The Bitter Cup and some Sweet Satire

After the publication of Traditiones Custodes which has sent the Traditional Catholic world reeling, countless questions are being asked. Yet there is one uncomfortable question we need to answer in these times of the Passion of the Mystical Body of Christ:

Can you drink the bitter cup that is now being offered to you?

Let us pray that together with the Apostles James and John we will not hesitate to say “We can.” Matt.20:22. The following teachings from the founder of the Society of the Divine Saviour (Salvatorians) Blessed Francis Mary of the Cross Jordan, may inspire us to do so in faith, hope and love:

“Still we have the task of becoming like the apostles. Therefore, we must above all else cling to the cross and be ready to drink the cup. I would like to say your main task is: bibere calicem, quam bibit Dominus noster, “to drink the cup which our Lord drank.” And how should we drink it, where, why, how will we receive it? We are walking in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, we seek to extend his kingdom, we seek to become like the apostles, we seek to spread the teachings proclaimed by the apostles, we seek to oppose the vices against which the Divine Saviour and the apostles laboured – that is why we will receive the cross. But how will we receive this cross? 

First we will receive it from hell, from the opponent of salvation, from the fierce enemy who hates everything which is from God, from the opponent who hates us and pursues us when we work to destroy his empire and spread the kingdom of Jesus Christ. Therefore, he will pursue us in all directions, as far as he can. So we must engage him in battle! But this cup is one of the easier ones to endure.

A more bitter cup comes from evil people. That is the second point: to be pursued by those evil people who attack us because we confront their passions in our desire to restrict their lack of restraint when we want to bring them under the law of Jesus Christ. And the wicked enemy will strengthen them, and these people will be worse than those who come from hell itself. We must drink the cup presented by evil people. 

A third cup an apostolic person must drink and which is even much more bitter is the one prepared for him by good people when they misunderstand him, his plans and his intentions; when as a result of this people believe they are doing something good when they obstruct them [his plans]! The Divine Saviour even says: One will believe he is doing a service to God when he pursues them! Therefore, you must also be ready to drink this cup, the cup of good people who mean well but who do not understand you well; that is, the cup they hand you. That is the third cup, but not yet the most bitter. 

The last, if God should pass it to you, is when even those appointed by God to support and guard you, even the church authorities, lay obstacles in your path. This is the fourth and most bitter! But God can insist that you drink this cup also. And if you were to ask a St. Francis or a St. Vincent which was the most bitter cup for them, they would say it was when I was forbidden by the superiors to preach.”

And for a bit of light relief from the shock of ‘Traditiones Custodes’, here’s a satirical offering from the unrivalled Eccles. You can read the hilarious post in its entirety over at ‘Eccles is Saved’ and show your appreciation in the combox:

Now the pope’s reasoning behind the repeal of Summorum Pontificum without even waiting for Benedict to die may be seen as just another case of loutish bad manners (like refusing to answer the Dubia, slapping pilgrims, snubbing Cardinal Zen, etc.) but in fact it is dealing with one of the worst crises in the church: the popularity of the traditional Mass.

After all, there can be nothing more serious! Child abuse, idol-worship, the persecution of the Church in China, Fr James Martin’s sodoministry, Devout Catholic Biden’s abortion mania, the widespread embezzlement of Vatican finances, the squandering of Peter’s Pence on dirty films, heretical papal documents, … all these are trivialities compared with the use of the same Mass as our grandparents used before Vatican II. **Did you genuflect when Vatican II was mentioned? I did. Fun, wasn’t it?**** Remember that Vatican II changed nothing at all. Which is why everything has changed. The cunning plan:

1. Blame the traditional Mass for causing a schism.
2. Cause a schism by banning it.

“All right, lads. You know where he lives. You know what you have to do. Priests: if you wish to celebrate a Mass in the Extraordinary Form, it is very simple now: all you need is for your bishop to ask the Pater Sanctus for a signed letter giving permission (one for every time you wish to celebrate). Pope Francis is very good at answering letters (ask Burke, Brandmüller, etc.) and will gladly take time off from his Pachamama devotions to scribble you a note. Curiously, some bishops are actually giving Pope Francis (and his evil side-kick the sinister Dr Rauci) a shock, by saying that they will continue to allow Latin Masses as before. Some really are “Traditionis Custodes” after all. Amazing!

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