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Even from before the introduction of the new translation of the Missal, it has been drawing flak from persons who self-identify strongly with the liturgical innovations of the previous century. Most of the predictions that we were regaled with have … Continue reading

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A Brief Chronological List of Important Named Heresies: A.D. 90 to A.D. 2013

The Historic Heresies These heresies are distinguished from active heresies in that they are largely vanquished and buried in the life of the Catholic Church; though they occasionally revive in the world, they pose little direct and imminent threat to … Continue reading

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Five Heretics That Every Catholic Should Know and Why They Matter Today

From: Oftentimes, what appears to be a newfangled spiritual movement within Christianity is often simply a regurgitated (and usually verywatered-down) heresy from many centuries ago. In the spirit of that statement, I thought it might be a good idea … Continue reading

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I love the smell of schadenfreude in the morning…

The Thirsty Gargoyle has a rather excellent article about poor old Prof Dawkins’ faux-pas on the BBC on Monday morning. “Careful with that petard old chap…”

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Pandoctrinal Catholicism: Unity before Truth – A New Heresy.

 The following  from ‘Catholic and Loving It’- As we begin this week for Christian Unity, please read  this. (from:  by James Preece You will no doubt have seen it pointed out many times and by wiser men than me that … Continue reading

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Franciscan scholar dismisses teaching of Catechism, Pius XII on Adam and Eve

In comments appearing in diocesan newspapers across the United States, Father Michael Guinan, a professor of Old Testament at the Franciscan School of Theology in Berkeley, California, has dismissed the teaching of Venerable Pius XII on polygenism and the Catechism … Continue reading

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Medjugorje – A reasoned article from the Catholic Herald

Over the past 25 years, millions of Catholics have flocked to the Bosnian town of Medjugorje — where, it was commonly asserted, the Blessed Virgin Mary was appearing regularly — for a religious experience. Despite appeals from the local bishops, … Continue reading

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The Roots of Liberal Theology

This essay was written by Rev. Thomas Slater, S.J. and published in the Irish Ecclesiastical Record, January, 1907. One who has been brought up in the old system of theology, and whose reading has for the most part been confined … Continue reading

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I am aware that Michael Voris is not to everybody’s taste, but I have just enjoyed an hour being educated, and ‘brought up to speed’ on the current state of the Catholic Church by watching one of his recent videos. … Continue reading

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The Catholic Press

If one lives in the UK one has a fairly limited choice in terms of the Catholic press.  We have the Universe, to put it nicely, a periodical for readers that find actuarial tables a little racy; the Catholic Times … Continue reading

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