Women’s March vs. March for Life – Shocking Video Depicts Side-By-Side Comparison

by Jacqueline Burkepile

Have you ever seen the Women’s March and the March for Life in a side-by-side comparison?

Both events occur annually near the end of January in Washington D.C., often within days from one another.

The March for Life is the annual pro-life demonstration, while the Women’s March is an annual pro-abortion demonstration.

Catholic advocacy group TFP Student Action compiled a video comparing the two events, including interviews and video coverage.

As of this writing, the video entitled “Two Americas: March for Life vs. Women’s March in 2023” generated almost 20,000 YouTube views within one day of its posting.

“Within 48 hours, there were two very different marches in Washington,” TFP Student Action Director John Richie narrates. “[We] went to both events to ask the same questions.”

Here’s some of the questions they asked:

  • “What was your reaction when Roe was overturned?”
  • “Which side has the most momentum?”
  • “What is the greatest injustice in the USA?”
  • “What is the role of purity and chastity?”
  • “Planned Parenthood offers purity blockers to children. What’s your reaction?”
  • “Only women can get pregnant. True of false?”

See how they answered below:

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