Pray for Pope Francis!

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3 Responses to Pray for Pope Francis!

  1. #pasmonpape…I only pray for the conversion to the true Faith of a certain Jorge Bergoglio. For me there is NO “Pope Francis”.
    For reference, the new book by Estefania Acost :”Benedict XVI: Pope emerites?”

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  2. It does seem to be nasty to reference Cardinal Burke’s illness with the insinuation that he’s a vaccine denier and therefore got what he deserved…’poor man’. And even to use the misfortune of another to try, once again, to push PF/FP’s vaccine stance on others. Yes, people can choose abortion, euthanasia and all sorts of horrible, evil things for themselves, but they are not allowed to make ‘this’ medical choice for themselves- oh no, that’s just too cold hearted towards others! By the way that isn’t even logical because the vaccinated can catch the virus as well, if not better than, the unvaccinated and can equally pass it on. In actual fact, Cardinal Burke and others who have avoided the unnatural interference, are blessed to have a chance to receive natural immunity, which will stand them well when the mutated virus or maybe when biological war weapon mark 2, comes around. They will be living proof that you can live through COVID, even at an older age.

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  3. joel3131 says:

    From a commenter below the Tweet re Cardinal Burke:

    “Mgr Wach told us yesterday however (from Florence ICRSP ordinations, via Riposte Catholique) that Cdl Burke’s health is improving and he is preparing for his return to Rome.”

    Please God, that is indeed the case and that the good Cardinal is well on the way to full recovery…

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