Cardinal Parolin refuses Vatican entry to Cardinal Burke

From Gloria TV:

Cardinal Parolin who was contacted by phone, personally stopped Cardinal Burke from entering the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints, just outside St Peter’s square, (April 18) writes.

Burke’s fault: He is injection-free. The cardinal survived a severe September 2021 Covid-19 infection but his Covid certificate expired a couple of weeks ago.

The Vatican’s requirements are even more fanatical than the Italian ones. Burke had first to wait at the door while security contacted Cardinal Semerano who runs the Congregation. Unable to make a decision, Semerano called Parolin who told him to stop Burke.

For Russia’s March 25 Consecration, 3,000 faithful were allowed into St Peter’s without Covid certificates or sanitary distancing.

And on Easter Monday, an unmasked multitude participated at a concert in St Peter’s Square:

The Italian Bishops invited a certain Riccardo Fabbriconi – stage name: Blanco – who won the 2022 Sanremo Festival, a degenerate song competition, to perform on Easter Monday before at a “prayer vigil” with Francis on St Peter’s Square

Sixty bishops will be present. Doubtlessly, Blanco fits the level of the Council Church. In early April, the skin-centred performer dressed his bare, tattooed torso with a bra thrown at him by some nutty follower.

Ventimiglia-San Remo Bishop Antonio Suetta, 59, told (April 14) Fabbriconi should be disinvited as he is not an appropriate model for a Catholic initiative.

It must have escaped Suetta that since Vatican II, the elderly Vatican prelates are cancelling Catholicism and have drifted into a state of permanent puberty.

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2 Responses to Cardinal Parolin refuses Vatican entry to Cardinal Burke

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  2. Oh my gosh! How do you even respond to this?! Some things leave me angry, such as creating of Burke a leper or outsider and other things such as Bianco, leave me speechless.


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