The Passion of the Church

“To persecute the Church is to persecute Jesus Christ, and if the Church is persecuted today, it is Christ that is persecuted. In a certain sense the Passion of Christ is being repeated all over again right before our eyes in our days.”

Like its Founder, Jesus Christ, the Catholic Church goes through periods of triumph as well as periods of agony.

And as its faithful members, we cannot but experience this agony in our own hearts; we follow a King Who wears a crown of thorns. Did we really expect anything else?

Betrayal. Persecution. Infamy. Degradation. Abject humility.

Just as Our Lord was dragged through the mud, spit upon and made to bleed for our sins and never lost an ounce of His Purity, so too, does the Church remain spotless and pure in the present circumstances.

We live in an epoch of terrible spiritual deafness. If there was ever a time when mankind needed to listen to God’s voice, ours is such a time; but ours is also an era that certainly has the hardest of hearts.

I implore you not to let your heart become one of those hardened by the voices that cry out against the Catholic Church today.

It may take an effort that rests solely on Faith.

For these times, Our Lady of Fatima gave us her Immaculate Heart to be our “refuge and path that will lead [us] to God.”

So my friend, join me and countless others within the Heart of Mary, where together we will pray and act and continue to Thank God for the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

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[From ”America Needs Fatima]

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