Pray with Trust for your Lost Sheep

May the following meditation give hope and comfort to those of us worrying about the lapsed, lost loved ones in our lives:

My child, do not worry. I have the whole world in My hands.

Whatever I permit to happen to you is for your absolute good, do not doubt it.

Trust Me!

The harder I try you, the more I love and reward you.

When the trial entails suffering, caused by your loved ones, know for certain that I turn it into a blessing for them and for you.

Did I not say, those who weep in tears will rejoice, and with your loved one saved, you will be glad beyond measure, and will love and thank Me forever.

I know the moment best when to pour your tears, which I will turn into exquisite graces, into the heart of your troubled one.

Come unto Me then, and learn of Me, for I Am meek and humble of heart.

This call I make irresistible to the one for whom you pour out your love and petition to Me.

Did not My Beloved Disciple, John, tell you God IS Love?

All My creation is an act of My Infinite Love.

My love yearns unceasingly for your love.

Come to Me. I love you!

Rest in My Heart which was pierced by the lance, opening It to you at all times.

Bring your troubled one to My Heart, therein lie all the remedies and healings that you seek.

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