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Ora pro nobis peccatoribus, nunc, et in hora mortis nostræ

Please pray for the intentions of our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, for the Church militant, for the suffering souls in Purgatory, for the poor sinners who started this blog, and for all of fallen mankind. Lord have mercy on us all.

If you wish to leave a prayer intention, please do so in the comments box below (please note that these will be subject to kindly moderation).


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  1. The Raven says:

    Please pray for the Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer, that their position in the Church may soon be fully normalised.

  2. joyfulpapist says:

    Please pray for our young adult children, that God will protect them from the temptations and dangers of the world, lead them home to Mother Church, and bring them safely at last to Heaven.

  3. Brother Burrito says:

    This prayer request was left anonymously via the Contact Form on the About page:

    Please pray for my poor neglected wife and children, and for me, a bad dad.
    May Almighty God have mercy on us, forgive us our sins, and lead us all to Everlasting Life. Amen

  4. The Raven says:

    Please pray for the intentions of Fr Blake.

  5. Brother Burrito says:

    Please pray for the trapped Chilean miners. I worry for their physical, mental and spiritual health, as they face four months of discomfort and isolation.

    Lord, hold them close to your heart.
    All the Angels and Saints, pray for them, and us all. Amen.

  6. mmvc says:

    Merciful God, we hold up to You all our lapsed, atheist and agnostic relatives and friends. We pray that they may come to know and love You and glorify You for all eternity. Immaculate Heart of Mary, Saint Monica, Saint Augustine and all Angels and Saints, intercede for them, please. Amen.

  7. The Raven says:

    Please pray for the people of Christchurch, who are facing the prospect of strong aftershocks following the main earthquake. Please also give thanks that no-one was killed.

  8. rebrites says:

    please pray for the Contemplative Sisters of St. John, dealing with internal strife and leadership issues; please also pray for the intentions of Sisters Mary Elizabeth and Mariam, who are walking the Way of St. James for the sake of peace in their community.

  9. toadspittle says:

    Let us all pray for CP&S, that it might not become the playground of cynical nihilists and their ilk.

    And that Burro does not punch anyone so hard that they actually do die and thus get himself in a lot of unwanted trouble.
    And that Omvendt does not set himself on fire by mistake, while trying to instruct a heretic in the ‘error of his ways.’

    And that Rabit will be all right from now on.
    And continue unassailed by nasty Oriental philosophy.

  10. Frere Rabit says:

    Acherly, I rather like the sound of the cynical nihilists and their elk. Does the elk also like wearing a lampshade on its head?

    Thanks for your concern, Toad, but the rabit chap has successfully avoided being assailed by Oriental philosophy since about 1981, having flogged the dead horse of teenage oriental fantasy with Herman Hesse’s ‘Journeyers to the East’; then done his early apprenticeship in Rinzai Zen Buddhism; been bored to tears by his father’s lifetime of Yoga and emptiness; and all the rest of the coffee table bookshop spirituality for many years. This included a five year fixation with guiding my life according to the I Ching, while drinking copious quantities of tarry flavoured tea.

    The long years with Anglican Franciscans involved dealing with many confused Anglicans of different shades of ‘spirituality’ who equated anything Christian that was vaguely uplifting with what they thought of as the superior wisdom of the East. “Ah, Saint Francis: the nearest thing the Catholic church ever had to a proper spiritual teacher. He was really a Buddhist.” (Wrong! He was more of a Sufi.)

    None them ever realised that the Western mind is quite different, and they would never benefit from such practices even if they were worth persevering with; and most enthusiasts don’t persevere anyway.

    Luckily, Catholics are not so confused. “Ecce homo, ergo elk.” (Monty Python, circa 1969.) Nothing has changed since the Son of God arrived to explain in the simplest terms – to even the thickest of us – that the Incarnation replaced man’s primitive struggle to invent spiritual responses to life’s questions.

    CP&S was set up to be a home for those who love sound doctrine. We will not readily fall for syncretism, even if your jibes imply a primitive rejection based on ignorance, rather than a learning experience that concluded long ago that baptism was a commitment to the Incarnation, for which there is no alternative. It’s a Catholic blog, toad. Like it or not.

  11. Frere Rabit says:

    Sorry, forgot to pray: God shine the light of your countenance upon the cynical nihilists (and their elk) and quell the fire of egotism and the darkness in men’s hearts. (And women’s hearts if your language is not yet updated with the new inclusive terms.) Thank you Lord.

  12. Frere Rabit says:

    Sorry, Lord: once I get praying I remember all the prayers I didn’t pray when I forgot I was meant to be praying constantly; so please remember Dave, getting ready to start in Rome very soon; also remember in your Kingdom the man who was a monk and who is now also heading for Rome to start priestly formation, who needs your help because he’s getting on everyone’s nerves and he’s prolly a nice man really; and also give strength to the Catholic men of my local village, none of whom attends the Sunday Mass, so your poor rabit servant is the only male in the congregation. Amen.

  13. toadspittle says:

    THE FAULT, Dear Rabit…

    . . . with Elks, is that, unlike Rabits, they do not have big floppy ears that they can pull round either side of their heads to act as blinkers to prevent any other sort of wisdom (such as that of the mystic East) apart from Catholicism, from entering the, admittedly tiny, gap between said protuberances.

    But – elks do have big antlers, on which a small and careless Rabit might become fatally impaled.

    So watch it.
    And get on with your homework. Drama! Well, “All the world’s a stage, innit?”

  14. blondepidge says:

    Without wishing to come across too Uriah Heap, please read my humble, non theological latest post and offer a prayer for our family situation. With grateful thanks, a very sick pidge!

  15. Gertrude says:

    Be assured of our prayers pidge – both for you at this time, your husband (and welcome home to him) and all your family at what must be a time of great uncertainty.

  16. Shakin' Lightshade says:


    If my prayers are of any use, I wish you receive some great consolation, tonight.

    (And really, I’m only 12, at heart, and I pray beneath my duvet)

  17. joyfulpapist says:

    Blondepidge, God bless and keep you and your family. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  18. Mimi says:

    Dear friends, please pray for a poor lady named Maria Jean who is suffering indescribable torments, but is offering them all up for the purification of the Church.
    Please, please remember her in your prayers.
    Thank you.

  19. Benedict Carter says:

    Please pray for Brise, a 22 year-old Cameroonian student, the leader of the French Choir in the Catholic Parish of Our Lady of Good Hope in Moscow. Brise is suffering from cancer and is currently in hospital undergoing treatment. His mother is dead I think; his father is an illegal immigrant in Paris and with no papers, cannot visit his sick son.

    Please also pray for Father Michael Ryan, the parish priest, who raised the money for Brise’s treatment, and for the Sisters of The Missionaries of Charity, who visit him regularly in hospital.

  20. The Raven says:

    Please pray for the Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer, who seem to be beset by the Enemy at this time.

  21. mmvc says:

    Please pray for Toad and for all those who are mourning the death of a loved one.
    May the Lord comfort them in their grief.

  22. Brother Burrito says:

    My sister is in the depths of addiction to alcohol. Of your kindness, please pray for her release from this deceptive source of false consolation. Thank you.

  23. The Raven says:

    Please pray for Lisa.

  24. Gertrude says:

    Please pray for my teenage grand-daughter Leah who will undergo spinal surgery on Tuesday’

  25. The Raven says:

    Please pray for the repose of the soul of Martin.

  26. joyfulpapist says:

    Please pray for my daughter, her husband, and two sons in Brisbane. They have not yet had to evacuate, but they are close to the area that has been evacuated. Please pray for all those affected by the devastating flooding.

  27. kathleen says:

    Let us all pray for our brothers and sisters in New Zealand in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Christchurch. Our prayers, sacrifices and intentions are for the victims of this horrific tragedy, and (in our dear Joyful’s own words) “please pray for the rescuers, and for the families of the missing and lost.”

  28. joyfulpapist says:

    Please pray for the people of Japan, hit by an earthquake 8,000 times more powerful than the one that devestated Christchurch.

  29. rebrites says:

    Please pray for Homer, friend of Toad, for whom Toad is now out pilgrim-ing.
    There is not much hope for Homer, who has inoperable cancer. But there is always hope for a crabby old Toad. As St. Paul said, “the prayers of the righteous are powerful and effective!”

  30. The Raven says:

    Please pray for Hilary White.

  31. bydlinksi says:

    (Litany of Special Prayer Intentions): Through Mama Mary’s special prayers and most powerful and never failing intercession, that all the Holy Guardian Angels present at all the Holy Masses celebrated throughout the whole world each and every day in perpetuity that each and every Guardian Angel may bring a soul out of purgatory, bring about eternal salvation for a dying soul, and a miraculous conversion for a lost soul each and every day, and that all people choosing and living a celibate life, especially Priests, Religious, and the Consecrated, that each and every day of their celibate life that souls be released from purgatory, eternal salvation be achieved for the dying, and that lost souls be miraculously converted each and every day, and with ceaseless prayers for the sanctity and purity of the Church and world, the souls in purgatory, the dying and all humankind, and each and every day through Mother Mary’s ceaseless intercession may many souls in purgatory be released, the dying be brought to salvation and many people be converted, and the world and Church be purified, so that more and more people come to live in Christ and that no more souls be lost.

    God Bless you and my prayers are also with you
    With much thanksgiving and gratitude
    With Jesus and Immaculate Mother Mary always
    Alexander Chung

  32. The Raven says:

    Please pray for all those who have started their spiritual journey to full communion with the Holy Father in the Ordinariate and pray also for those who still have yet to resolve to begin their pilgrimage.

    Our Lady of Walsingham ora pro eis

  33. mmvc says:

    Please pray for Father John Corapi, his accusers and those responsible for investigating and resolving the distressing situation he is in.

    May St John Vianney, and Our Lady, Mother of Priests, intercede for them!

  34. julia mignosi says:

    could you pray for sal age83 my husband of 52 yrs addicted to pain meds thank you

  35. Annette says:

    I would like to pray for all the priests and the Pope. I would like prayers ofr myself and my son JOhn. I have several health problems and depression from them. I have suffered recently with a bitter taste in my saliva for over a year and the doctors cannot diagnose it. My son has chronic prostatitis and is suffering by being up all night after working twelve hours a day. He needs a cure for this , the doctors said there is no cure for chronic prostatis. He is 42 yrs old. My husband has lung problems and eye problems. My daughter has scoliosis and asthma. Please Lord, Help us deal with these problemes and ease our depression over all we deal with on a daily basis. Family probelms on all sides. No love in the families. With love and thanks and praise, Annette

  36. joyfulpapist says:

    Please pray for a family I love, who left Regnum Christi two years ago in horror at the Legion’s failure to deal with the shocking behaviour of their founder, and the movement’s refusal to admit that anything was wrong. They have now the faith altogether. They say they no longer believe in God. May they continue their journey until they find their way home again.

  37. Hopeful says:

    1) O Eternal Father, through Mama Mary bring Your beloved creation into the Kingship and Lordship of Jesus Christ and renew it in the power of the Holy Spirit so all people may bow their knee and confess with their lips that Jesus Christ is Lord, so He may truly reign in all hearts and all of creation.
    2) That Alexander Chung’s spiritual direction and discernment, all his schooling and education goes extremely well. That he passes all the courses he takes with very good marks and that his desire for the Priesthood continues to grow, so that he become a good, prayerful, joyful, faithful, and holy Priest. For my brother’s deep spiritual conversion and healing, especially letting go of the resentment of priestly abuse, and that he have a repentant and forgiving heart, and through Jesus, Mary and Joseph for abundant and ceaseless blessings on his marriage so that he and his new wife come back to the Church with love of Christ and the Sacraments, and for the repose of the souls of Robert Lee, Francois Latour and Franz Bydlinski.
    3) For the intentions of Brother Craig of the Monks of Adoration, especially for abundant vocations and constant growth for the Monks of Adoration, for Father Daniel’s intentions, especially for the establishment and continued growth of The John Paul II Centre for Divine Mercy, and for a Church dedicated to Perpetual Adoration in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and that The Marians Of The Immaculate Conception Of The Blessed Virgin Mary grow rapidly, abundantly and faithfully, and spread into Canada and other parts of the world.
    4) For the end of abortion, for the culture of life to prevail in our hearts and the entire world, for peace in our hearts, families, and the whole world, and for the Laws of God to prevail in our hearts and entire world, with ceaseless prayers to Jesus through Mary that planned parenthood be miraculously transformed and converted, so that planned parenthood become a powerful, abundant and growing institute of life for the Roman Catholic Church, and for abundant and ceaseless vocations for the Priesthood, the Religious and Consecrated life, and for the sanctity of marriage, and for the conversions of all atheists, nonbelievers and pro-abortionists, and for deep continuing conversions of all people, for all lukewarm Christians to wake up and for all people, especially other Christians to be led to become Roman Catholic.

  38. Hopeful says:

    For powerful, abundant, growing, ongoing and lasting conversions and transfromations of all political leaders and politicans, and for all judges and lawayers, and especially for Dave McConnell, Gilles Latour, John Latulippe, Paul Crooks, Jean-Pierre Mercier, Bill Maher, Paul Zackary Myers, Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett, Cecile Richards and Dr. Henry Morgentaler, and for all people of God’s creation.

  39. ann says:

    Please please pray for us to speedily sell our son’s house. It is part of his estate–he was killed a year and a half ago in in a military aviation accident and it has become a financial and emotional burden to us. With all the awful things going on in the world that we should pray for, it hardly seems right to ask, and yet we are desperate enough to beg your intercession on this Divine Mercy weekend. I keep all your prayer intentions in my heart–and as I go this morning to my Holy Hour I will place them on the altar. Thank you you all for your prayers.

  40. Sandy says:

    Please pray for good practicing Catholic husbands for Margaret, Patricia, Sandra; for end to all fears, fear of commitment/marriage/debt/sharing, bad temper & total conversion of heart for Emile. For God to inspire him concerning a decision he must make — may God put the answer very strongly in his heart, mind and spirit and give him great joy and peace at the very thought of the decision. May he realize that when one accepts to do God’s will, God equips that person with all the necessary gifts and graces to carry it out in joy and peace. For the sanctification of all priests & religious, for Pope Benedict’s intentions; for peace in all hearts and homes. May God’s will be done by all. Thank you.

  41. joyfulpapist says:

    Fiat+, find a picture that you think would represent you well online (I chose one of my favourite patrons) and save it to your computer.

    Then click on the following link:

    Sign up for an account (its free). To do this, click on “Get your gravatar today” then follow the instructions.

    Make sure you register with Gravatar the same email address that you normally use when you comment on sites such as this one. (You can register more than one email address, and if you have more than one online persona, you can get more than one gravatar account – I have two; one for religious blogging, and one for work.)

    It’ll take a couple of hours, but then you’ll find your chosen image following you around and popping up whenever you comment.

  42. Aurora B. Macalanda says:

    I need prayers right now please pray for financial blessings for me because I am going to pay the amount of 6,150.00 for the pension plan that I got but I have no savings right now and I do not know how can I pay this
    For me also that I would be able to meet now my partner in life who is responsible, loving, caring and God fearing man
    Please pray for the death anniversary of my mother on May 23

  43. The Raven says:

    Please pray for the repose of the soul of my grandmother, Doreen, who died this morning.

  44. rose says:

    Please pray for all the married couples.Let them love,bond,respect & care for each other forever & have healthy children.Thank you for praying.

  45. I Pray for all positive moments that will move us forward to be closer to and for His plan through salvation and redemption.
    I Pray for all the new beginning people and spirits and souls where ever they may be., in God’s name, through Jesus, Amen.

  46. Sandy says:

    Please pray for Fr. Cyril’s healing & intentions;healing for Michel; quick sale of Sophie’s house;inner healing for E. & God’s will to be done; healing for Stefanie & conversion; change of heart for E.; conversion of all young adults, esp. Tanya,Brendan,Alexis,Stef,Jason,Michel; God’s will to be done in my life. Thank you.

  47. Our Heavenly Father, hear my Prayer. I Pray for those who can not. I Pray for those who have gone before me and may not be able to Pray. I pray for my own short-comming and that I may grow from my current child-like Prayers to become closer to Our Heavenly Father through Our Savior, Jesus. Amen.

  48. The Raven says:

    Please pray for Fr John Hunwicke at a time of great spiritual need, distressing to all his friends and admirers. For further information, please see his own blog.

  49. rose says:

    Please pray for all the married couples to love,bond,respect & care for each other forever & have healthy children.Thank you for praying.

  50. M_Ms says:

    Please pray that I may receive a POSITIVE result in my migration assessment.
    This is a very big thing for me and my family.

    Thank you all in advance and God bless us all.

  51. Gertrude says:

    Please remember Brother Patrick in your prayers – he will be making his First Profession as a Benedictine monk tomorrow – the Feast of Sts. Peter & Paul.

  52. Chris Ellerson says:

    Please Pray for all of those who lead and set an example of what we all should do as to place God through Jesus in our Hearts. May God Bless all of you in and through Jesus Name, Amen.

  53. anka from poland europe says:

    please pray for died bolek kinga basia barbara sylwia slawek jurek mirek marek dariana natalia justyna franek kunegubda gertruda gerard bronka stasia wlodek mary josefa elizabeth marian marek tomek weronika andy czeslaw felicia tadek fro health for bozena anna wanda marta paulina sylwia olek zenek natalia janina for goo time for medical private firm

  54. Nycholaij balina says:

    Please remember me, the most unworthy of sinners to Blessed Giorgio Frassati.
    I face a serious situation with prostate cancer.
    And I am afraid not so much for myself but for my elder brother who has Parkinsens and who faces life without me his caregiver.

  55. Gertrude says:

    May God Bless you Nycholaij. I ask Our Blessed Lady to hold you and your brother very close as only a Mother can. Be assured of our prayers.

  56. Katarina says:

    Please pray for me, I need green card for USA, I NEE A JOB…THANKS!

  57. Gertrude says:

    Please pray for Bishop Michael Evans of East Anglia who is on the final part of his journey home to God.

  58. Wall Eyed Mr Whippy says:

    Please remember on this day the Catholics of Northern Ireland and the terror attacks made on them.
    Also the Palestinians
    Also the people of Iraq and Afghanistan.

    May the terror cease.

  59. mmvc says:

    Please pray for the repose of the soul of Bishop Michael Evans:
    Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace. Amen.

  60. kathleen says:

    Please pray dear friends for my beloved mother who has been diagnosed with cancer.

  61. Wall Eyed Mr Whippy says:

    Yes, Kathleen.

  62. jack says:

    please for nick

  63. jack says:

    please pray for nick

  64. Gertrude says:

    Please pray for our Priests, especially those suffering at this time.

    Remember the people of Norway also in your prayers – those who have lost loved ones, those who are traumatised, and those who care for them on this sad weekend for this peaceful nation.

  65. J. says:

    Please pray for a woman in the ICU who has end stage lung cancer. Her elderly mother (who is also on oxygen) and her adult special needs son live with her. May St. Joseph intercede on her and her family’s behalf.

  66. Gideon Kioko says:

    God please comfort and care for the hungry, dying and forsaken especially in our country kenya and entire east africa who are dying of hunger, give them dignity and fullment and since iam chatting with you i ask for wealth, wisdom and good health for the kingdom and power are yours now and forever Amen 🙂

  67. The Raven says:

    Please pray for the people of Greece, who, through no fault of their own, are suffering in these times of economic hardship.

  68. Dele says:

    Please for for me and my family. I have been unemployed for two years. I am desperate for a job. I have a daughter. My husband and I are not on happy turns. I have exhausted all my resources and I cannot feed my child. Dear Lord please help me find a job so that I can care for my family.

  69. mmvc says:

    Please pray for Father Mike who is in his early forties and is on life support. Prayers are asked in particular through the intercession of Blessed John Henry Newman.

  70. mmvc says:

    Prayers, please, for the repose of the soul of Father Mike who died today on the Feast of St Michael and the Archangels.

    Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace.

  71. Zora says:

    Please pray for me and my husband and for our marriage. May God protect us with His Love. Thank you. God Bless You!

  72. Joe F. says:

    Please pray for me as I look for a new job after recovering from alcoholism. I pray that the Traditional Mass will return to Los Angeles. I hope to one day be active in a Traditional Organization. I thank Saint Joseph, Our Lady and Saint Philomena for their intercession.

    Please pray for the intercession of Cardinal Raphael merry Del Valle, the Holy Cardinal who was best friends with Saint Pius X:

    Almighty everlasting God, Who manifest Thy glory through the humility, example of integrity of religion through the hatred of the heresy of modernism and by the castigation and mortification of the flesh of Thy servant Raphael Merry Del Val, grant, we beseech Thee, if it be in conformity with Thy Will, that Thou may glorify him on earth through his intercession by the favor of … which we fervently implore through Thy Sacred Heart for Thy glory and the glory of Mary the Sorrowful Mother, whom he devoutly loved. Amen.

    Our Father. Hail Mary. Glory be.

  73. Zoe says:

    Please pray that I get a job. God Bless You All. Zoe

  74. kathleen says:

    Please pray for the repose of the soul of my darling mother who died on 3rd January (having received the Last Sacrament) after a short illness. Her four children were at her bedside.

    Eternal rest grant unto her O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her. May she rest in peace.

  75. Wall Eyed Mr Whippy says:

    I am so sorry to read this, K.

    How wonderful that all four of her children were with her, and that she received the Sacrament.

  76. Audrey says:

    For my relatives…
    They are so attracted to this materialistic world and are so far away from God..

    And especially for my uncle (William Lao),
    he has left the church for so many years and he has turned to other gods..
    He is now old and very unhealthy..
    I pray for God’s mercy to grant him more time for his repentence and his returning to the church..

  77. Audrey says:

    may God grant him wisdom to distinguish between right and wrong, courage to repent and strengthen his faith in Him.

  78. Toadspittle says:

    May God grant Uncle William the grace to look kindly on Audrey.

  79. Gertrude says:

    Please pray for the repose of the soul of Geoffrey Heywood who died tragically and alone. May he rest in peace.

  80. mmvc says:

    Please pray for Edward (aged 28) who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and for his distraught family and friends.

  81. Joe C.G.F says:

    March is the Month of Saint Joseph

  82. mmvc says:

    Please pray for Edward who went to the Lord peacefully yesterday, 18th March.
    May he rest in peace and may his family and friends be comforted in their grief.

  83. Joseph F says:

    Thank you Saint Joseph on your Feast Day!!

  84. JabbaPapa says:

    I have no especial charism for prayer — therefore I supplicate those who do, living and dead, including Saints James and Mary, the three priests of western France, and all my good friends in Christ of this blog and elsewhere, to supplicate our Lord for a remission of my ongoing physical sufferings.

  85. kathleen says:

    Be assured dear Jabba (you, who have contributed so very much to this blog) will be very present in the prayers of all of us here, your “good friends in Christ“. Prayers for strength, comfort and endurance, and (if it is God’s Holy Will) for a remission of your “ongoing physical sufferings“.
    May Jesus, Mary and Joseph keep you always in Their tender, loving care. May God Bless you always.

  86. toadspittle says:

    Amen to that.

  87. blessings on you, Jabba. A candle burns for you this day before La Guadalupana at The Peaceable Kingdom for your intention. You bring so much joy to Dear Toad and all the other seekers at CP&S!

  88. toadspittle says:


    Toad is worried about Jabba. Does anyone know if there is any way in which we might help?

  89. Wall Eyed Mr Whippy says:

    I´m with Toad here. I do hope Jabba´s ok.

  90. JabbaPapa says:

    Thank you for your kind thoughts and your prayers — I have been suffering for various reasons for a fairly long time now, and these prayers are the best way that you could help me.

    I ask for myself only necessities, otherwise according to the wishes of the Lord, not according to my own.

  91. toadspittle says:

    But have you got the necessities you need?

  92. JabbaPapa says:

    But have you got the necessities you need?

    Apart from enough strength to attend Mass, I’m not lacking any basics.

  93. Prisca says:

    Let us please pray for the corruption, violence, destruction taking place throughout the world. Let there be peace and unity amoung the nation. Let us also pray for the poor souls who are struggling for their daily bread and also for the souls who are fighting and batteling their life with either sickness or old aged. Lord hear our cry and answer the prayers of many.

  94. Prisca says:

    Heal the heart broken

  95. devotedservant says:

    For all those in financial destitute and looking to find refugee. Pray that they find peace of mind and comfort in his name.

  96. Gertrude says:

    Of your charity please pray for the repose of the soul of Phyllis Bowman whose tireless defence of the unborn has been pivotal in the Pro-Life movement.

  97. Kris says:

    Please pray for the repose of the repose of the soul of Nancy Luo who was a loving mum and wife.

  98. Jerry says:

    Please pray for her. Love her and eveything was fine this morning

  99. anna says:

    please pray for my brother to get a job in our hometown, so he will no longer go overseas for such opportunity. living away from his family poses some challenges and also my elderly parents need his physical presence for assistance. May God bless his family, provide them, shower them with graces to overcome and pursue these new changes in their life.

  100. doris says:


  101. doris says:

    Please pray for me and my family, in all our needs and for our finances.

  102. as says:

    Please pray for each and every member of my family, may God keep us all safe from all harm, at peace with each other and above all healthy. In a special way please pray for my special intentions.
    Praise be Jesus, now and forever more.

  103. Diliam says:

    Please pray for the soul of Michael J. Vanderhoof. Marciful father please grant him forgiveness and allow him to find the light. Amen.

  104. s.s says:

    I would like to Thank Our Blessed Mother first of all for bringing me back to her son Jesus and renewing my love to My Lord & My God! I have several people to ask prayer for. Please Mother Mary with all your legions in heaven…Interceded that I may not lose my soul to hell and that God may have Mercy on my soul…please also pray for my health and for Teresita blas & Maribel Vega, Paul Bermudez, Bill jordan and family…They asked for special intentions today. I also want to ask The Holy Spirit to keep all my family, relatives n friends close to our Catholic faith and babtize all there children in the faith. Amen….

  105. titus peter gonsalves says:

    pl pray for my bussiness,which not porfarmavce good,

  106. John says:

    Dear Lord, merciful yo every member of my family. most of all I want all of us belong to you.
    Lord, pardon & mercy, forgive & purify, convert & transform, strengthen and anoint all of us, those for whom we’ve promised to pray, those who are in need of our prayers, those for whom we have hurt and use us for your Glory. Bless MF, NM, NN & JS, grace to participate in the Holy Eucharistic Mass, receive Jesus in the Holy Eucharist, submit themselves totally to Jesus. Good job to EF & Mil. Gift of a child to a couple. Healing of week lungs to GF. Healing of all ailments of Angela(6 yrs).Bless all our enemies more than you bless and convert them. Help me find lost valuables soon. Help Mabel improve her health, especially week memory.
    Lord Jesus, every moment of our lives we love you from depth of our Heart, you are ou Lord, master, Savior, Healer & Good Shepherd! Pl. Lord bless, heal & convert all those whom I have offered in my daily prayer, Amen


  107. Kristen viikinsalo says:

    Dear Sweet St. Winifriede~ please pray with our holy father for my girls and me~their father has left us ~I am50 and have 4diseases, will have no health insurance and have not worked in 8 years~ please pray that God will see the gifts he has given my girls and give them wisdom as one more so that they may find the path you have laid for them. In your holy names, Amen

  108. Christy Grelier says:

    Please pray for: the return of our two sons and their famililies to their Holy Catholic Faith.
    Pray for forgiveness & reconciliation & renewed love and respect between our three sons.
    Pray for conversion of America and the world.

  109. Judy says:

    Please pray for a young woman who has kidney stones formed by some different element than normal. Only 5% of people in the world have this type of stone. Once a month she has a stent replaced and her pain is terrible. She is recently married but has been to ill to even go on her honeymoon

  110. jothi mary says:

    Dear Father,

    Kindly pray for all my intentions.Especially for my healing of blood sugar,weakness of my body,knee pain,constipation and other physical sickness which I have .Pray to solve all my financial problems and to get my share of my father’s property.Also for a very good job.For protection from my enemies.For guidance in my relation with Baby,Moidu and TNK.

    Thank you,

    Jothi Mary

  111. John says:

    1)For the soul of John Paul Fernandes(died on 17.8.12)

    2) For Infilling of Holy Spirit to all members of Gertie’s family

    3) Good job for Mel & Naomi soon

    4) Gift of a child to Joe/Mich soon.

    5) Miraculous Healing of spinal cord complications/pain of Jude soon

    6) Grace for a couple to take right decision about migration to another Country

    7) Grace & strength to accept God’s plan and bear the great sudden – first massive heart attack death of John Paul
    Grace for all of us to live a holy life for the Glory of God.

  112. Dear LORD,
    Please for following intentions.
    Good Health to my family members. Cure my daughter’s skin disease/allergy. Peace at home and peace of mind. Successful in my life and in my job. To have my own house. To complete the construction of my house in goa without much hinderances. Protecting my family from all enemies and evil spirits. Protecting my children in school and be GOD fearing and obedient children. For filling my family members with your Holy fruits & Holy Gifts. Peace among our brothers & sisters and all family members.

  113. Martin says:

    Please pray for health of Mind, body, soul and spirit for my family and myself,especially Brian at this time. Thank you

  114. Pastorius says:

    Pray for the world, pray for me and you.

  115. Kaylynn Niggle says:

    Please pray for me and my lapsed Catholic husband. He has abandoned me after 30 yrs.
    I am getting counsel from my pastor and deacon, but he has initiated divorce papers and
    is living with a different person. He refused all intimate relations, and there is some sexual confusion throughout the 30 yrs. We have no children. My dogs and my vollunteerism in my
    parish give me great comfort. I ask everyone only to live me up to the Lord.

  116. CP says:

    Please pray for the intentions of the Holy Father for the month of October 2012. GENERAL INTENTION: New Evangelization. That the New Evangelization may progress in the oldest Christian countries. MISSION INTENTION: World MIssion Day. That the celebration of World Mission Day may result in a renewed commitment to evangelization.

  117. KLAZ says:

    Dear friends, please pray for my family’s difficult financial situation. God have Mercy.

  118. The Raven says:

    Please pray for the swift recovery of Fr Hunwicke of the Ordinariate, who is recovering from a fall.

  119. toadspittle says:

    A prayer , and a candle or two lit for our mutual friend Jabba might not go amiss. He’s not saying much. But.

  120. Pastorious says:

    Well said T.

  121. johnhenrycn says:

    “Prayer Intentions”, what a wonderful subsection to the main website! I shall view this page regularly and do what is asked. My heart goes out especially to those who are humble enough to tell of personal troubles. That takes real strength of character, never mind the “firewall” of anonymity. Some people – not saying who – suffer more than a little from the sin and weakness of pride, and have extreme difficulty lowering their guard, thereby depriving themselves of the prayers of the faithful.

  122. The Raven says:

    And please pray for Alan and his wife and all of those in danger from the floods.

  123. Pastorious says:

    [The text of this comment has been removed by the moderator. Please remember that this section is not meant to be a place for the cut and thrust of debate.]

  124. johnhenrycn says:

    Advent petition for Catechumens:
    Lord, form these Catechumens, and reveal unto them the mysteries of the Faith, that they may be counted among the members of Thy Holy Church at next Easter Vigil.

  125. Bill and Carol says:

    Prayer Request!

    Slow Recovery from the Death of Our Only Son & Other Ongoing Hardships & Sorrows…


    Dear Community of Prayer,

    Thank you for praying!

    Please pray(2012,2013..??) with us daily for recovery!God’s Healing,Protecting Peace & Hope in our Broken Hearts,Health and Shattered lives made worse by severe financial misery!

    Feel free to pass or e-mail our urgent prayer request on to other Communities(Women&Men)of Prayer that you know of? Meanwhile,We continue to stay at our Post in Hope & Prayer with the help of your daily prayers & God’s Mercy! We will keep you in our daily prayers as we cry out to God Day & Night for His Mercy & Peace Now & in the Days ahead??

    Bill and Carol. oh.usa

  126. Jerry says:

    Please pray for a dear friend of mine who is recovering from surgery this week. She has been diagnosed with a serious illness. Please pray that her affliction has not spread very far and her treatment will be successful and that she will make a full recovery. Please pray for her friends and family. Please pray for all those who are dealing with the shock of being diagnosed with serious conditions while still young and healthy.

    Thank you

  127. johnhenrycn says:

    Jazz great and Catholic convert, Dave Brubeck

    …died this past Wednesday. Age 91.
    Into Thine Hands, O God, we commend the body and soul of our brother and friend, with complete trust in Thy compassion and mercy. Thy will be done.

    “To Hope!” A Celebration Mass by David Warren Brubeck RIP

  128. johnhenrycn says:

    For the victims, living and dead, of yesterday’s Connecticut school massacre. Lord, hear our prayer.

  129. lisa clarke says:

    please i ask everyone to pray for my husband charlie as each day he goes through so much pain with his lungs back stumuc.its very hard to see someone you love so much go through that we have 6 children and are married ten years.he is a good person and dont deserve this please pray for healing thanks to ye all

  130. Gertrude Fernandes says:

    “Dear Lord, merciful to us all. Pardon & mercy, forgive & purify, convert & transform, strengthen and anoint all of us, those for whom we’ve promised to pray, those who are in need of our prayers, those for whom we have hurt and use us for your Glory. Bless MF, NM, NN & JS, grace to participate in the Holy Eucharistic Mass, receive Jesus in the Holy Eucharist, submit themselves totally to Jesus. Good job to EF & Mil. Gift of a child to a couple. Healing of week lungs to GF. Healing of all ailments of Angela(6 yrs).Bless all our enemies more than you bless and convert them. Help me find lost valuables soon. Help Mabel improve her health, especially week memory.
    Lord Jesus, every moment of our lives we love you from depth of our Heart, you are ou Lord, master, Savior, Healer & Good Shepherd! Pl. Lord bless, heal & convert all those whom I have offered in my daily prayer, Amen – Gertie”

  131. Kochu says:

    Please pray for get healed soon..

  132. The Raven says:

    Please pray for C, who will be operated on tomorrow and please pray for me.

  133. Seamus says:

    For the victims of the Laundry slave labour scandal sweeping Ireland.

    May those poor girls rest in peace for they did no wrong.

    Pray for them and for Ireland.



  135. johnhenrycn says:

    For a 14 year old member of my parish on life support at Sick Children’s Hospital in Toronto.

  136. johnhenrycn says:

    May God bless Margaret Thatcher and have mercy on her soul.

  137. Bill and Carol says:

    Prayer Request!

    Slow Recovery from the Death of Our Only Son and Other Ongoing Sorrows…

    April 8,2013

    Dear Community of Prayer,

    Thank you for praying!

    Please include my wife and I in your daily(2013)prayers for recovery! Recovery
    for God’s Healing,Protecting Peace and Hope in our Broken Hearts,Health
    and relief from Severe Financial Misery which is making our recovery so much harder!

    Feel free to pass on to others who can include us in their
    for restoration!

    Meanwhile,We continue to stay at our Post in Hope and Prayer with the help
    your daily prayers and God’s Mercy!

    Thank you,

    Bill and Carol usa

  138. mmvc says:

    Please pray for my Mum, who has suffered a stroke. Thank you. Maryla

  139. Gertrude says:

    Please let us not forget in our prayers the women affected by the Gosnell case in America. Whilst not forgetting the sanctity of the lives murdered, these women too are suffering both from their actions, and the consequences of their actions.

  140. The Raven says:

    Please pray for Shane’s mother:

  141. johnhenrycn says:

    I placed a prayer intention here, a few months back, for a person, David Brubeck, personally unknown to me. I now wish to place one for another, also personally unknown to me, Rita MacNeil, who died a few days ago:

    …like Brubeck, a Catholic. Unlike him, a cradle Catholic. Both of them brought so much joy and love into our weary world.
    If I should be a bit more circumspect in my prayer intentions, I welcome a kindly word of advice on the main blog in that regard. This thread is far too important to be cutting a bella figura.

  142. johnhenrycn says:

    Please pray for the repose of the soul of my beloved brother, Robert, who died in an accident on Eagle Mountain 26 years ago this Wednesday.

  143. bydlinksi says:

    1. Through the infinite merits of Christ and His Divine Mercy and through the intercession of Mary and all the Angels and Saints and the Souls in Purgatory, that all of us receive the special gift of the Living Seal of God and a double portion of Mary’s Spirit, so that we may all live in the fullness of Love, to follow Christ without counting the cost and love as God Loves, and that Mother Mary, Our Lady Mediatrix of all graces wrap Her Mantle of Purity, Protection and Love around all of us, so that we may be Jesus’ Light in the world, especially to family and friends, and to everyone. Gracious Mother Mary gives us the same grace to carry our cross with confidence, trust, joy, love and gratitude which you carried in complete perfection. Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal pray for us.

    2. Praying that it will be God’s Will that Pope Francis will declare the fifth Marian Dogma very soon in his Pontificate, and through God’s grace the Pope will also establish a Year for the Faithful Departed and the Souls in Purgatory.

    God Bless
    With Jesus through Mary always

  144. johnhenrycn says:

    Please pray for the health of my son D____, who suffered serious illness one year ago and is undergoing expedited tests today to rule out, we his loved ones hope, a recurrence.

  145. John Paul Fernandes says:

    Kindly pray for Angela 7 yrs. has food allergy right from her childhood. Since 6 months she has no control on her bowls, she is bed wetting and passes stools. It is very embarrassing to her & her parents. She is in the IInd Std. Doctors say it is something to do with her psychology, she is under medication.

  146. Diane says:

    Prayers for my elderly parents who are struggling in their marriage and old age.

  147. John says:

    Kindly pray for Angela 7 yrs. has food allergy right from her childhood. Since 6 months she has no control on her bowls, she is bed wetting and passes stools. It is very embarrassing to her & her parents. She is in the IInd Std.
    Doctors say it is something to do with her psychology, she is under medication.

  148. Mabel says:

    ” You all people of God, with a bleeding heart I request your prayers for my family: Our Lady, Our Lady Mediatrix of all Graces, pl. pray to Jesus our Lord, God for infilling of Holy Spirit to all members of our family , NM & all those who have asked us to pray, whom we have promised to pray are full of knots, afflictions, curses(if any) bondages, blocks, sins, failures, brokenness, helpless & hopeless situations, please send Angels to guide us lead us to come to Jesus in all situations . Give us relief from our present sufferings, pains, disappointments. Bring my children/daughter-in-laws to Jesus . We promise you Mother of our Lord, we will surrender our whole lives to love & serve Jesus forever” – Mabel

  149. Nantiope1 says:

    For my husband, out of work for months to soon get a good job! Lord help us
    Have mercy on us

  150. loren says:

    please pray for my children who are facing difficulties in their marriages and are on the point of separation. Thank you

  151. MARY ALBERS says:


  152. Bill and Carol says:

    Updated Prayer Intention!

    Slow Recovery from the Death of Our Only Son & Other Ongoing Sorrows….

    August 11,2013.

    Dear Community of Prayer,

    Thank you for praying with us in our long dark night of the soul! Recovery is very slow! Despite ongoing pain and sorrows in the recovery process we continue to stay at our Post in Faith and Hope with the help of your Daily Prayers and God’s Mercy!

    Please continue to pray(2013,2014..?)with us daily for Recovery! Recovery for God’s Healing,Protecting Peace and Hope in our Broken Hearts,Health Issues,Relief from Severe Financial Misery which is making our recovery next to impossible! Please pray! Please pray for God’s Peace!

    Feel free to pass Urgent Prayer Request on to other Communities(Women&Men)of Prayer that you know of in the World?

    Thank you for your patience,

    Bill & Carol. usa

  153. Thomas says:

    Please pray for the successful outcome of my wife’s latest surgery.

  154. Mabel says:

    Mabel is suffering from severe infection of lungs, she struggles to breath sometime,she also suffers from Varicose veins ulcers & rupture.Anggel 7 yr.has no control over bowles – due to psychological problems according to Doctors.Mel, 46 yrs.because painful experiences of past lacks confidence & jobless & irrisponsible causing pain to fly. Gift of a child(10 yrs.marriage) to two couples.A God loving/God fearing maid soon

    Continuously, we are falling sick. The more we are coming closer to the Lord, the more we find life hard.Faih is testing!
    Abba Father, pl. be merciful to the soul of JP,wash all members of our the Blood of Jesus, anoint us,make us strong & healthy in faith,in mind, spirit & body to serve & Gloify U in all situation with all heart,soul & Body.Be merciful & Bless our above situations, Amen!

  155. John Paul Fernandes says:

     ” You all people of God, with a bleeding heart I request your prayers for my family:

    Our Lady, Undoer of Knots, our lives (all members of our family, NM & all those who have asked us to pray, whom we have promised to pray) are full of Knots, bondages, blocks, afflictions, curses, sins, failures, brokenness, helpless & hopeless situations, please send Angels to bring the Ribbon of lives to you and undo all the knots, give us relief from our present sufferings, pains, disappointments. Bring my children/daughter-in-law to Jesus . We promise you Mother of our Lord, we will surrender our whole lives to love & serve Jesus forever” JETTU



  156. PL says:

    Please pray for unity in families and a gift of a child for my daughter.

  157. Mark says:

    Please pray for my wife, Cathy, who is suffering terribly from sciatica, and is off work indefinitely with it.

  158. ganga says:

    pray for my son Damian suffering with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy to stand on his feet again

  159. Please pray for my dear father who is in bad health, and suffering, and losing his Faith.
    Please pray for my sisters who have departed from the Faith that they may return to the Faith.
    Please pray for all of those weak in Faith that Almighty God will strengthen them and renew their Faith.
    Please pray for those hungry, lonely, suffering, that they may be fed and comforted.
    Please pray for the young brothers and sisters trying to discern their vocation.

    ” O Jesus, eternal Truth, our Life, I call upon You and I beg Your mercy for poor sinners. O sweetest Heart of my Lord. full of pity and unfathomable mercy, I plead with You for poor sinners. O Most Sacred Heart, Fount of Mercy from which gush forth rays of inconceivable graces upon the entire human race, I beg of You light for poor sinners. O Jesus, be mindful of Your own bitter Passion and do not permit the loss of souls redeemed at so dear a price of Your most precious Blood. O Jesus, when I consider the great price of Your Blood, I rejoice at its immensity, for one drop alone would have been enough for the salvation of all sinners. Although sin is an abyss of wickedness and ingratitude, the price paid for us can never be equalled. Therefore, let every soul trust in the Passion of the Lord, and place its hope in His mercy. God will not deny His mercy to anyone. Heaven and earth may change, but God’s mercy will never be exhausted. Oh, what immense joy burns in my heart when I contemplate Your incomprehensible goodness, O Jesus! I desire to bring all sinners to Your feet that they may glorify Your mercy throughout endless ages” Amen St Faustina

  160. Jerry says:

    On December 8 2012 I posted a request for prayers for a dear friend. Please thank God that our prayers were answered and she is well

  161. Tim says:

    Please pray for me. I really,really need help. After eight years of battling with alcoholism and depression, I’m trying to get my life back, but everything seems so grey and empty now. I feel, I don’t have any purpose to live anymore. I feel lost and in despair now. Heavenly Father, please, enlighten me and show my way in life. Help me to find the job I like, the place I wish to live and please, give me the purpose to live. Also, please pray for my mother Dana, recently she had a stroke and very ill now. Father, please take care of my mother and help her to recover.
    Thank you

  162. Patrick Walsh says:

    Please pray for the intentions of my son Trevor who was recently diagnosed with MS. May Our Mother of Perpetual Help in conjunction with Her Divine Son Jesus restore him to good health so that he may continue to provide for the necessities of life for his young family.

  163. JabbaPapa says:

    Please pray for Edmund Adamus, laicised priest of the Cardinal Diocese of Westminster, formerly of the clergy of the Diocese of Manchester, and his wife and family, to Saints Michael, Joseph, and Mary for particular protection from the Holy Spirit against the satanic assaults of those seeking to lay assault to his Defense of the Catholic Faith in matters of Holy Matrimony against those who seek to destroy it, and particularly against the Heretics of ACTA. Please ask the Holy Virgin to provide an especial protection for his wife against the evils that they will seek to direct against her husband, and may God Bless their Marriage and protect it against all evil.

  164. Tim, dear brother in Christ, I am praying for you that our Lord will have mercy and heal you from alcoholism and depression. May the Lord bless you abundantly with renewed faith and zeal! And a job! May you be strengthened! And praying also for your mother, that she be strengthened.

    JabbaPapa, praying for Edmund Adamus and his wife. May the Lord bless their marriage, strengthen, and protect them.

    Patrick Walsh, praying for your son Trevor, may he be strengthened and healed, may his family also be strengthened, protected and blessed.

  165. Patrick Walsh says:

    Thank you so much for your prayers. Every word uttered in prayer to Christ and his Blessed Mother on my son’s behalf is welcomed with an open heart. I have great faith in prayer as Christ Himself said “seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you”. Amen!!

  166. Tom says:

    I turn to you asking you to pray for my father (66 years old) who is suffering from colon cancer (with metastasis to the liver), which was diagnosed last year.
    A month ago, completely unexpected my mother, his wife died (61 years old) and since then he has been devastated.
    Please, I also ask you to pray for many sick people from my neighborhood.
    Thank you.

  167. Don says:

    Please pray for my nephew Anthony D. in Tucson, Arizona. He is 22 yrs. old, trying to finish college, and he just got a job w/the Fire Dept.[He has has however a problem w/alcohol, and joined A.A.]. Please pray that God will bring him healing from addiction, and strength to remain sober. He is a really good and hard working young man, and has had to deal w/childhood trama, which only makes it harder. May Jesus heal him, and Mary and Blessed Pier Giovani Frasseti pray for him. THANKS!

  168. Lauretta Stanley says:

    Please pray, through the intercession of Blessed Jose Luis Sanchez, God will heal my friend, Sara. After visiting doctors a number of doctors over the past year, she has finally been diagnosed – she has bone cancer that has spread to our lung and glands. She is a beautiful child of God, works diligently in church ministry and is a great wife and mother. We need her doing Christ’s work.

  169. Mary Agnes says:

    Kindly pray for all my intentions.Especially for the healing of blood sugar,block in the heart and other healings which I require.Please pray to solve all my financial problems and to get my share of my father’s property.For a very good job.For protection from my enemies, all dangers,sickness,accidents and from contagious diseases.For deliverance from all bondages,evil spirits and afflictions,from all curses and powers of darkness.For guidance in everything I do,in my resposibilities in my job and in all major issues in my life and in my relation with Moidu,Baby,Ajith and T.N.K.For the soul of my mother,soul of my father,souls of my grand parents, souls of all people died in my family. MaryAgnes

  170. mnoyes says:

    I have 5 children all with daily needs; I ask this kind gathering of prayerful people to add a prayer for all children of the world–and I know my 5 will be included. God Bless You All! My prayers go out to each of you. Mother of Five in MN

  171. Sergio Scasioli says:

    I’m a sinner and a tormented person and ask you all to pray for the salvation of my soul and for eternal peace. I have 2 grown children and I ask you all to pray for them. God help me.

  172. exjudd says:

    I ask that you pray for my 82 year old Father who is in a difficult situtation right that he sees the light and makes the right decision.
    Also I ask for prayers for my adult children that they find someone special to love them and the sacrement of marriage

  173. a. says:

    pray for me and for my mother, pray for our physical healing from diseases that we are making life impossible, help and support us with your intercession with Jesus, He is good and merciful. We offer our lives to serve Him in joy, in good health and peace. With all the faith that God has given me and that I hope will increase trust in the powerful name of Jesus and His will to heal us. May God bless all our activities, work gifts to the members of my family who do not have jobs and aid our finances, we need the blessing of God and His deliverance from the devil, from evil people and evil that hinder all our activities, cause divisions in society and in the community, causing quarrels and above would prevent us from keeping the commandments of God with their attitudes. God intervenes in our lives and heal my entire family, transform our lives and give us the discernment to choose what is right and what is good, you give us strength, success and love. Thank you, God bless each of you.

  174. Worried Mom says:

    Pray for my married son who is struggling with self confidence and work stability. May His grace touch his heart and help him in these difficult times.

  175. Agapoula says:

    Praying for your son worried mom. May the grace of God touch your son’s heart. May He bless him with confidence, work stability, strong faith and blessings.

    May God also bless you with peace in your heart for your son.

  176. Gayle Turner says:

    Please pray for God to give me strength and willingness to overcome my addiction to alcohol, and that I will have greater faith and commitment to the church and to my fellow men.

  177. marie says:

    Please pray for the healing and restoration of my marriage. That my husband”s heart be touched to be open to god’s Word and to reconciliation. And for me to know wisdom and strength at this time.

  178. Thegirlll says:

    Please pray for my family to accept me as who I am and for me to be able to excel more in my studies guide and protect me always,prepare me in all the things I will do especially thing that is in need of memorizing and understanding Amen.

  179. mmvc says:

    Please pray for the repose to the soul of Fr Lawrence who, at the age of 97, died on Saturday 16th August.
    Requiescat in pace.

  180. Charles says:

    Please pray for me and for my family that our Lord Jesus Christ may bestow His divine mercy on us, grant us His divine favours, protection, good healthy, and divine direction in all our plans and purposes to the glory of God, amen.

  181. Melissa says:

    Please pray for my marriage. May God send His healing touch upon our hearts to renew our love for each other and give us each the strength to commit to reconciliation, in Jesus name I pray.

  182. Bill and Carol says:


    August 25,2014.

    Dear Community of Prayer,

    Thank you for praying!

    Slow Recovery from the Death of Our Only Son and Other Ongoing Sorrows……

    Our Son’Death happened on my wife’s Birthday,August 24th. a few years ago? So it is a painful reminder of great sorrow and the way the death happened?On top of all the Other Sorrows and Hardships we are enduring at present!


    Thank you for praying with us daily and for the long term? 2014,15..?

    Bill & Carol. usa

  183. BROTHER TRI says:

    Please pray for our sister, brothers Christian in Iraq now are suffering and dangers. God please protect them, guide, strengthen them and bring tem to safety in your heart
    secondly please guide us to raise fund to build May shrine of OUR LADY OF LAVANG to thank and glorify God ‘s grace in our daily live thru dangers of Vietnamese

  184. ian says:

    Dear Lord,
    I have sinned so many times Lord. I have turned against You and have gone against Your plan for me. Lord, in this troubled times in my life, please be with me Lord. Lord guide me to the right path Lord, I will not resist anymore for now I know that Your plan is greater and better than mine. Lord please forgive me for all the sins that I had done. Please Dear Lord, help me find the right path to go. I am so lost Lord and I cannot do this all on my own. Please Lord help me. Take me away from temptations and give me the strengths to fight against it Lord. Please give me peace of mind and good health. Bless my relationship with Jhemlyn and protect us from temptations. Lord, keep us both safe and help us that we will return to the Philippines in good health and safely after our contract. Lord, please be with us always and never cease Your care and protection. Amen

  185. ian says:

    Dear Lord,
    Loving Father of mankind, source of love and peace, I pray to You to protect my relationship with my finacee, Jhemlyn. Protect us from all temptations and guide us to love and to be faithful to each other. Please be at the center of our relationship and bless us with Your love. Lord, I love her so much but I love You more. Guide us Lord to be with other until the day that You knot and bind us as married couple blessed by Your immeasurable love. Amen

  186. felita says:

    Dear Mother Mary
    Thank you for making me feel how important are you in my life, right now you know what i am going to ask you for, please help me in getting the job for which i have given the interview. i want to work hard for the satisfaction of being worked. Amen

  187. John Paul Fernandes says:

    Kindly pray for infilling of Holy Spirit and conversion of  Mr. C.  & few his unGodly  people who are harassing employees(with families dependent)  so much that they are totally shattered and depressed, they cannot look  for another job too.

    Pl. pray that the Lord blesses Mr. C & his unGodly colleagues with grace, compassion & understanding.  Jesus may forgive them and may they experience Mercy, love, compassion of Jesus and that they may be good, just and kind to the people under them. Speedy processing of  Green Card ofJR, he has been there since 14 yrs. All things are possible for my Lord, I am holding on to Him and hanging to Him with the  (now I feel too unbearable) faith I have in my Lord God. Gift of a child to Savio/Clare

  188. johnhenrycn says:

    Your prayers for my beloved? Major and difficult surgery, Tuesday, the Memorial of Our Lady of the Rosary. Propitious. Until retirement, the senior O.R. charge nurse in our hospital (like a UK matron, I think) and so has been able to assemble her ‘dream team’, but that God guides their hands and minds is what I ask for.

  189. John Paul Fernandes says:

    Jude  has some unGodly  Senior  people in the Office harassing Jude and want to take away Projects that Jude is working, with the result his job/future in danger.  Today is the Meeting about this matter with his Seniors.  The more I pray the more & more problems we have to face. It is very sad that Jude  hasl  lost faith and does not pray.

    Pl. pray for infilling of Holy Spirit on  Jude, all his Seniors and all those who are against him I am repeating and holding to the Divine Revelation  of Almighty to Moses ” I AM WHO I AM’, by faith and spirit I prostrate before the “I AM WHO I AM” and beg him to forgive Jude & all Office people, fill them with Holy Spirit & love for God and God’s Creation – people

  190. Brother Burrito says:

    Please pray for my colleague Ralph who has just lost his son. Thank you.

  191. toadspittle says:

    Not strictly a prayer – at least I hope not – but our friend Jabba, who stayed with Toad on 21st Sept, and who set out for Santiago from here apparently all right – has nor been heard of since, and his brother is getting worried.
    If anyone has heard anything, please let me (us) know.

  192. Luke says:

    I am trying to transfer into Notre Dame as a sophomore. Please pray that I may be accepted into the university and fulfill my dream.

  193. The Raven says:

    Please pray for EF Pastor Emeritus – The Bones has the details.

  194. The Raven says:

    Please pray for Jessica Hoff, who has been a good friend to this blog since we began.

  195. Jennifer says:

    My father Rudy has a rare gallbladder cancer.
    Please please join me in praying for my father’s well being, for him to be completely healed. I am also praying for my father’s spiritual side, praying that he will let the Lord work in his life and follow God’s words and be able to entirely surrender to the Almighty and that he will live for so many years and share to people of God’s blessings and goodness. Please pray for him.

    Thank you.


  196. Eddie says:

    Just a suggestion
    If you had the latest requests showing at the to of the page , it might be a better option

  197. Eddie says:

    to should be top, sorry for the typo

  198. patricia hurtuk says:

    I have a seven year old granddaughter that I am deeply concerned about. Her teachers admit they are teaching her communism and islam. Under the name of common core. Please please pray for little HALEY

  199. Temur says:

    Pray for my mother, please. She has heart disease and blood circulation problems. She very ill and weak now. Please join me in prayer for her, in Jesus mighty name.
    Also please pray for me. I need a job, badly
    Thank you

  200. Mary says:

    Please pray for my husband who thinks that he has not turned his back on Jesus by leaving his wife and children to pursue his wants and desires and says he feels happy and at peace and wants me to be at peace with him. Please pray that the Holy Spirit creates a clean heart in him. Thank you.

  201. Tom Fisher says:

    Andrew Sullivan’s blog ended today after 15 years of unceasing work. Whatever your opinion of his Catholic faith, please pray for him and all others who devote their lives to writing.

    I hope we can all simply look back at the journey, and the laughs we had, and the pain we lived through together and the love that sustained us as a team and as a community, as we struggled together to figure out the truth about the world.

    And yes, this was a labor above all of love. Love for ideas and debate, love for America, love for my colleagues, and love, in the end, for you.

    I sit here not knowing what to write next. And yet, in the end, it is quite simple.

    Know hope.

  202. a.t.obrien says:

    please pray for my wife,daughter,son,grandaughter,grandson

  203. mmvc says:

    Please pray for John, a greatly valued contributor to CP&S, as he is received into the Church this Easter. May God bless him and Our Blessed Mother protect him as he grows in faith, hope and love.
    Welcome home, John!

  204. T. Stober says:

    Please pray for my financial situation and the jealousy and envy at my work.

  205. Viv says:

    Please pray for:
    *my marriage, many years of hardship & incompatibility including cultural clashes
    * my children that they settle into their new school in a new state.
    * relationship w my mother, a religious Narcissist
    * friends who have betrayed and wounded me.
    * justice in the church – that whistleblowers & victims of abuse & bullying will be heard and supported; instead of punished & rejected & falsely accused.
    * my ongoing depression & anxiety – to be healed!
    * my faith – to be strengthened & for our family to find a spiritual family to belong to – attend mass weekly.
    * my loneliness to be gone as I make more friends.

  206. Philomena says:

    Pray for Peace, good health and happiness, that my husband’s promotion may come true.

  207. Tessie Auryan says:

    Pls pray for me and my partner and our baby. He does not show any love and care for me and our baby.We dont leave as a family anymore and i am so worried.

  208. Tessie Auryan says:

    Pls pray for my partner. He does not show any love and care for me and our baby. He doesn’t have time for us and isolating himself from us. I am praying everyday and i ask for prayer too.

  209. Tessie Auryan says:

    Pls pray so that my partner will change his bad ways to be a good person.

  210. annmarie stokes says:

    please pray for my 20 yr old son johnwho is married but seperated at the moment and they are having a baby john is hooked on drugs and seems depressed please pray for him pray to little nellie for him thank you godbless

  211. Marylou says:

    Please pray for my Son Jesse he suffered with schizophrenia!

  212. Apple says:

    Please pray for my partner and for our relationship that we may forgive and start a new beginning, May we have our faith back and be strong to any difficulties that may come as we prepare to have our new journey with God. And May God heal our wounded hearts so we can move on and accept one another.

  213. Anonymous says:

    Please pray for me to get the job I am praying for.

  214. Felix says:

    Please pray for my son Niles be employed by the PNG Government Printer promptly, Selin be given a place to continue grade 11, Euginnie be selected to continue grade 9@ Bishop Leo Secondary School, my DSA claims be paid by the beginning of next year 2016 and my health condition be improved by replacing the body organs. I ask this prayer in Jesus Mighty Holy Name. Amen.

  215. swlm says:

    Please pray for my husband who will start his new job in January 2016. Please pray that I can take care my little toddler alongside my other duties. Please pray for my struggle to complete my study too.

  216. Please pray for me to pass and top the Board Exam in Medical Technology this coming March 9 and 10, 2016. Thank you.

  217. Silvester says:

    Please pray for me to gain a full scholarship for masters study. And my the benefits of the grad degree be to the glory of his name.

  218. johnhenrycn says:

    Antonin Gregory Scalia (11 March 1936 – 13 February 2016)
    + Home is the sailor, home from the sea + And the hunter home from the hill +

  219. rebrites says:

    and may God have mercy on his soul.

  220. annmarie says:

    please pray for my sister her husband has jealousy issues and is mentally and physically hurting her he has got worse since he got jail he will b released in may my sister doesnt no wat he will do to her they have one child please pray that he stops this once and for all she loves her husband but she cant cope anymore thank you godbless

  221. annmarie says:

    please pray for my son john he is 20 years old he sustained head injuries 2 years ago hesuffers with poor memory loss and has a very poor appetite he has slight brain damage he now has epilepsy as well he is due a big operation on his eye socket soon please pray that life gets easier for him thank you godbless

  222. Kim Bach says:

    Wow, a lot of comments! Please pray for a friend Bob J. Who has throat cancer. He is in need of conversion & healing. Thanks so much. – Mrs. Kim Bach, California

  223. Linda says:

    Please pray for my beloved husband, Francisco, to be totally set free from all his addictions and sinful lifestyle, return to the Lord, the sacraments and his marriage.

  224. Let us all pray the Holy Mother Of God Rosary with your families. Also we should go to church and burn a candle and pray Our Father and Holy Mary prayer. And do penance and mercy. May we also ask for more blessings so we could share it with others. May the Holy Spirit guide us all and we pray that all souls go to heaven especially those needed if they mercy. God Bless.

  225. Glen Sharko says:

    Holy St. Michael, in the all powerful and Holy Name of Jesus, Grant your wings of protection. upon my brother Gerard and his daughters. Defend them from the all evil one, Satan whose universal attack is to destroy holy and Catholic marriages. Holy Archangel we honor and Love you.. May Tammy his wife be brought to conversion, and consciously recognize her own faithlessness. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

  226. Glen Sharko says:

    Holy Virgin Mary, Mother of God, help of Christians, and Our dear Lady of Fatima, we love and honor you. We ask sweet mother hear the prayers and petitions of Ms. Lucy Cordero and Mr. Glen Sharko as we prepare for the Sacrament of Marriage for May 13, 2017. Grant our holy wishes be granted for peace, love and salvation, and our holy will be granted in you. Help our devotions and sacrifices be pure and Holy to bring us closer to your Immaculate Heart of love. May I acquire all the manly virtues in the love of Jesus, sacred Heart. And the blessed St. Joseph, and thanksgiving to St. Raphael who brought our love together. In the praise of your Holy name. Amen

  227. Federico says:

    Please pray for the most needed souls of the Purgatory, that God in his everlasting Mercy release them and bring them to heave where they will be worship him for ever and ever. .
    Divine Mercy, Mary Mother of Sorrows have mercy on the Purgatory Souls. Amen

  228. Glen Sharko says:

    Mother of Perpetual Help in the praise of your merciful love Grant in accordance to God’s divine will blessings upon Luz Del Carmen Cordero and Glen Sharko that their love and love for thee and Jesus may prepare them well for the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony and for their salvation. In Jesus Christ. Amen

  229. Roberta says:

    For Alison to heal her heart, help her move forward and become who you created her to be. Amen

  230. Maria stella v.garcia says:

    Please pray for me for strenght to face all these trials in my depressed.

  231. frozenheartspoetry says:

    Please pray for me, a wretched sinner in need of God’s enduring mercy, that I might be able to walk without offending His Majesty so regularly, and that I may receive all assistance in maintaining chastity according to my state of life.
    Please pray for my mother, Linda, and my brother, Ronnie, that the Lord might be merciful towards them and touch their hearts, bringing them into His holy Church.
    Thank you.

  232. Goretti says:

    Please pray for my son Newton to get a good job pray for Milton to pass his driving test which is on sunday

  233. mmvc says:

    Please pray for my beloved mother, Lucia, who after a life of much suffering and ill health is now on the final stretch of her journey with secondary bone and brain cancer. May the Lord help her carry her cross and may Our Lady comfort her in her trials.

  234. johnhenrycn says:


    God knows she brought you into the world and to His Church, so all is well.

  235. Rosalie Falcone says:

    pray for my son Anthony

  236. Peachy Ann Reyes says:

    I pray for the protection of my relationship with my boyfriend. I bind our relationship in the power of the Rosary Mama Mary. Me Peachy Ann Reyes and Constantin Mihail Tabla may God give us the grace to love each other deeply everyday and may we get married in St. Augustine Cathedral next year. In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen
    Sent from my iPhone

  237. Ann says:

    Please pray for healing for my daughter. She has hives all over her body. They gave her Benadryl and prednisone at the ER that helped the swelling in her eyes go down but not the rest. She is going crazy with the itching. They don’t know what is causing it. She has to go to an allergist and wait over a month for an appointment. She is in PA school and doesn’t know how she can function.

  238. Jayme says:

    Please help me pray that I have a computer to enable me to work online. I have been out of work for the past two years already.

  239. Loren bagnol says:

    Please Pray for my application in magsaysay for housekeeper in japan country, that’s fast, continued and successful. We can get good employer.

  240. Brother Alexander Chung, MIC says:

    For the physical healing of Caroline Marie Gavin’s many illnesses, and through the intercession of Mother Mary, all those who are involved with The Skeptics Society, who produce Skeptic Magazine becomes converted and miraculous transformed, so that they will be zealous promoters of truth and bring the truth to many.

  241. mmvc says:

    In your charity, please pray for the repose of the soul of my beloved mother, Lucia Maria, who went to the Lord peacefully and after much suffering on 27th June, feast of Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

  242. johnhenrycn says:

    mmvc: May God bless you and your family at this time of parting.

  243. Alfred Brown Jr says:

    Prayer Request:

    Please pray for The Miracle of salvation.
    May God give Eric McDonald all the graces that he needs for conversion and the joy of salvation.

    For God’s Blessings upon Eric McDonald-

    “Heavenly Father, have mercy upon Eric McDonald.Please save his soul.I pray for all the grace he needs for the conversion of his soul.Abba Father, draw Eric to Jesus.Please help him to have the faith he needs to turn to Jesus and be saved in the name of Jesus Christ Amen!!!”
    Jesus, Mary I love you Save Souls

    Please pray for the miracle of conversion for Eric McDonald; Eric needs your prayer help!!!

    Thank You,
    Alfred O. Brown Jr

  244. Lilly says:

    Please pray for my health. That God will heal me and that I’m able to go back to work. For the health of my family. For the souls of J. P. and N. I ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen. Thanks. Jesus, I trust in You.

  245. BRENDA says:


  246. Earl says:

    Please pray for my Priest Brother to remain strong in his Vocation always and his love for Mamma Mary increases.

  247. Claire and Michel says:

    May God bless our coming marriage and the foundation of our family and home. May he keep our love eternal and that we remain united till death so that we praise the Lord endlessly
    Claire P & Michel A

  248. skjchaney says:

    Please include my Mother and Father who both died from Lung Cancer in your prayers

  249. Deirdre Walsh says:

    Please pray for me as I am have asthma and at present have a chest infection which I find it hard to breath especially at night time.
    Than you God for every thing you have given me

  250. kathleen says:

    Please pray for faithful priest, Fr Gary Dickson, of the CATHOLIC COLLAR AND TIE blog. He is in hospital and seriously ill. See HERE and HERE.

  251. GC says:

    In your compassion pray for Lily and her husband, children and 2 very young grandchildren in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah on the island of Borneo. A Catholic family and close friends of mine for 43 years.

    After surgery a few years ago for breast cancer and chemotherapy there is now a tumor on her brain.

  252. Lauretta Stanley says:

    Please pray for my daughter, Michelle, and her children. Health, spiritual, and financial difficulties.

    Sent from my iPhone


  253. Georgina Viana says:

    Please pray for my grand daughter, she is 4 yrs. old has arthritis and problems with her arteries of the heart. right now she has an inflammation in her eyes from the arthritis.Dear God if it is your will,please heal Ava, in Jesus’s name.thank you.

  254. Helen konten says:

    I ask father son and Holy Spirit to lead our world to forgiveness for our sins from the beginning of time so forgiveness expands to every soul thaat god has ever created amen 🙏

  255. Traci Ducote says:

    pray for Dene and Steven Culton to have a baby.

  256. Alfred says:

    Loving Father, we offer Eric to Your Mercy. Cover him with Your Mighty Hand and send Your angels to protect him. Father, surround him with good Christians who by their example and love of Christ can reach him and show him the Blessed Peace that only You can give.
    Father send Your Spirit into his heart and mind. Show him the path that leads to You. Give him the desire and will to search Your Holy Word and find comfort and the reason for his existence. Comfort Alfred and all who love Eric with the knowledge of the Promises of Christ. Father save him and save us all.
    In the Name of our Savior, Jesus, Who lives and reigns with You in the Unity of the Holy Spirit, One God, forever, we pray,

  257. evan8gelina says:

    Prayers for conversion of sinners whereby Salvation and protection from unabled offenders.

  258. johnhenrycn says:

    With respect, R. Maher, I clicked on your avatar thinking you were seeking a prayer for personal reasons, but I see you wish to make a political point. I don’t think this Prayer Intentions sub-site is meant for that.

  259. Essie says:

    Please pray for me & my family.We have been given a fourteen day’s (14) notice w.e.f 5th March 2019, to pay $250 dollars for mortgage arrears,and my salary isn’t even 1/4 of it.My husband is a hustler and he too cannot afford.We believe that God will make a way for us so that we can pay the money before they institute a legal action against us.

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