Bishops against the synod: from Holland to Switzerland

From Infovaticana:

The poor representation of the faithful in the pre-synodal process, which has forced it to be extended until next year, and the scandalous preparatory document is leading some bishops (auxiliaries, yes) to question the suitability of this meeting. Recently, the Swiss Marian Eleganti, emeritus from Chur, and the Dutchman Rob Mutsaerts, from ‘s-Hertogenbosch, have spoken.

The ‘usual suspects’ opened fire: Bishop Schneider, Cardinal Burke, Cardinal Müller. The latter, with the moral authority of being a former prefect for the Doctrine of the Faith, went so far in Raymond Arroyo’s program as to call the synod “a hostile takeover of the Church.”

“This has nothing to do with Jesus Christ, with the Triune God. They seem to think that the doctrine is like a party program that can change according to their constituents,” added Müller, concluding: “It is an attempt to destroy the Church. If they succeed, it will be the end of the Catholic Church.” More apocalyptic, it is difficult (to imagine).

But he is not alone. Marian Eleganti, auxiliary bishop emeritus of the Swiss diocese of Chur and known for his reluctance towards the renewal process of the Church, has also expressed misgivings about him. The Swiss critic focuses on avoiding the impression (which the synod seems to underline, but which already insinuated the ‘spirit of the Council’) that the Church has been in error until we, our generation, have arrived. “The Church has not been on the wrong track for 2,000 years to be enlightened and corrected in our day by a synodal process in the 21st century,” he declares. “For this, we need neither a Vatican Council III, nor a simplified substitute event called the Synod on Synodality.”

Going further, in a recently published essay, Eleganti explains that “today synodal processes, such as the nanoparticles of mRNA-based vaccines, act as vectors that transport harmful substances or heresies and are themselves toxic.”

For Eleganti, the Church is succumbing to the temptation of “being fashionable”, imitating the world’s fervor for new causes. “It is again the same synodal remnants reheated for the umpteenth time since the 70s: democracy, participation, involvement in power, women in all trades and the diaconate or female priesthood; revision of sexual morality in relation to extramarital sexual relations, marriage and homosexuality; elimination of the centrality of the priest in the liturgy, etc”.

Mutsaerts, very young when he was consecrated a bishop, has an even more ‘trabucaire’ record than Eleganti, and has collided with the new times since ancient times, since he refused to attend the Amazon Synod after learning of its approach. And he doesn’t mince words, as any Infovaticana reader can verify by looking for his name in our files. He ended up regularly with his superior, the head of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, and both negotiated that Mutsaerts would lose a good part of his functions.

If you didn’t like the one from the Amazon, even less the one from the Synodality. His criticism focuses on something that has already been repeated often in these pages: the Church’s mission is not to “listen”, but to teach. The synod claims to focus on the “excluded”, but, the Dutchman asks, who is excluded from the Church? “In short, those who do not agree with the teachings of the Catholic Church.”

“The mission of the Church, says Mutsaerts, is not this. It is not about examining all the opinions and then finding an agreement. Jesus commanded us something else: proclaim the Truth; it is the Truth that will set you free”, he assures on his blog.

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