The Suffering Souls in Purgatory Cry Out to us in Anguish

November, the month the Church dedicates in a special way to prayer and sacrifices for the holy souls in n Purgatory, is already half way through. For the souls enduring the excruciating pains of Purgatory who can no longer help themselves, their one hope lies in that we, members of the Church Militant still on Earth, will not forget them. They cry out to us in silent anguish to offer our prayers and sacrifices for their release from their great suffering, and in particular they plead for offerings of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Do we realise that perhaps beloved family members and friends of ours who have died (some perhaps many years ago) will be among those poor souls? Let us increase our efforts for the holy souls in Purgatory. One day in the near future we may well be counted among their number, souls in Purgatory, desperately calling out to those on Earth to help us on our journey to our home in Heaven.

MARY’S BLOG has many interesting posts on the subject of Purgatory.

In this video Dr. Taylor Marshall explains how and why to pray for the dead in Purgatory. He also teaches the two most important prayers for the dead IN LATIN.

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