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Emptied and Exalted – Palm Sunday, 2016

  CP&S has previously presented sermons by Father Michael Chua, now of the parish of Jesus Caritas in the Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Father has prepared an exceptionally good sermon for today, Palm Sunday. He speaks of the two “processions” described … Continue reading

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I’m sure that Æsop had a fable about this…

…physician heal thyself.

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Pope Francis And “The Italian Job”

That is how many Faithful Catholics see the effects of Vatican 2 on the Church. Many regrettable things such as liturgical abuse and doctrinal confusion have crept in, it is true, but God only lets us fall so as to … Continue reading

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How to become Pope

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Do dogs go to heaven?

Dominican Cloister, Prague, image credit: Matěj Baťha, Wikimedia One would hope that there will be plenty of “God’s Dogs” in heaven, but what about the standard variety? A surprising and, perhaps welcome, consequence of the doctrine of the resurrection of … Continue reading

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I love the smell of schadenfreude in the morning…

The Thirsty Gargoyle has a rather excellent article about poor old Prof Dawkins’ faux-pas on the BBC on Monday morning. “Careful with that petard old chap…”

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New Apostolic Letter “Translatio Malum”

.The following is from Curt Jester, who, as I have said before is one of my favourite American bloggers.  It seems to me to be a light-hearted way of celebrating the full implementation of the New Translation – very much … Continue reading

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Tintin, the Catholic hero!

  From L’Osservatore Romano Giacomo Galeazzi Rome The Holy See’s newspaper, “L’Osservatore Romano”, takes the opportunity presented by the release of Steven Spielberg’s film, to dedicate several articles of its daily edition to the character of Tintin that – as … Continue reading

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Choirmaster and the rules

Choirmasters can be a special species, they are said to have their whims and fits, when the choir is not displaying the expected efficiency and accuracy. Are you also a choirmaster and working with children? But what would you say … Continue reading

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12 Catholic Words that Don’t Sound Like What They Mean

A little light relief  from  The National Catholic Register: 12 Catholic Words that Don’t Sound Like What They Mean by Matthew Archbold I was born a Catholic but that doesn’t mean I knew anything about the faith until I decided … Continue reading

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Two very amusing videos

(Hat tip to Fr Z for that one!) and now for something completely different!: (From the same ‘youtuber’.) If pets are as amusing as this in real life, I might get one.

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How not to end your Lenten Fast

I composed this shortie a while back, but consider it most aptly published just before your Easter Sunday Lunch (BST). Just a warning that when the end of Lent arrives, you must resist the temptation to tuck in to the … Continue reading

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Top Secret Catholic Vocabulary

Recognising that we often talk past each other, and in the interests of communication, here are some definitions for words used in the Catholic universe: AMEN: The only part of a prayer that everyone knows. BULLETIN: Your receipt for attending … Continue reading

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Vatican Insists: David Must Wear Fig Leaf

Hat Tip to Italy News.       The Vatican has started a firestorm in the art world by issuing a statement condemning the symbolic “depravity and nudity celebrated by the morally corrupt”. The Catholic Church has launched a new … Continue reading

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