Bishop Barron on St. Thérèse of Lisieux

Friends, before she died at age twenty-four on September 30, 1897, Saint Thérèse of Lisieux remarked, “I want to spend my heaven in doing good on earth.”

Her intercessory power has been manifested in the lives of many, including my own.

The Little Flower has been a personal friend for a long time, and we adopted her very early as the patroness of Word on Fire. Whenever we find ourselves in a difficult situation, we call upon her, and very often solutions more or less present themselves. In time, every member of our team would start to notice these “Little Flower moments.”

We dedicated the “CATHOLICISM” film series to her, and we launched the Word on Fire Institute on her feast day. We continue to rely on her heavenly help to this day. On this feast of the Little Flower, please enjoy this excerpt from episode eight of “CATHOLICISM” and consider reading her powerful autobiography, “Story of a Soul.”

Learn more about “Story of a Soul” at:…

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