Cardinal Pell R.I.P.

From Fr Z’s Blog:

I am so sad to hear of the death of George Card. Pell at 81 years.

I got along quite well with him years ago, because he was involved in the Vox Clara committee working on the English translation of the Novus Ordo Missale Romanum. He and other members referred to my columns from The Wanderer.  We had some chances to meet and talk.

The latest chance was in Rome a couple months ago.  Card. Pell consecrated my chalice after it was regilded.  I told him then that it would always think of him and of Card. Mayer (who originally consecrated it) when I used it for Mass.

I was deeply moved by his “prison diaries”, which if you haven’t looked at, you should.

PRISON JOURNAL – Vol. 1 – Ignatius Press  US HERE – UK HERE

I had great hopes that he would be a main player in the lead up to the next conclave.

Please, in your goodness, stop and say a prayer for Card. Pell.

His appearance on EWTN after the death of Benedict XVI was terrific.. exactly one week ago as I write.   Card. Pell summarized something I saw Ratzinger/Benedict do many times in conferences or meetings. He would take all points or questions and summarized them and then start responding one by one to the people who raised them.  It was breathtaking to watch his mind work.  He would look down, at first, his hand making points in before him.  Then he would look up and engage the people with their responses.

Here is Card. Pell ONE WEEK AGO…

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