Will the attack on Summorum Pontificum be on Friday, O.L. of Mt. Carmel?

From a reader of Fr Z’s blog:


I just read on Rorate that they expect Francis to issue his new motu proprio restricting the celebration of the Latin Mass this week Friday.  Do you think it was deliberate that they chose to issue it on the Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel?  Perhaps this is a supernatural sign that it will fail.

A couple things.  First, there was an article in French at Le Figaro a couple days ago: HERE.

Rumor volat, vellicatim volat.   So far, those I’ve spoken too, pretty well plugged in with what is happening in Rome, say “Oh yes… it’s coming!”, but they don’t back it up with something concrete.

Maybe it is coming and maybe it isn’t.  I suspect no, rather than yes.  Either way, there is nothing that we can do about that but set our faces like flint, keep our shoulders to the task, and entrust the matter to the Mother of God, St. Joseph (don’t forget the Bux Protocol) and the Saints of the Roman Canon.  It avails nothing to panic and get everyone worked up.

Mind you, it’s not that I don’t think that there is a document that would strike at Summorum.  I firmly believe that there has been such a karstic document in draft form – popping in and out of view – since 8 July 2007.   I’d be surprised if there wasn’t, given the spittle-flecked hatred modernists have for the Traditional Mass, obstacle as it is to their goal of reducing the Church to an NGO.

Since denial of a rumor tends to make it grow, let’s play along for a moment.  Let’s say that this Friday, the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, will be the day of release.


I doubt it would deliberate from a spiritual point of view.  Would those who would issue such a document be aware that it will by Our Lady’s feast?  More likely, it is just a Friday, which is a sort of “take out the trash” day, giving them a weekend buffer to give statements.

Say, however, it were deliberate.  Then I observe that it was, during the Amazonian Synod (“walking together”), precisely at the Church of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel on the Via della Conciliazione, a stone’s throw from San Pietro and, hence, the meeting hall, that the shrine to the demon idol Pachamama was created.  Remember the pictures of a woman nursing a critter?  Remember the demonic idol taken from that church and pitched into the Tiber?  Remember the demon cult bowl placed on the altar of San Pietro?

Say it were deliberate.  Then I observe… GOOD.

Let them choose a feast of Our Lady, particularly beloved of so many traditional Catholics, many of whom are enrolled in the Brown Scapular!

Let them choose such a day to make their contempt for traditional Catholics even clearer.

Let them choose the Feast of Our Lady of Mt Carmel, to make their insult even deeper.

Giù la maschera!

There could hardly be a better way to stimulate a strong reaction to such an insult.

Circling back to the top, we really should avoid getting worked up about this until and if we see something real and reliable.

Meanwhile, it is never a waste of time to pray.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel… Our Lady Queen of the Clergy … Our Lady Queen of Angels…

St. Joseph… Patron of the Dying… Guardian of the Universal Church… Terror of Demons….

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2 Responses to Will the attack on Summorum Pontificum be on Friday, O.L. of Mt. Carmel?

  1. Mary Salmond says:

    Fr Z is on the hot spot! He is connected! Thanks for the input!

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  2. Mary Anne says:

    Yes “ perhaps it is a supernatural sign that it will fail”. Fr. Z. And Francis will still be weak from his surgery on Friday. Wouldn’t you think he would get the idea … hit with major surgery and outlawing the Catholic Mass at the same time. God is being very good to this Pope.

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