Archbishop Aguer: Vatican Resurrects Evil “Spirit of the Council” 

From Gloria.TV

Francis’ persistence in mockingly those who have a secure faith is a cause of astonishment, bewilderment, and concern, writes retired Archbishop Hector Aguer on (May 3).

He complains that Francis is reviling Catholics as “rigorous Pharisees” and contradicts the Bible and John Paul II’s and Benedict XVI’s teaching.

For Aguer, Francis’ relativistic moralism reduces faith, morals and spirituality into Kant’s practical reason and submits to the dictates of a New World Order wanted by Freemasonry and the international money imperialism.

Aguer writes that “the Vatican is a hive of Freemasons, who help each other to climb to the most influential positions.”

He recalls Paul VI who said that the smoke of Satan has entered the House of God adding that the seductive “spirit of the Council” appears again, this time from the Vatican itself.

[See also on Gloria.TV: Francis will ”Obfuscate Faith” – Bishop Schneider]

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