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Catholic musical Diseases – and their cure!

We are indebted to ‘Catholic Pheonix’ for the following, which provides a little light relief on a dreary day! Catholic Musical Diseases, and their Cures. by J. Prever on February 16, 2011 St. Haugen’s Dance Symptoms: This disease affects the … Continue reading

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The Shock of the Old

There is a peculiar modern belief that we, as a species, have “progressed”, that our species has in some manner “matured”: this draws on an subconscious assumption that human history can be read in the same way as a human … Continue reading

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Christmas Carols

A strong memory for me, of my teenage years, was setting out one evening in the frost and snow with my Catholic chums from school, to go carol singing.

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A perfect Christmas gift?

I have always had a fascination for watches, and yesterday I came across my dream model. Please note, I have no connection with this firm (Mr Jones Watches), and this is not an advert, and no money has changed hands. … Continue reading

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Cute Photo: Pope and Teddy

From our cyberspace friend Augustinian Canon Herr Alipius we get this photo: Look carefully at the paper he is reading!

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The Catholic Press

If one lives in the UK one has a fairly limited choice in terms of the Catholic press.  We have the Universe, to put it nicely, a periodical for readers that find actuarial tables a little racy; the Catholic Times … Continue reading

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St Vincent de Paul

No, this isn’t going to be a potted biography of this great Saint. You can all look that up on the web, for your sins! A great servant of Christ’s beloved poor, he reminds all of us, whatever our station … Continue reading

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Get the right prescription!

The Gospel is the most powerful medicine ever introduced. It promises eternal life, for gawds sake!

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The Spiritual Trampoline

Every single part of creation has a a rhythm: from sub atomic particles and interatomic bonds, to the filling and emptying of your heart and lungs, and the electrical impulses in your cerebral cortex. It seems to me that all … Continue reading

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