A MAJOR VICTORY: Heroes and Patriots Sacrifice Everything for Freedom 

Written by Michael J. Matt | Editor

New from Remnant TV…

From Djokovic to Enes Kanter Freedom, from Father Mawdsley to Father Anthony Hannon, from Tamara Lich to all the truckers — I don’t see any defeat. 

Yes, they’re clearing Ottawa but that was always going to happen. Don’t let them snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. This has been a MASSIVE success!  

In this episode of The Remnant Underground, Michael Matt explains how, despite governmental crackdowns, patriots have already won.

As mandates are lifted all across the US and Europe, patriots unite behind truckers, professional athletes, courageous politicians and Catholic priests, who are literally sacrificing EVERYTHING in the name of God, country and family.

Not to be outdone, Pope Francis doubles down against Traditional Catholics, even as prominent Doctors and Scientists warn the Vatican against being complicit in Globalist crimes against humanity.

Using some of the most dramatic examples of heroes among us, Michael challenges us to snatch victory form the jaws of defeat and to be courageous in the face of Godless tyranny.

Now is not the time to retreat, now is the time to advance. A world-wide coalition of Christian Patriots stands closer to victory at this moment than ever before.

Watch the video below:


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