The Virgin Mary Intervened To Free A Man Possessed By Satan

The case of dire demonic possession below tops all the cases that Malachi Martin described in Hostage to the Devil. You can read about it in Adam Blai’s newly released book, The Exorcism Files, True Cases of Demonic Possession.  A man had got himself possessed by the devil through much use of the Ouija board and an extreme fixation on astrology. Many are possessed through similar channels, but this man’s human body, his tent of bones and blood, were seized by several devils from the highest ranks of Hell as well as the Prince of Darkness himself. And he was under their dominion for 20 years.

Adam Blai assisted a priest at an exorcism that was to last for some time. Long sessions ensued that were among the “most challenging” Blai ever encountered and that is saying something considering he has attended many exorcisms over 15 years. He was met with highly-placed demons in Hell who were previously unknown to him and not mentioned anywhere in the Bible. They warned that people who belonged to them would make trouble for the group who were trying to liberate the man who they said was very important to them in establishing a satanic empire in this world. Blai heard the major spirits moan, “Our kingdom will suffer if we lose this one.” Sure enough, the allies of the demons circulated like sharks and caused terrible destruction. Members of a satanic coven who were also a vicious criminal gang surrounded the exorcisms and wreaked havoc. They even kidnapped someone. Soon police had to be at the exorcism sessions to prevent direct attack from people who the demons stressed were “theirs”.

The motley crew of major demons always spoke in the first person plural, until after intense struggle they left and it was time to exorcise Satan. The leader of the damned angels protested boorishly, “I won’t let you harm my kingdom!” There were classic signs that it was Satan. The leader of the evil spirits did not react to sacramentals, even relics could not perturb him, and he had greater and fiercer strength than all other demons. After Satan made his presence known, he attacked Blai physically with a dreadful tenacity. Blai did not describe this violent attack, but he said it lasted for hours. Satan, talking through the man he was holding hostage, would taunt Blai, “Jesus picked the wrong people to save him, you’re too weak; you can’t do it.” The possessed man disclosed that Satan had told him that he wanted to kill Blai and he harboured a most heinous hate for him.

When the possessed man texted, Satan wrote the messages. On one occasion, after Blai had offered a number of Rosaries for the man who was so distressed, he received this message; “Fine, we are leaving him alone for now. It’s because we choose to, not because of that woman you worship.” This was a demonic lie that ironically revealed the truth of Our Lady’s power; they were giving the possessed man some rest because of the Rosaries Blai had offered, and yet they tried to pass it off as though they were doing it voluntarily, so as to undermine the great efficacy of the Rosary. 

Finally, the last session came. Blai was holding the man down and praying Hail Marys in his ear. The man suddenly cooperated in his own deliverance at the very second he saw a sublime vision of Our Lady and he exclaimed, “Keep praying that, keep praying! She’s so beautiful, she’s so beautiful!” Just then the man’s body shook mightily and he said that Satan had fled. Joy filled him as tears streamed down his face. Later he told the exorcism team that when his deliverance was at hand, he’d seen Our Lady appear; he saw her frown at Satan and then she announced, “It is over.” At that exact moment, the man was snatched from Satan’s savage claws. 

This was not a unique occurrence. Blai, drawing on his 15 years of experience, had this to say, “It is often the case that Mary is sent by Jesus to announce the end, it’s something we have seen many times, and it is always incredibly moving to hear the person’s love and awe at her visible presence and witness the authority Jesus has given her.”

In this month of the Most Holy Rosary, remember to keep offering the prayers, the five decades of either the Joyful, Sorrowful or Glorious mysteries that make up one Rosary, for Our Lady’s protection. Just as the recitation of the Hail Marys caused the expulsion of major demons as well as the Prince of Darkness from the man who was so direly demonically possessed, this beautiful prayer can also keep you and your loved ones safe from the snares of the satanic.  

* * *

[This post was informed by the absolutely rivetting brand new book by Adam Blai, The Exorcism Files: True Stories of Demonic Possession which is available at The Spirit Daily bookstore.]

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