The Effects of Limiting the Traditional Latin Mass

Some parishes celebrate their last Traditional Latin Mass, as limits on the old rite officially take effect. Correspondent Mark Irons speaks with those heartbroken with Pope Francis’ decree, and others who find it’s a path towards unity within the Church. Hosted by Montse Alvarado, EWTN News In Depth welcomes guests in a discussion of current events in the Church, politics, and culture, all through the lens of the Catholic faith. This show is about finding out who we are as people and as Catholics, and how we can confidently live our faith in the world.

[Produced by EWTN News:]

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1 Response to The Effects of Limiting the Traditional Latin Mass

  1. kathleen says:

    A few personal observations on this video:

    1. There was no “Liturgical renewal” at Vatican II. Instead there was an unjustifiable “Liturgical destruction” of the celebration of the ancient “Mass of the Ages” and the invention by the Freemason, Bugnini, and his Protestant advisers of the uninspiring, feminized Novus Ordo Mass…. to apparently “open the Church doors to the world”.
    The result?
    No one came in through those doors …. but tens of thousands poured out!!

    2. Being produced by EWTN the video naturally had to give a nod towards (ahem) “Pope” Francis. But what Francis has done to undo Benedict XVI’s advice in “Summorum Pontificum” and block the growing celebrations of the Traditional Latin Mass is, quite frankly, EVIL! So much hypocritical blah, blah, blah about dialogue, tolerance etc. but then the cruel tyrant (who like the Devil, hates Latin) gets into his destroyer mode once more.

    3. As the priest in the video admitted, many in the Church today, who perhaps never knew the TLM before Vatican II, have been genuinely amazed by its supernatural beauty and its growing popularity, especially among the younger generations. The old modernists in the Church clergy who are mostly entering their dotage won’t be able to abolish its expansion for much longer…. Deo gratias.


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