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The High Price of the Faith, and Gratitude That Someone Paid That Price

By: Msgr. Charles Pope   I wonder if many of us have considered the true cost of the faith that has been delivered to us. We so easily complain if the Church is not air-conditioned, or the P.A. system is … Continue reading

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Baptize but Be Discreet: On the Catholic Baptism of children presented by homosexual and other irregular parents

By: Msgr. Charles Pope There has been some interesting coverage in the news recently regarding the Church’s stance on baptizing children conceived or reared in irregular situations. In recent decades there has been an explosion in the number of children … Continue reading

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First the Bait, Then the Hook – a Sober Meditation on Temptation

By: Msgr. Charles Pope Satan, it would seem, does not act in an arbitrary manner when trying to tempt us. Rather, he is more of a master hunter carefully setting traps, or a skilled fisherman who carefully studies behavior in … Continue reading

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Say What? A Meditation on the Glory of Language and the Respect we must have for its Subtlety

By: Msgr. Charles Pope A priest friend of mine moved to this country when he was in high school, and English was not his first language. It took him time to get the slang expressions right. A big expression at the … Continue reading

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Learning to love Heaven – It’s not as automatic as you think

By: Msgr. Charles Pope It is generally presumed, at least among those who believe in God and the afterlife, that everyone naturally wants to go to heaven. But of course, “Heaven” is usually understood in a sort of self-defined way. In … Continue reading

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Three Prophetic Insights from Pope Leo XIII That Still speak powerfully 120 Years Later

By: Msgr. Charles Pope A reader alerted me to an interesting and insightful analysis by Pope Leo XIII of three trends that both alarmed him and pointed to future problems. He wrote of these three concerns in 1893 in the Encyclical … Continue reading

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Amazed and Afraid – The Journey to Resurrection Faith

By: Msgr. Charles Pope All the gospels of the Easter Octave describe not only an event, but even more so, a journey. For we are tempted to to think that, having seen the risen Lord, the disciples and apostles were immediately … Continue reading

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On Going to Our Own House. Some important teachings from a brief sentence in John’s Gospel

By: Msgr. Charles Pope The Gospel for Mass this past Saturday contains one line that deserves some attention from us. At one level it seems like a mere scene-ender, a line that merely ends a section and has the dramatis personae (cast of … Continue reading

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The real St Nicholas of Myra

An excerpt on the real St Nicholas of Myra from a post by Msgr Charles Pope: The year is 325. The place is Nicaea, a small town near the Black Sea in what is now Turkey. Thousands of priests, 318 … Continue reading

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A Love for Which He Suffered. A Meditation on the Poem of St. John the Cross: Un Pastor

By: Msgr. Charles Pope Many of you have read the allegorical poem adapted by St, John of the Cross called Un Pastorcico (A little Shepherd).  It is a poem about a shepherd boy who grieves that his beloved shepherdess has … Continue reading

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Six Principles of Discernment

By: Msgr. Charles Pope As a priest and pastor I am often called to spend time with people discerning the voice and the will of God in their life. I have about twenty lay people in spiritual direction. There are … Continue reading

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On the Giving and Receiving of Holy Communion: Some norms to recall.

By: Msgr. Charles Pope A number of us priests asked for a review of the norms of the policies of the Church and the Archdiocese in these sorts of situations, and the Archdiocese responded at a convocation of the all the … Continue reading

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Getting Free from the Hermeneutic of Suspicion

By: Msgr. Charles Pope I apologize for using one of those rather haughty theological words: Hermeneutic! I also know that many DO in fact know what the word means. But just in case you don’t let’s define it. Fundamentally a … Continue reading

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Things you may not know about Antonio Vivaldi

By: Msgr. Charles Pope One of my favorite composers is Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741). While I love his secular pieces such as the Four Seasons, I am especially found of his Church music. It is so light, so bright and tuneful, and … Continue reading

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Only the Pure in Heart Can See God.

Only the Pure in Heart Can See God. By: Msgr. Charles Pope Over 23 years ago I made my canonical retreat that was required before being ordained a transitional deacon. We were studying the Letter to the Romans in the … Continue reading

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