Portiuncula Indulgence – 2nd August


TUESDAY 2nd August
, is the day on which can be gained the immense grace of the Portiuncula Indulgence.

This great gift of mercy was granted by Our Lord to St.Francis of Assisi, to all who would make a devout Holy Communion, with the intention of gaining the indulgence, on the second day of August, whilst praying for the Pope. Confession can be made on the day, or eight days before or after the 2nd of August.

Our Lord has promised the complete remission of all sins and any punishments due to them to all who seek with a sincere heart this gift of Infinite Mercy. Our Lord also told St.Francis to get the approval of the Pope, in order to prove the authenticity of this gift. As such an indulgence had never been granted or even envisaged by Holy Church before this, some cardinals objected to granting an indulgence of this magnitude. The Holy Father, after consideration, granted the authorisation, and set the 2nd of August each year, for the gaining of the indulgence.

With hearts full of gratitude, love and trust in the mercy of God, let us respond to His unfathomable mercy, seeking a complete cleansing of all our faults and sins, with the intention of starting anew in His grace, accompanied by a sincere purpose of amendment to avoid all occasions of sin.  

Speaking to Jeanne Louise Ramonet, in Kerizinen, France, Our Lord told her, “Souls do not consider properly how, when receiving the Sacrament of Penance, they are as it were bathed in My Blood. I cleanse them! If you only knew what abundant fruits you derive from a humble sincere confession.”  

At the absolution by the priest, let us picture in our mind’s eye the Precious Blood of Our Lord flowing over our body and soul. Thanking Him for His infinite love and mercy, let us pray “Most Precious Blood of Jesus be upon me in purification, sanctification, fortification and salvation.” Amen. 

Let’s invite others to share in this great grace, urging them to turn to Our Lord’s Merciful Heart, humbly acknowledging our sins before Him, and with tears of loving gratitude receive Him in Holy Communion with all the fervour of a deeply contrite heart.
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