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Aspirations, Ejaculatory Prayer and Holy Thoughts

We continue our journey through St. Francis de Sales’ ‘Introduction to the Devout Life’ with this inspiring meditation of the day. WE retire with God, because we aspire to Him, and we aspire in order to retire with Him; so … Continue reading

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Overwhelming majority in San Francisco support Archbishop Cordileone’s efforts: online poll

[Latest update from LifeSite/News] We did it! In the space of less than a single day we raised the $30k needed to run a full-page ad in the San Francisco Chronicle thanking Archbishop Cordileone for his faithfulness. The response was … Continue reading

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Nigerian Bishop Says Christ Showed Him How to Beat Islamic Terror Group

From the Church Militant blog by Ryan Fitzgerald, April 21, 2015 Bishop Oliver Dashe Doeme, head of the Diocese of Maiduguri in Nigeria’s Borno State, was in a chapel praying before the Blessed Sacrament last December when, he says, something extraordinary happened: … Continue reading

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Feisty Nuns

From Father Ed’s Blog (the Tunbridge Wells Ordinariate)   There are those on this blog [Fr. Ed’s blog] who believe I am harsh in criticising modernist liberalism within Christianity. So be it. My criticism will continue because I sincerely believe liberalism … Continue reading

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St Thérèse’s parents coped with ‘21st century problems’

By David V Barrett – Catholic Herald (22 April 2015) Blessed Louis and Zélie Martin are expected to be declared saints at the family synod in October and their relics will tour the UK next month Blessed Louis and Zélie … Continue reading

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Shroud of Turin now on Public Display

“For the believer, what counts above all is, that the Shroud is a mirror of the Gospel… and thus a truly unique sign that points to Jesus, the true Word of the Father, and invites us to pattern our lives on … Continue reading

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Litany of reparation for sacrileges committed against the Blessed Sacrament

In today’s lack of Faith in the Holy Eucharist made manifest in most Catholic parishes in the world, this litany is a necessary remedy for the sacrileges and outrages committed against Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament: Lord, have mercy … Continue reading

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Irish Marriage Referendum: sacrifice is always at the heart of true love

 from: Catholic Voice, Ireland. With kind permission of the Editor. by Deacon Nick Donnelly Last time I wrote about Enda Kenny’s same-sex ‘marriage’ referendum for Catholic Voice, a reporter for the Irish Sun newspaper contacted me. He told me my … Continue reading

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Harvington Hall

I took the family to see this fascinating place today. We had a guided tour by a knowledgeable lady in full Tudor costume, and saw four of the priest-holes directly, and the secret entrance (up a chimney!) to the final two … Continue reading

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Cardinal Burke Responds to Recent Criticisms

In an Italian-language interview, the patron of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta said, ‘I am not against the Pope; I have never spoken out against the Pope. … My purpose is to serve the truth. Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, … Continue reading

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Have ‘The Snakes’ Returned to Ireland? (The Irish Referendum on Marriage Equality – 22/5/15)

“Fighting for ‘Gay Marriage’ Generally Involves LYING” (states Masha Gessen, LGBT activist) With little over a month to go for the referendum on so-called gay marriage bill in Ireland, with all the indications pointing to a “yes” vote winning over the “no” … Continue reading

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“What would spirituality give me?” said an alcoholic to the Master “Non-alcoholic intoxication.” was the answer.  

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St. Bernadette of Lourdes – 16th April

Bernadette (the sobriquet by which she was universally known) was the daughter of François Soubirous (Francés Sobirós in Occitan) (1807–1871), a miller, and Louise (Loïsa Casteròt in Occitan) (1825–1866), a laundress. She was the eldest of nine children, four of … Continue reading

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On Spiritual Retirement – St. Francis de Sales

THIS is a matter to which I am very anxious to win your attention, for in it lies one of the surest means of spiritual progress. Strive as often as possible through the day to place yourself in God’s Presence … Continue reading

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Argentina recognizes SSPX as Roman Catholic

For all traditional Catholics, the recent development of the Archbishop of  Argentina’s recognition of the SSPX as a formal part of the Roman Catholic Church, is most welcome news indeed! From SSPX news & events (on 13th April 2015) A news … Continue reading

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