Bishop Athanasius Schneider: Francis Will Go Down In History As An Abuser of Power

From Gloria.TV

The Church is in ruins and the liturgy is secularised and in anarchy, Bishop Athanasius Schneider said in an interview in Lebanon on 26 January (English video below).

He warns that Francis wants to make the Roman Rite “disappear”, calling it “a grave abuse of power” that will go down in history as “a great injustice on the part of the Pope and the Holy See”.

For Schneider, the Synod on Synodality is an instrument to adapt the Church “to the way of thinking of the unbelieving world”.

Christ didn’t say to his apostles, “Go and ask opinions about the faith”, but “Go and teach, and make the people obey what I have commanded”, Schneider explains. For him, the Church is in the process of establishing a purely humanistic religion in opposition to divine revelation.

This new religion of relativism – promoted by the Vatican – is about worshipping creatures instead of God, “let’s say nature, Mother Earth, Pachamama or man”.

Schneider has doubts about Francis’ dispensation of justice because he cancels Catholics while publicly praising heretics like Father James Martin and privileging sinners like Father Marko Rupnik: “Those in power in the Vatican [=Francis] tend to have sympathy for those who promote errors and heresies.”


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