Archbishop Viganò Embraces the Call for a Great Catholic Reset

CP&S comment: We are re-blogging the following ”FROM ROME” article to publish some of Abp.Viganò’s most recent comments, and therefore its considered interest to our readers, whilst distancing ourselves in part from some of the author’s final conclusions. Whether Pope Francis is indeed the true pope, despite the irregularities of his 2013 election, or not; and whether Pope Benedict XVI has remained the legitimate pope all along, or not; is as yet unverified. A future Church council will decide this matter.



by Br. Alexis Bugnolo on FROM ROME

This morning, at Rome, Aldo Maria Valli published his interview with Archbishop Viganò covering a wide range of topics regarding the state of the Church in the world, at present. (Full Text in Italian here)

And during this interview, the Archbishop has surprised the Catholic World, by finally agreeing that the Renunciation of Pope Benedict XVI need to be investigated, and the Conclave of 2013, if proven uncanonical, declared null and void. You can read the entire interview in Italian, there.

Here is my English translation of the key passage. These are the words of the Archbishop:

Certain popes — let us not forget — are granted (by God); others are inflicted (as a punishment). But before one discusses the next Conclave, it is necessary to shed light on the abdication of Benedict XVI and on the question of the frauds in the Conclave of 2013, which sooner or later must give place to an official investigation.  If evidence of irregularities should be found, the Conclave would be declared null, the election of Bergoglio, null, just as all of his nominations would be null, his acts of governance and teaching. A reset that would providentially bring us back to the status quo ante (the way things were before him, with a College of Cardinals composed only of the Cardinals nominated until the time of Benedict XVI, excluding all those created from 2013 onwards, all of which are notorious ultra-progressives.  Certainly, the actual situation, with all the revelations regarding the resignation of Ratzinger and the election of Bergoglio, don’t help the Body of the Church and create confusion and disorientation among the Faithful.

By these words, I do not think it is an exaggeration to say he is quoting my article of March 6, 2021, entitled, “Pope Benedict XVI has prepared for the Great Catholic Reset of the World”, where I wrote these words:

And that Reset will begin by proclaiming the Truth that Benedict XVI is the pope and insisting on a Second Synod of Sutri to depose Bergoglio the pretender, antipope and false prophet of Globalism, and utterly condemn all his falsehoods, lies, blasphemies, heresies and errors!

With Benedict XVI restored, then the Church will be empowered with clarity to reject Globalism, Vatican II, the Aggiornamento and all which has come forth from Modernism and Neo-Modernism.

I have long criticized the Archbishop for beating around the bush and ignoring these questions.  If I had a wine cellar, I would be opening my second bottle of Spumanti, after Patrick Coffin declared for Pope Benedict!

Now let us all stir up a mighty tempest under the chairs of every Bishiop, quoting them the words of Archbishop Viganò: the renunciation and the conclave MUST BE INVESTIGATED! Ask them to call for either a provincial Council in the Province of Rome, Italy, which can lawfully hear and determine these questions, or for a General council.

Now is the time for war! Long live Pope Benedict XVI, may he soon be restored to governance of the Church!


UPDATE on 7/7/22

LifeSiteNews has now published Aldo Maria Valli’s full interview with Abp. Viganò HERE.

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