New Decree from Rome cuts the legs from under bishops and strangles new religious groups in the crib

First posted on 15 June 2022 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf on his Blog:

Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t it once a project of Francis to decentralize some of the power from the Roman Curia out to the local Churches?   I have this nagging memory that local bishops were to have more power.

On the other hand, in the last few years it seems to be going the other way.

Today, another thing struck local bishops, removing even more of their influence in their own dioceses under the guise of “accompaniment” as we all “walk together”.

The aim of this new Decree from Rome is to strangle nascent religious groups in the crib.  Strangle new traditional groups in the crib.  This makes sure that any bishop even slightly friendly to tradition will have his hands tied.

This is from Italian Vatican News:

Public associations of faithful in itinere [Latin, literally “on the way, road”]:

The green light from the Holy See is necessary

From now on, the diocesan bishop must have the authorization of the Dicastery for Institutes of Consecrated Life before establishing associations of the faithful who are waiting to become an Institute of Consecrated Life or Society of Apostolic Life

“Before the diocesan bishop erects – by decree – a public association of the faithful with a view to becoming an institute of consecrated life or a society of apostolic life of diocesan right, he must obtain the written permission of the Dicastery for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of apostolic life “.

This is what Pope Francis ordered in a Rescript regarding public associations of faithful in itinere, following the audience granted on 7 February last to Cardinal João Braz de Aviz and Archbishop José Rodríguez Carballo, respectively prefect and secretary of the Dicastery for Institutes of consecrated life and Societies of apostolic life.

The Rescript, which enters into force today 15 June with the publication in L’Osservatore Romano, is part of the synodality promoted by Francis, intending to develop closer collaboration between the offices of the Holy See and the diocesan bishops in a “mutual listening ”, as the Pope underlined in his speech to the Plenary of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, on 11 December last year. Listening and collaboration that are expressed in a process of discernment and accompaniment with particular attention to recent foundations and new forms of consecrated life, as stated in the Code of Canon Law (can. 605).

It’s part of “synodality” (walking together)!

“Recent foundations” will have “particular attention”.

Because – recently – there are lots of new groups forming that aspire to throwing off the last shackles of “restorationism”, right?  These rapidly multiplying new groups have only blue skies in their wide-open eyes as they lift their faces like fresh daisies toward the sunshine of Vatican II and take root in the rich soil of post-Conciliar liturgy.  Yeah, that’s the sort of groups that are trying to form in dioceses.

No, no.  The new groups forming aren’t interested at all in things like recognizable religious habits, clear charisms, spirituality anchored in the writings of saintly founders, traditional liturgy and devotions.  Nope.

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