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Why Do We Veil Crucifixes and Images on the 5th Sunday of Lent?

  by Taylor Marshall The traditional Catholic custom of veiling images on the 5th Sunday of Lent is making a big come back. The practice lost momentum in the 1970s and 80s, but we’re seeing it make its way back into parish … Continue reading

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Blasphemy and the Most Holy Name of Jesus – What shall we do?

   by Dr. Taylor Marshall St Bernardine of Sienna Apostle of the Holy Name of Jesus When I was an Episcopal clergyman (I entered the Catholic Church later in 2006), I walked into a bar once, and as soon as I … Continue reading

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How to Argue with a Madman (from GK Chesterton)

by Dr. Taylor Marshall     After blogging for a few years, I have learned to ignore the trolls who drop spiteful comments or who surf the Catholic web looking for a fight. About once or twice per year, however, I will … Continue reading

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Do Anglicans Have a Valid Eucharist?

 by Dr. Taylor Marshall Here’s the short answer: No, Anglicans or Episcopalians (the tradition deriving from Henry VIII’s Church of England) do not have a valid Eucharist. This question was settled by His Holiness Pope Leo XIII in his papal … Continue reading


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What Will You Do for Lent This Year? – A Guide for Preparing Now

by Dr. Taylor Marshall How do you choose a Lenten penance? Our Catholic forebears used to keep a strict Lent. They were spiritual giants in the old days. For the days of Lent, all Catholics ate no eggs, no dairy … Continue reading

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July – Month of the Precious Blood

July – Month of the Precious Blood by Taylor Marshall   July is the month dedicated to the Precious Blood of Jesus. Among devotions to the humanity of Christ (e.g., Divine Infancy, Sacred Heart), the Precious Blood of Jesus has the most … Continue reading

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