Gänswein: Traditionis custodes was a “turning point” for Pope Benedict, a “crucial moment”

From Fr Z’s Blog:

Archbp. Georg Gänswein did a video interview with Die Tagespost. He was asked about Benedict’s reaction to the Motu Proprio Traditionis custodes, that mess of cruelty.

Gänswein said that reading that Motu Proprio was a “turning point” for Benedict (Einschnitt, a “crucial event”).

He said that Benedict read it “mit Schmerz im Herzen… with pain in his heart”.  Put another way… “it broke his heart”.

It was a turning point.

Gänswein also said that the “Old Mass” had been the “source of their spiritual life” for many people for centuries, “food for many saints”.  He could not imagine “that this is something that is no longer good”.  This applies to many young people “who no longer really understand the whole fuss (Theater) about the Council”.  Gänswein said he was “not comfortable” (nicht ganz wohl) taking this treasure away.

As we enter a new year of grace make a committment to be a true Custos Traditionis.

I propose…

… an informal association of prayer and penance dedicated to two petitions offered to the Blessed Virgin Mary, which are

  • the softening of hearts of those interpreting Traditionis custodes (bishops, Roman Congregation/Dicastery officials);
  • the overturning of, or reversal of, Traditionis custodes.

I ask you to join with others, making an informal but serious pledge to do two things for the two intentions, above.


  • recite the beautiful and powerful Memorare prayer DAILY;
  • make an act of physical or material penance for the two intentions ONCE A WEEK.

ACTION ITEM! Be a “Custos Traditionis”! Join an association of prayer for the reversal of “Traditionis custodes”.

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