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Prominent Dutch Philosopher and Convert Charts Her Path to the Catholic Church

Political commentator Eva Vlaardingerbroek and her father will be received Into the Church Sunday. Edward Pentin Interviews, April 23, 2023 AMSTERDAM — Eva Vlaardingerbroek, a popular Dutch legal philosopher and political commentator who has become well-known in recent years for her criticism … Continue reading

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The Church’s Newman Problem

Article by John Byron Kuhner on RORATE CAELI Most people are aware of the general outline of St. John Henry Newman’s intellectual and spiritual quest. A gifted scholar and priest of the Church of England, Newman took it upon himself … Continue reading

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Catholic vs. Orthodox vs. Protestant: How to Tell the Difference, in 10 Hilarious Memes

These are so funny! 😂 The Instagram account Cathoholicism published another set of amazing memes illustrating differences between Catholics, Orthodox Christians, and Protestants. Account owner Brian Edwards, who also designed the confessor memes, hilariously interpreted the differences between the various faiths in 10 infographics. … Continue reading

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By John Paul Meenan at Catholic Insight: Remember, remember! the fifth of November.    The Gunpowder treason and plot;    I know of no reason    Why the Gunpowder treason    Should ever be forgot!    Guy Fawkes and his … Continue reading

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A Message to Every Good Priest

From Padre Peregrino: Priests, now in 2021 is not the time for excuses, self-serving insularism or finagling excessive plans for the safety for one’s own priestly congregation or personal apostolate. Look, I like being in good standing too, but I … Continue reading

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The Ancient Mass is the Future. Traditional Catholics are the most Faithful.

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Evidence of Shakespeare’s Lifelong Catholicism

Today, 23rd April, on “Talk Like Shakespeare Day”, we celebrate one of the world’s greatest writers, William Shakespeare (1564-1616).  For those who have long admired his brilliance and Christian imagination, the evidence that he was a believing Catholic in a … Continue reading

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The Vatican Goes to Bat for Biden

By George Neumayr at The American Spectator: n 2016, the Vatican was pulling for Hillary Clinton. Just days before the presidential election, Pope Francis renewed his criticism of politicians who speak about erecting “walls.” This led Slate and other publications to run … Continue reading

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A Harvard Professor’s Conversion to the Catholic Faith

The testimony of Roy Schoeman’s mystical experiences and conversion to Catholicism has already touched many souls who have heard him at retreat centres and similar venues throughout the world. In the newly released video below, the former Professor at Harvard Business School … Continue reading

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Friday Penance

The Catholic bishops of England and Wales have asked Catholics to return from Friday 16 September to the practice of abstaining from meat every Friday throughout the year. Catholics are invited to unite this penance to prayer: The Visit of Pope Benedict XVI evoked … Continue reading

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Kicking away the ladder

Shortly after I was born, an educationalist noticed that adults read in a peculiar way: we don’t actually read the letters in a word, or look at the word’s phonetic value, instead most adults look at a word, see its … Continue reading

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Practicing, but nowhere near perfect!

From time to time, I fall into the sin of the contented Pharisee – ‘Lord,  I thank thee that I am not as others are… extortioners, unjust, adulterers.’ It is so easy to compare myself favourably with those in public … Continue reading

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The Rosary: a short introduction

Your priest has probably never told you anything about the Rosary. Let us correct this unfortunate situation with some short remarks. The Rosary is both a cycle of prayer and a small object used to help the faithful in reciting … Continue reading

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Fired for defending Catholic teaching about homosexuality – Welcome to the Land of the….. Free?

Read here on American Papist the incredible story of Ken Howell, an adjunct professor at the University of Illinois. Mr Howell has been told that he will not be able to teach about Catholicism because his course “Introduction to Catholicism” … Continue reading

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