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Young pregnant mother ordered by police to leave church during Mass. “It’s a Business!”

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Pope Francis, Biden and “post-institutional” Catholics

by Roberto de Mattei at the Lepanto Foundation What will be the effects of Joe Biden’s election on the life of the Church? Biden is the second Catholic President in the history of the United States after John Fitzgerald Kennedy, … Continue reading

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Why has Boris closed the churches?

By Melanie McDonagh at The Spectator: This morning, my son, who’s 17, was turned away from our local church. The designated spaces for people attending mass were full. He tried to book online at the church down the road – … Continue reading

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Jesus Christ: the “Great Absence” in today’s Church

From Rorate Caeli: by Gianfranco Amato  President, Jurists for Life La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana  August 21, 2020 Every day, it seems like ‘a great absence’ is making itself felt inside the Church: Our Lord Jesus Christ. We talk about everything … Continue reading

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Attention all Catholics!

On Thursday, July 2, Glenn Beck discussed the case of Fr. Theodore Rothrock who has been removed by his bishop for publicly criticizing Black Lives Matter. Beck encourages Catholics to contact Bishop Timothy Doherty. To read Fr. Rothrock’s statement, visit … Continue reading

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Coronavirus updates from Rome: Vatican Allows General Absolution in Some Cases

Latest updates from the Eternal City in lockdown since March 10 Edward Pentin   March 20, 4.10pm In a second of two decrees, the Apostolic Penitentiary today ruled that in view of the difficulty in priests hearing confessions during the … Continue reading

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‘For men only’: Cardinal insists Church won’t try to ordain women to priesthood

VALENCIA, Spain, October 30, 2019, LifeSiteNews: Cardinal Antonio Cañizares Llovera affirmed that the male priesthood is of the essence of the Catholic faith and that “no one in the Church can do anything but admit that priestly ordination is for … Continue reading

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Monsignor Livio Melina dismissed from JPII Institute speaks out

ROME, August 5, 2019, LifeSiteNews: Is Catholic thought still possible today? Or will those who seek to interpret Pope Francis’s pronouncements in line with his predecessors be persecuted solely for explaining the meaning of his words in harmony with Tradition? In his … Continue reading

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Review of the Year – the highs and the lows (Deacon Nick Donnelly)

 By permission of the Editor, Catholic Voice, Ireland   by Deacon Nick Donnelly As the year draws to a close it seems to many that we are again living through revolutionary times in the Church. I suggest therefore that we … Continue reading

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First Major Text of Benedict XVI Ratzinger following resignation – On Catholic Faith, Missions, and other Religions Message of Pope Emeritus Benedict X

From:http://rorate-caeli.blogspot.com Message of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI for the naming of the reformed Aula Magna of the Pontifical Urbaniana University   October 21, 2014  I would like to in the first place express my heartfelt thanks to the Rector and … Continue reading

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The Irish Prime Minister tells the Catholic Church it is his ‘duty to legislate on abortion’.

Last week, Cardinal Brady spoke eloquently on the rights of the unborn child. As the Republic prepares to legislate on the so-called ‘Heads of the Protection of Life in Pregnancy ‘ Bill (which takes no account of the rights of … Continue reading

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Friday Penance

The Catholic bishops of England and Wales have asked Catholics to return from Friday 16 September to the practice of abstaining from meat every Friday throughout the year. Catholics are invited to unite this penance to prayer: The Visit of Pope Benedict XVI evoked … Continue reading

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The Martyrs of the Venerabile

On a recent visit to the English College in Rome, one of the seminary’s students showed us around the place, sprinkling our tour with anecdotes and historic accounts. Most memorable and moving was the visit to the beautiful and recently … Continue reading

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There is a good explanation for the hatred shown towards the Catholic Church in some circles: this hatred is essentially drawn from a deep rooted fear that the Church speaks to human hearts in a way that the cold theories … Continue reading

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BBC interview of 24th. Oct. with Bishop John Broadhurst who decided to join the Ordinariate

Bishop Edwin Barnes transcribed this interview (interviewer: Edward Stourton, abbreviated as E.S. below) which we reprint here in full, taken from the website: The Anglo-Catholic. ———— E.S. The Bishop of Fulham, the Rt Rev’d John Broadhurst, is resigning and says … Continue reading

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