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The Rosary: a short introduction

Your priest has probably never told you anything about the Rosary. Let us correct this unfortunate situation with some short remarks. The Rosary is both a cycle of prayer and a small object used to help the faithful in reciting … Continue reading

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Monks new and old

Sincere, orthodox Catholics are all too frequently afflicted by the many signs of decadence and corruption that have contaminated – as so often in Her history: the Latin saying ecclesia semper reformanda is neither new nor without ground – a … Continue reading

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Can’t do their job: new Michael Voris video

Some of you will be already acquainted with Michael Voris. He is one of those extremely outspoken religious commenters uniting an undoubted Catholic orthodoxy with affirmations of shocking harshness which, if taken out of context, could even seem to invite … Continue reading

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Fired for defending Catholic teaching about homosexuality – Welcome to the Land of the….. Free?

Read here on American Papist the incredible story of Ken Howell, an adjunct professor at the University of Illinois. Mr Howell has been told that he will not be able to teach about Catholicism because his course “Introduction to Catholicism” … Continue reading

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Abortionism made simple, or the madness of fanaticism

I came across this interesting Elizabeth Scalia’s article on “First Things” (an interreligious pro-life internet site) illustrating some points in a forceful way. I would see the most relevant as follows: 1) The refusal of radicalism (understood as blind fanaticism) … Continue reading

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Western Mass at the Schoenborn Corral. (No, it’s not a parody).

Bored of the Catholic Mass? Can’t stand sitting there in the pew without anything practical to do? Think you are just wasting your time? Fancy a “Costume Mass”, where you can sport your new western costume? No time in your … Continue reading

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Ecclesia Dei: Holy Communion kneeling and on the tongue in the Traditional Mass

Father Z references a letter (in German) dated June 21st from Ecclesia Dei stating that the celebration of Holy Mass in the Extraordinary Form envisages the reception of Holy Communion while kneeling, as the Sacred Host is laid directly on … Continue reading

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The Crucifix, the Classroom and the Court

I was born and raised in Italy. In those years, Catholicism was the “Official Religion of the State” and this was anchored in the Italian Constitution. A Crucifix adorned every classroom. This was, besides its obvious religious significance, a most natural cultural … Continue reading

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Paedophile priests scandal: an intelligent Atheist perspective.

It is some months old now, but I would like to mention this very interesting article from Brendan O’Neill. Brendan O’Neill is an atheist. As such, the “press consensus” fed us by the BBC would want him outraged at the … Continue reading

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The “Catholic Herald” on the EF: a useful contribution

Excellent contribution from the “Catholic Herald” (also reported from Father Z) regarding the Extraordinary Form in the imminence of the completion of the three years assessment period. The author is Father Gary Dickson, parish priest, Sacred Heart and English Martyrs, … Continue reading

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Football and Nuns

We read here on Rorate Coeli that Argentina might be better at football than at producing good nuns. At least judging from what you will read if you follow the link. It makes for a rather shocking reading (or an … Continue reading

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