Prayer request from Fr Z to avert “a serious act of persecution”

The following is an update of an earlier post from Fr Z:

It seems that, again, there are those who cannot keep things to themselves.  I had hoped to build a prayerful barrage regarding this really bad news, in the hope that, perhaps, there were still some chances that, behind the scenes, things could be worked out in a better way without the public eye on everything, thus to allow the Archdiocese to “save face” and not have to “dig in”.

You might respond that, given the Archdiocese in question, that was an act of the greatest optimism, even naivete.

I continue to believe in the power of prayer and that that must always play an important part in whatever other lines of action we are forced to take.

So, effectively, since the news is out on Twitter and other places,…

Cupich of Chicago has told the members of the Institute of Christ the King in Chicago, that he is effectively shutting them down as of 1 August.   This will be formally announced on Sunday at the Institute’s church on the South Side of Chicago.

No Masses.  Nothing.  31 July is their last day to function.

I’m sorry that the Institute itself was not able to break the news.

This is very bad for everyone, as it is another move to slam shut the gates of grace, to make the Church smaller, stingier, narrower.   If a place is doing well, then – by gum – crush it.

It seems that they would rather have smoking, salt-sown craters rather than vibrant churches where Tradition is maintained.  I am reminded of the fateful words of Tacitus about the Romans in Germany: “Where they make a desert, they call it peace.”

Ironically, even at Jesuit-run Amerika there are thoughts about how “excessive restrictions on the Latin Mass could push away some ordinary Catholics”. That’s an article title!  The well-intentioned author gets pretty much mired in the externals of the two Rites, Vetus and Novus, and thinks that just by dressing the Novus Ordo in traditional trappings, that ought to be enough, the answer to everything.  What he doesn’t understand is that the differences are far deeper.   But this isn’t the time or place for that.

My heart aches for the faithful of Chicago… those left.

I still ask you all, please, to get down on your knees and say, at least, a Memorare for the people who will be hurt by this, for the priests involved.

And perhaps ask St. Joseph now, also, to take this matter into his mighty hands.

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1 Response to Prayer request from Fr Z to avert “a serious act of persecution”

  1. Mary Salmond says:

    Thank you, Fr Z. Many of us would not have heard this sad news.


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