Pope Francis to French Bishops: “They must accept Vatican II, and BASTA!”

Francis to Bishops of France in “Ad Limina” visit, regarding Traditionis Custodes: “They must accept Vatican II, and BASTA!”

 Basta! – Enough!

That was the tone of Francis to the bishops of France — the first group to proceed to the periodical Ad Limina Visit to Rome met with him earlier today (it was the group of the bishops of the South of France and Eastern Catholics).

French Catholic weekly Famille Chrétienne has a summary of the visit, including this paragraph on Traditionis custodes:

Motu proprio: “It is necessary to establish a limit, and basta.”

Regarding the Motu proprio Traditionis custodes, the pope, “insisted on the fact that it must be avoided that the celebration of the ancient rite be a pretext to refuse Vatican II.” “A limit must be established, and basta,” he insisted before the French prelates, so that a liturgical attachment will not be the façade for an ideological position. At the same time, the successor of Peter encouraged them to adopt a “paternal attitude” towards the faithful. 


A short video of the visit below, from the Twitter account of the French Episcopal Conference:

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4 Responses to Pope Francis to French Bishops: “They must accept Vatican II, and BASTA!”

  1. Mary Salmond says:

    Really? No dialogue? Must!?? Is there an Ex cathedra in writing?


  2. There was a great response by the Liturgy guy!


  3. Stephen Manning says:

    The French bishops, like all the bishops of most of Europe, preside over an empty husk, with Mass attendance percentages in the single digits. To all intents and purposes, they preside over a corpse, over dead churches. This includes the Bishop of Rome. And so they decide to savagely attack pretty well the only group that was showing a future, as well as being symbolic of continuity with the bimillennial past. Evil clowns, the lot of them.

    Just like all the elites of the West, turning viciously on their own people for the sake of some fraudulent multiracial UN utopia of human rights and Earth-worship. Unbelievable.


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