Award-winning author: ‘Every priest has the moral right to celebrate the never forbidden old rite’

Maike Hickson at LifeSiteNews:

Martin Mosebach, an award-winning author and defender of the Traditional Latin Mass, has just published an essay criticizing the July 16 motu proprioagainst the Traditional Latin Mass, insisting that no one can abrogate that ancient rite of the Mass.

The essay, translated into English by First Things, is being published in German by the German journal Vatikan Magazin.

In his essay, Mr. Mosebach – who has also opposed Pope Francis’s post-synodal exhortation Amoris Laetitia – points out that it was Pope Benedict XVI who had highlighted that this Mass cannot even be abrogated. He says about Benedict’s Summorum Pontificum, which liberally freed the Ancient Rite, that “it declares that the celebration of the old Mass does not need any permission. It had never been forbidden because it never could be forbidden.” Mosebach continues:

One could conclude that here we find a fixed, insuperable limit to the authority of a pope. Tradition stands above the pope. The old Mass, rooted deep in the first Christian millennium, is as a matter of principle beyond the pope’s authority to prohibit. Many provisions of Pope Benedict’s motu proprio can be set aside or modified, but this magisterial decision cannot be so easily done away with. Pope Francis does not attempt to do so—he ignores it. It still stands after July 16, 2021, recognizing the authority of tradition that every priest has the moral right to celebrate the never forbidden old rite. 

In Mosebach’s eyes, it becomes clear that Pope Francis is faced with an overwhelming development, namely, that the new participants in the Old Mass are not anymore a group of elderly Catholics who grew up in the ancient Mass, but, rather, many young families and young priests. He insists that this “traditional movement is not a superficial fashion,” and that Pope Francis, trying to suppress it, will not succeed in doing so.

“Pope Francis’s prohibition will arouse resistance in those who still have their lives before them and won’t allow their futures to be darkened by obsolete ideologies,” Mosebach goes on to say.

In this author’s eyes, Pope Francis is acting too late, because the ancient rite has taken root in the heart of too many Catholics. “The vehemence of the motu proprio’s language suggests that this directive has come too late. The circles that adhere to liturgical tradition have indeed drastically changed in the last decades.”

One thing the Pope has in common with traditional Catholics, Mosebach adds: “He takes the traditional Mass, which dates back at least to the time of Gregory the Great, as seriously as they do.”

But he also points out that the traditional Catholic community is fairly small and that many Catholics in the world will not even understand this battle that is going one. He adds:

Indeed, we have to ask ourselves whether the pope had no more urgent task—in the midst of the sex abuse crisis, the Church’s financial scandals, schismatic movements like the German synodal path, and the desperate situation of Chinese Catholics—than to suppress this small, devoted community. 

But Martin Mosebach wonders whether the Pope is not, after all, really after the 2,000 year-old tradition of the Church as a whole, since he seems to follow the theory of the “hermeneutic of rupture” – according to which the Second Vatican Council did break with the tradition of the Church prior to the Council.

“If that is true,” Mosebach expounds, “then indeed every celebration of the traditional liturgy must be prevented. For as long as the old Latin Mass is celebrated in any garage, the memory of the previous two thousand years will not have been extinguished.”

But this, of course, will never happen, and it is to be hoped that many priests and faithful now – unlike after the Second Vatican Council – would fight for the preservation of the Tradition, to include the traditional Latin Mass. Martin Mosebach concludes his essay with the words:

This memory, however, cannot be rooted out by the blunt exercise of papal legal positivism. It will return again and again, and will be the criterion by which the Church of the future will have to measure itself.

And, as we could add, this memory will never be rooted out because it is of God and for God, and He still will always be in charge of His Church.

In addition to Mosebach, there are also other voices who have now stated that the ancient liturgy of the Roman rite cannot be abrogated. Next to Cardinal Raymond Burke, there are the voices of Bishop Athanasius Schneider, Father James Altman (in a new interview with Dr. Taylor Marshall, around minute 35), and also Don Davide Pagliarani, the General Superior of the Society of St. Pius X.

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1 Response to Award-winning author: ‘Every priest has the moral right to celebrate the never forbidden old rite’

  1. Reblogged this on Zero Lift-Off and commented:
    These fine men in the video speaking to the double standard being employed in the Church now; point to what is precisely the crux of the matter at hand! This to me exemplifies the point that we bear witness to this all over the map these days, as here in the US, a whole government system built on the foundational platform of being a “Republic under God that has been pulled down into near chaos.” And now there are so many top officials including the so called but truly illegitimate President Biden many of which with him are so far removed from anything under God! He and the rest call themselves Catholics in many instances and that is a total oxymoron Lie; as well as being a blasphemy against God Almighty, because in this case of the President his being a prime example of a most corrupted worldly man who has exploited anything and everything he could for 50 years as a professional politically organized crime syndicate government official to enrich himself in the billions of dollars and has forged backdoor deal relationships all criminal, with some of the most corrupted atheistic humans on the planet! Capping that all off with now being the one President exceeding even the worst up till now Obama’s previous record for providing the most funding to the abortion Industry; which in Biden’s case is in the hundreds of billions of dollars, to make sure lies and deception about abortion continue to propagate and actually the funding directly into the wholesale Industrial scale abortion on demand occurs around the globe; let alone just in America! This Fraudulently appointed criminal President is pushing full-bore as hard as any person in a position of authority has ever pushed to make sure as many innocent human beings in and out of the womb are murdered; this is the work of Satan!

    I am nothing but in my humblest place of conscience I can plainly see that this abomination alone sealed Biden’s fate to be in the pits of hell for eternity! Now the bigger point than that if you can imagine anything worse than what I just said; is the fact that this incorrigible vile creature of a man whom I refer to as “America’s Man of Perdition” was actually “Elevated and Fully Endorsed” in the last presidential election by none other than the “False Prophet and Man of Perdition of the Holy Roman Catholic Church,” Bergoglio himself; who has a very tight hand in hand relationship with this horror in the White House! Bergoglio started early on forging ahead in developing a worldly political unity and relationship with the major players in all of this evil “Ways of the World” and became a complete partner in all of the horrors within the US government via another most heinous and vile man Barack Obama while he was president, and Biden of course was the VP at that time!

    There can be no doubt about it as to what has been going on for many years now and how Bergoglio a supposed moral authority dispenser in the global community is not advocating for Jesus Christ as the Vicar of Christ on earth as he is supposed to, but, is advocating for the “Political Beast System,” of global dominance and enslavement of the entire human race; which can only be a directive from Satan. These facts along with all of the earthly man-made High Technology tells us clearly as I see this, that we are now in the most precarious and evil diabolical time in human history; the proliferation of evil and all things vile from hell itself are part of our “modern day human civilization construct;” making for a most wicked and evil place where we now live out our flesh lives! This is why the double standard; where evil and acts by criminals are elevated and even venerated above all good acts and even or especially over godliness and anything holy!

    The clock is ticking and we should be certain to not make any mistake about it; how we can readily understand and know that evil is working overtime and then some; to subdue humanity and produce Hell on Earth! The second Coming must be very close as I understand and I’m happy for that, because, in my humble opinion it can’t come soon enough! So that is a motivating force for me, the fact that we know God the Father and Jesus Christ overcome all evils! So therefore we have the most wonderful thing to look forward to even while we are living in a filthy gutter and must tirelessly discern and do our outright best to be the best human beings we can, to show others it can be done and we are worth it! We are not trash or all useless failures, we have to Fight Hard to make that case each day and men like Father Altman, as beautifully and thankfully pointed out here, “Next to Cardinal Raymond Burke, there are the voices of Bishop Athanasius Schneider, Father James Altman (in a new interview with Dr. Taylor Marshall, around minute 35), and also Don Davide Pagliarani, the General Superior of the Society of St. Pius X,” are shining examples of how to do that; to never quit and carry God in our hearts by devout faith in Jesus Christ who is the only path to Salvation!

    I want to end here by adding a short comment I just made to another Christian blogger who had some kind words of support and I said these following words adding a video that always brings joyful tears to my eyes as it is a shining example of what I just said about these men of the cloth having the faith, courage and love for God, which is taking place in the faithful human lay population as well. True believers!

    You’re welcome Ali! All Truth in what you say, without Jesus Christ there would be nothing for we the fallen; absolutely a dead end. But by and through His love there is everything pure and good, a life eternal in the presence of our heavenly Father surrounded by and sharing His glory! Amen. 😊 🙏✝️ 🙏 ❤

    Just in case you may not have seen this recently in my postings I leave it here because it always brings joyful tears for me, a feeling of what it’s like to be with God; the glory, power and majesty pouring out with absolute love!

    God bless.

    Brother in Christ Jesus,
    Lawrence Morra III


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