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Norcia Close to Epicenter of Devastating Earthquake in Central Italy

By EDWARD PENTIN on National Catholic Register Like many in Rome, I was awoken at around 3.30 this morning as the top floor apartment I was staying in gently swayed from an earthquake tremor for about 30 seconds, setting off … Continue reading

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Pope Francis: withdraw the Vatican’s flawed new sex-ed curriculum (Sign the petition)

CP&S first blogged about this here. Sign the petition over at LifeSiteNews Note: This petition is sponsored by the American Life League Background International life-and-family leaders who have defended Catholic teaching on marriage, sexuality, and life for decades have called … Continue reading

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The Queenship and the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Today, August 22nd, is the feast of The Immaculate Heart of Mary in the traditional calendar and the Queenship of Mary in the new calendar. Both calendars mark the feast of the Divine Maternity on 11th October. In the traditional … Continue reading

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Re-shuffle at Pontifical Academy for Life, JPII Institute

By Claire Chretien, LifeSiteNews: VATICAN CITY, August 18, 2016 A Vatican prelate known for his support of loosening the Church’s approach toward Holy Communion for those living unrepentantly in objectively sinful situations has been appointed to head the Pontifical Academy for Life … Continue reading

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Saint John Eudes, Priest, Missionary and Founder

August 19th, the Church celebrates the Optional Memorial of Saint John Eudes, (1601-1680) the French priest and missionary who founded the Congregation of Jesus and Mary and the Order of Our Lady of Charity. He was born in the village … Continue reading

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In Appointing Bishops, the Pope Leans Toward Beijing

He is preparing, that is, to grant the communist authorities the privilege of selecting candidates. And he is exiling to an island in the Pacific the highest ranking Chinese archbishop in the curia, contrary to the agreement. But in China, … Continue reading

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Must Catholics Believe that Islam Is Peaceful?

By William Kirkpatrick on CRISIS MAGAZINE The Apostles’ Creed (updated version): I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Holy Catholic Church, the communion of Saints, the forgiveness of sins, and the peaceful nature of Islam. Amen. Or, anyway, that’s how … Continue reading

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German Bishops Hail Arch-Heretic Luther as “Teacher of the Faith”

CP&S Comment: This may be an enlightening post for those who are unable to distinguish between rational criticism of a Pope’s human errors and omissions in his role as defender of the Deposit of Faith, and a treasonous attack on … Continue reading

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Olympic Gold for Catholic Homeschooler

By Michael Matt, editor of The Remnant: Simone Arianne Biles was born March 14, 1997. The other night she became the 2016 Olympic individual all-around champion. But this little dynamo is no stranger to winning. She is a three-time world all-around … Continue reading

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Sancta Philomena, ora pro nobis!

11th August is the feast day of Saint Philomena:      

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Why Fr. Z harasses you to GO TO CONFESSION!

From Fr. John Zuhlsdorf: You are going along… doodee doodee dooo… and you glimpse something in the corner of y- BAM! Watch to the end.  It is short. These people had a close call.  It could have gone otherwise. Friends, examine your … Continue reading

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Robert Moynihan Keeps Fatima Questions Alive

By Maike Hickson at OnePeterFive: After OnePeterFive caused a controversy in Rome concerning the question as to whether or not the full Third Secret of Fatima has already been revealed, this same issue has again been picked up, but now by Dr. Robert … Continue reading

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St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, Virgin and Martyr

August 9th, is the Optional Memorial of Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross. Edith Stein was born, October 12, 1891, in Breslau, Germany to Jewish parents. The date of her birth coincided with the celebration of Yom Kippur, the Jewish … Continue reading

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Major apparitions of St. Joseph are approved

From the National Catholic Register:  BY JOSEPH PRONECHEN 08/05/2016  Anton Raphael Mengs (1728–1779), “The Dream of St. Joseph” Many know about approved apparitions of our Blessed Mother. But only a handful realize that there were apparitions in Itapiranga, Brazil from 1994-1998 … Continue reading

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A Reply to Joanna Bogle Respecting the Third Secret of Fatima

Part I: Post-conciliar correctness versus the truth about Fatima by Christopher A. Ferrara The respected English Catholic journalist Joanna Bogle is an intelligent woman and an accomplished writer whose objectivity concerning the crisis in the Church, however, is hampered by … Continue reading

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