Senator Defends TLM, Pope Defends BLM

By Michael Matt, Editor of The Remnant

In this episode of The Remnant Underground, Michael J. Matt thanks Bishop Thomas Paprocki for defending Latin Mass Catholics and for calling out heretical cardinals near and dear to the heart of Pope Francis. 

Plus, what’s with this bizarre fascination with the Latin Mass on the part of all the bad guys? Why does the FBI care about the Latin Mass? Why is Big Brother Francis obsessed with canceling it? Obviously, we’re dealing with something more than mere human pettiness.

Top exorcists claim that devils hate Latin, and that that’s why the Rite of Exorcism was always in Latin . . . before Team Francis “reformed” it in 2016 by vernacularizing it. But why do the devils hate Latin? Could it be because the language of the Universal Church actually unites Catholics—living and dead, in heaven and on earth—against the forces of hell?

God help us, what’s really going on here?

In this video, Michael says the quiet parts out loud. What if we’re looking at an actual demonic attack?

Watch Video on the Remnant Website…

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