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ON VACCINES & TYRANNY: FSSP Priest Defends the Catholic Position

New From RTV… Father Daniel Nolan of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter risks everything in order to speak Catholic truth to Globalist power. This outstanding sermon was pulled down by YouTube, of course, and we are posting it here … Continue reading

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It’s Official: Vatican Linked Media Are Paid By Google, Soros, Gates

From Gloria TV: Oligarchs such as Google, Soros and Gates finance pro-Francis conformist media that extoll Covid-vaccines, and silence vaccine critics, ChurchMilitant.com (January 8) showed. The tool for targeting free Catholic journalists and independent Covid vaccine information is so called … Continue reading


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The Vaxed Chickens Are Coming Home to Roost (AND SOME TO DIE)!

From Les Femmes – The Truth: Some “medical professionals” think all the negative data coming out about the jab is just one big conspiracy theory from a bunch of ignorant, mentally ill folks wearing tin hats. They seem to believe that … Continue reading

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