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An Unusual Delivery

Comment  This is a reblog from the website of our old team-mate and friend, Brother Burrito. It is an account of an event that happened to him some time ago as a young doctor, and the challenging circumstances he had to confront in which … Continue reading

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A Vatican II Catholic tells why he loves Mass

I couldn’t resist sharing this. I have heard so many quarrels of the merits and demerits of one rite or the other, and make no secret of my love of the ‘old’. As usual ‘Catholic Spirit’ (Archdioces of Minneapolis and … Continue reading

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Peasant, priest, pope and people lover.

The Catholic Spirit Pope John XXIII signs the bull convoking the Second Vatican Council on Dec. 25, 1961. The document said modern society was advancing with technological and scientific progress for which there was no corresponding advance in morality. He … Continue reading

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Can an unborn child feel pain?

 The following article appeared on Catholic Spirit’s Faith and Science blog – an American site. In September 40 days for Life will be coming to the UK. If you are pro-life please take part – the details are below. If … Continue reading

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The Stations of the Cross

Making the Stations of the Cross is a Lenten devotion that used to be an integral part of parish devotions during Lent. It appears, though I hesitate to use the phrase, ‘to have gone out of fashion’ with few parishes … Continue reading

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