainly no RIOTS or any societal tears being shed for them! This society is ruled by evil; because look at all the murders that occurred due to the LIE of Covid and Fauci, a giant criminal with many others get celebrated and receiving awards when they had a direct hand in the death of millions of people around the globe for lying and using Covid as a NWO instrument of control.

    People are nuts and “out of control” on this planet with total mayhem and hell to follow! Let’s cut the crap with all the convention and BS; it’s time to wake up and realize we’ve all been had, punked or whatever and they won’t stop now! We are in a SICK EVIL world! Question is how long will this last till something really drastic happens like maybe a real biological war ensues, or they let loose nukes! Remember Satan is behind all of this, and anything God will allow is coming!

    Push came to shove; now it’s time to grow a pair; shit or get off the pot!

    If I sound harsh and anyone can’t handle it then, oh fiddle sticks!

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  7. kathleen says:

    ” Do we see riots and a global outcry over all the millions who have been put to death because of a rigged virus emergency that was engineered in China and intentionally released, then propelled throughout the planet as an instrument of manipulation to make people take a jab! It’s all a plan and not earthly or human.”

    Well said Lawrence. It’s good to know that, by the grace of God, there are still many enlightened men who are seeing through The Great Lie we are being fed by the unscrupulous.

    The whole rest of the world has gone crazy, brainwashed by a calculating, manipulative media which is working on an evil and sinister agenda, whose powerful puppet masters DO NOT COME FROM GOD !!


  8. Bravo thank God for you Kathleen, and you’re having this most compelling Blog Site with your associates. As I may have said to a degree or indirectly this to me is at the top of any truly noteworthy Blog Site, and all contained in it is imperative, trustworthy knowledge for all! I’m humbled by your gracious consideration.

    It makes me sick and dizzy now, to see so clearly and then think about what the tyrannical monsters who have absolutely sold their souls to Satan, are getting away with here among us, with all the hardcore evidence and proof in the pudding as it were, which is right in our faces! Yet so many just blow it off and say whatever, and go their merry way being idiots, virtually saying; sure hang me who cares anyway; so little faith they display toward their God and Savior! Are people now reduced to less than herd animals and laughing about God’s purpose and final judgment? They are so damned busy trying to form cliques or get some adulation by strangers in a cyber space artificial world; does this make them feel important, and like they accomplish something of lasting value or that will save them from hell fire! I say this, do these people, really think when they face their maker He will just say, oh that was so nifty how you wasted all of that time looking for self-aggrandizement but really should have been putting most, if not all of that time, into worshiping Jesus Christ who is the only power in all of existence who can make certain you won’t be dispatched to everlasting punishment, you fallen and so unworthy as you are to be in the Glory of God; especially while you were being faced with a global calamity and human disintegration the likes of which has never been before.

    In my opinion they may as well smoke another joint or drink a bottle of booze because they are going down in flames already! They can’t see the forest for the trees when they clearly should and have ample opportunity! Not even awakening to the fact of how exponentially worse this world is now than when the Great Flood came, or when Moses came down to the people from Mt. Sinai with God’s commandments or how bad things had gotten when God sent his chastisement upon Sodom and Gomorrah!

    Yet, now ignoring all the signs and warnings God is allowing to manifest before our eyes. Do they think Biden is getting away with all he has done and is doing; with a son that is a devil’s spawn of his own corrupted ways; do they not see “God Almighty is only allowing” this Man of Perdition in America’s seat of absolute worldly power to carry on! It’s happening only because we are all either instruments which are used to His will and purposes; to use any of us as He will, to accomplish His WILL, which is all that matters; not ours or anything else’s! He is the author of the universe and knows all and is All the beginning and end all, the Alpha and the Omega; we fools know jack or diddly-squat, even Einstein admitted the same! God made Einstein to be a part of His plan and Einstein did serve God well in my book, so we would have that wisdom source to counter the renegade “Junk Science Preachers” both secular and spiritual of this time; he was a tool for God’s purposes and plan; not a devil like Biden or Fauci, Gates, Xi and countless others! And so, we are either children of God only wanting to seek him and follow the light of truth to eternal Life; or we are his avowed enemies who only seek death and evil.

    Don’t be such fools I say to people, there are satanic persons on this internet and I ran into one who is truly evil with a false front to deceive others but she is a conscript of hell. Some persons that followed me and I was glad to have them only so they pick up a few good pointers and see the light hopefully; had actually started to follow that witch, who blasphemes God all day long and all religion openly; yet they followed her and showed their true colors to me, and sorry to say, out of necessity I blocked them all.

    “1But know this, that in the last days [a]perilous times will come: 2For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, 3unloving, [b]unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, 4traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, 5having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away! 6For of this sort are those who creep into households and make captives of gullible women loaded down with sins, led away by various lusts, 7always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. 8Now as Jannes and Jambres resisted Moses, so do these also resist the truth: men of corrupt minds, disapproved concerning the faith; 9but they will progress no further, for their folly will be manifest to all, as theirs also was.” 2 Timothy 3

    What is wrong with so many people I ask myself each day, why are they not seeing any of the most important factors and realizing how important it is they “get it right,” very fast, because time is running out and this is about their very “souls” as to where they will spend eternity!!! What can be more important than that; certainly not some imbecilic goings-on here on the net all day and night!

    Sister Kathleen as many painfully know I’m a man of many words but the good news is out of all these words “you” put it all in a “NUTSHELL,” “The Great Lie we are being fed by the unscrupulous.”

    Now I MUST repeat these PERFECT CRYSTALLINE WORDS OF GREAT WISDOM uttered by you Kathleen! These are words with the proper meaning coming from the whole TRUTH and nothing but THE TRUTH!

    “The whole rest of the world has gone crazy, brainwashed by a calculating, manipulative media which is working on an evil and sinister agenda, whose powerful puppet masters DO NOT COME FROM GOD.”

    A priest friend of mine mentioned the AGENDA several years ago which you remind me of in your pointing out this truth. This madness and debauchery is being precisely calculated and orchestrated throughout the Mass Media to “divide and conquer,” the old original top plan of Satan’s, that has never changed one bit and now is coming into its own being exponentially implemented on digital steroids! His plan always attempts to counter God Almighty’s; which is only to snatch all the souls he can from God, but mind you they must be willing participants with the Devil, and so many truly are! This is so utterly sad and horrific, but, also ultimately serves as fair warning how much jeopardy all of us are in; and that we need to get our acts together PRONTO; the time to do so is practically passed away!

    Look at the government leaders in their deluded and wicked stature wielding earthly powers government against government and people against people of and by the Devil; while yet they run slipshod over the Truth and condemn themselves by these actions not being saved; because all will be held to account eventually at the judgment! They are screwed, so that is something to be worried about and fear; not only for them but for us who could screw-up just as badly if we don’t remain vigilant and tow the line or keep our own affairs in order, so as not to follow these corrupted leaders as millions of citizens are exactly doing; and will, straight into hell! Salvation isn’t some given and we just show up at the judgment and all will be good for all, because Jesus did all the work, and we are already saved! We’re not already saved! If that were the case then we all should have a devil may care attitude and sin all we want and go for the gusto of this world like many are; then later God will understand and cut us all the slack we need, because we all share in the redemption and salvation to live in His glory and be in bliss; doesn’t matter what sins or how many we made; it’s all good in the end! If that were the case then why continue with this charade and just cancel the whole mess we are in, and even the Devil will be forgiven, because Sin will be no more; and Nobody is held accountable. That is called “Devil may care” and very much the mind-set of many people today in the secular thinking lifestyle of accepting the “Culture of Death!” “Ways of the World” and the “Devil’s Way!”

    I repeat here what I recently wrote.
    We all do need to fear judgment because not all are going to be forgiven, and we don’t know absolutely for sure who will be or who won’t be; and there is rightly no way anyone but God can know that! We are not home until we are home; so pretending won’t cut the mustard! Though the faith the size of a mustard seed can save us that faith has to be genuine and according to the prescribed teachings that Jesus provided to the Apostles during the “Last Supper the actual Mass before the Sacrifice of Him the Lamb of God,” His body and blood that were going to be shed in order to redeem our souls from eternal damnation. Dismas on the cross next to Jesus did not assume for one second that he could or would be saved, but told Jesus right there next to Him that He didn’t deserve the suffering, condemnation and punishment He was “believing” because he could see Jesus was great, good and innocent not some criminal, they of this corrupt world made Him out to be, but that he Dismas certainly did deserve and accept his own failure and punishment with all that comes with it, asking only that Jesus please “remember me when you are in your Kingdom.” Everything I said to this point here came to me by inspired thought; as I was reaching out to Jesus Christ to send the Holy Spirit from our Father in heaven. Then suddenly because I wanted to be certain about Saint Dismas in what I type here I immediately came to this when I performed an online search about Dismas. God wanted me to speak about Dismas and this proves it. Some of these following words were going through my mind exactly as they are printed on this page just before I did the search!

    Now please hear me here.
    This was faith the size of a mustard seed by a real sinner/criminal who was paying the price for his SINS. But that faith was absolutely Real and Genuine beyond any doubt not some yackety-yak that anyone can shoot off, but from a man that was done for and knew it for his heathen sinful life, while on a Crucifixion cross, the worst way to be put to death and was totally unassuming while apologetic an accepting of the truth he had failed, and was in great grief, fear and sorrow; feeling hopeless. But he was surely “respecting and honoring Jesus” for His beauty and purity of heart and great good! In this case most assuredly on more than bent knee! This is a most very serious fine line business that will separate the Sheep from the Goats and there will be plenty of both nothing in-between. Only God can judge that perfectly and know in the end who belongs to Him!
    Romans 14:11-12 It is written: “As surely as I live, says the Lord, every knee will bow before Me; every tongue will confess to God.” 12So then, each of us will give an account of himself to God”.…

    The first thing the repentant thief does is not get deceived by all this TALK of the UNBELIEVERS or FAKERS all around them. As the primary example the other crucified thief!

    “Gestas is also known by such names as the “bad thief”, the “unrepentant thief” and the “blasphemous thief”. Gestas was crucified on the left of Christ. Unlike Dismas, Gestas did not recognise Christ as the Saviour and did not repent of his misdeeds. He only wanted to be saved from his sufferings on the cross.” (

    Sounds to me just like Biden the FAKE Catholic or for that matter Christian; who will already go down as the one President who appropriated the most billions of dollars to kill human babies slumbering in their mothers’ wombs!

    “But he rebuked him saying, ‘Do you not fear God?” This is the second thing about this penitent thief Dismas: he feared God. God was real to him. God was his creator, and he knew that a pot can’t take up arms against the potter and come away victorious. It is fitting that creatures bow in submission before their creator and subject all their life to his wisdom. It is even more fitting that sinful creatures bow before God in holy fear, instead of railing against God as if a rebel ant should kick against the foothills of Mt. Everest and demand that it flatten out so the ant can walk across.”

    Third, the penitent thief admitted that he had done wrong: “We are receiving the due reward of our deeds” (v. 41). He had no desire to save face any more; he had no more will to assert himself. He was here and laid open before the God he feared and there was no way to hide his guilt. I know people right now who are in trouble. But instead of laying down their self-righteous defenses, they are devising every means to finagle and distort so as to appear innocent and cool. The penitent thief gave it up. It’s a hopeless tack, anyway, before an all-knowing God!”

    “We are under the sentence of condemnation justly.” This is the real test of humility before God. Many will mouth the confession of sin: “God be merciful to us miserable sinners,” but when some trouble comes, they get angry at him. And this anger reveals that they do not really feel undeserving before God. They still feel, deep down, that they have some rights before God. There are not many people like Job, who, when he lost everything, said: “Naked I came from my mother’s womb and naked shall I return; the Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.” But this penitent thief did become like Job in the last minutes of his life—he took his suffering without complaint, and feared God.”

    Fifth, the thief acknowledged Jesus’ righteousness: “This man had done nothing wrong.” It didn’t make any difference to the first thief if Jesus was right or wrong. If he could drive the get-away car—that’s all that mattered. But it matters a lot to Jesus if we think his life was good or bad. Jesus does not want to drive a get-away car; he wants to be followed because we admire him. We must say with the thief: “This man has done nothing wrong.” This man only does what is good. This man only speaks the truth. This man is worthy of our faith and allegiance and imitation.”

    “And then, sixth, the thief goes a step further and acknowledges that indeed, Jesus is a king. “Remember me when you come into your kingdom.” Even though he is suffering now, Jesus has the mark of a king. For those who have eyes to see, he has a power here on the cross—a power of love that makes him king over all his tormentors. He is not only good, he is powerful, and one day he will vindicate his great name, and every knee will bow and confess that Jesus is Lord—to the glory of God, the Father.”

    Once again; “And finally, the penitent thief does one more thing. He fears God, admits wrong, accepts justice, acknowledges the goodness and power of Jesus. Now he pleads for help. “Jesus, remember when you come into your kingdom.” Both thieves wanted to be saved from death. But O how differently they sought their salvation: 1) “Are you not the Christ? Save yourself and us!” 2) “Jesus, remember when you come into your kingdom!” There is an infinite qualitative difference between “Save me!” and “Save me!”

    Jesus answered, “The Scriptures also say, ‘Don’t try to test the Lord your God!’” Matthew 4:7

    No we must not; I will keep this Scripture right up front in my consciousness and act accordingly. Amen.

    “Therefore, my beloved, as you have always obeyed, so now, not only as in my presence but much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling, for it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure.” (Philippians 2:12-13)

    God bless you.
    Brother in Christ Jesus,
    Lawrence Morra III


  9. Here I point out I read all of these words over again now and when I came to these I started to cry.
    “This man has done nothing wrong.” This man only does what is good. This man only speaks the truth. This man is worthy of our faith and allegiance and imitation.”

    “And then, sixth, the thief goes a step further and acknowledges that indeed, Jesus is a king. “Remember me when you come into your kingdom.”


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