The Deafening Silence and Grievous Complicity of Church Leaders During Covid

A woman protestor holds a placard at a freedom rally in Bournemouth, England, Feb. 5, 2022

February 5, 2022, Edward Pentin:

Church leaders, beginning with Pope Francis and the Vatican, have been silent and complicit in the face of grave wrongs committed over the past two years — each neatly summed up in the picture above.

In the case of the Vatican, it has committed these injustices on its own territory, enforcing some of the world’s strictest vaccine mandates even when evidence mounts that these shots pose considerable health risks, especially for young people, and the threat of the virus, once serious according to scientific modelling, recedes. 

Having long washed its hands of any concern over the jabs being abortion-tainted, the Vatican unquestioningly went along with the powers-that-be followed by most of the world’s bishops. That might have been understandable at first but this position did not change.

Never mind the gross injustices, unnecessary hardships, and suffering caused to millions by the madness of lockdowns and vaccine mandates.

The Church’s leaders remained silent on the policies, and then went on to become complicit, committing injustices against the souls of their flocks by closing churches for long periods, enforcing restrictions on worship, banning the unvaccinated from the sacraments in some cases, and most recently backing grossly unjust, state-sanctioned vaccine mandates.

The sheep felt abandoned by their shepherds as their bishops fixed their gaze on physical health and mass groupthink rather than the eternal well-being of souls and commons sense — a this-worldly orientation that has been in the making for decades but which came of age during COVID.

History will not look kindly on the leaders of the Church during this period, even less so if they remain silent and complicit as more details of unjust and dishonest public health policies of the past two years continue to emerge.

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  1. Mary Salmond says:

    Ed, we couldn’t agree more!


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